Peak Season

10:30pm – Friday, January 1 on CTV

In the series finale, as the season comes to an end Lauren’s mom arrives in Whistler and questions the choices Lauren is making. On the eve of moving in together, Lauren and Scoot’s relationship takes a dramatic turn. Dré makes a shocking announcement to Amanda, who has a surprise of her own in store for him.

10:00pm – Friday, January 1 on CTV

Steph Just’s career gets a bump, and then hits a bump, right before the season-ending Ski and Snowboard Festival. Matt and Lauren have a night out with a shocking ending. Despite numerous warning signs, Lauren decides to move in with Scoot.

10:30pm – Thursday, December 31 on CTV

Lauren’s rekindled relationship with Scoot gets off to a rocky start, while Elle breaks the news to Matt that she’s leaving Whistler early. Amanda begins a modelling career and ends her relationship with Denis, only to dive into a new one with a former friend of Dré’s.

10:00pm – Thursday, December 31 on CTV

Lauren slips back into old habits and breaks her vow to stay single. Dré begins seeing an old flame and opens for the legendary Pete Tong, a night made even more dramatic when Amanda attends the show with Denis.

10:30pm – Wednesday, December 30 on CTV

Elle questions whether she wants to stay with Matt in Whistler. Lauren’s Promo Girls business stalls when her friends end up bailing on her. Amanda and Dré have a run-in and Amanda gets her pound of flesh.

10:00pm – Wednesday, December 30 on CTV

Steph Just scrambles to get her mountain pass back in time to compete in the Showcase Showdown. Elle plans a girls’ night out, which Matt interrupts. Amanda goes on a doomed double date with Ian and Denis.

10:30pm – Tuesday, December 29 on CTV

Local snowboarder Steph Just’s aspirations of becoming a pro rider hit a serious bump. Amanda and Stoofie start spending more time with Whistler club fixtures Ian and Denis, and Dré makes a discovery that shatters any hope of getting back together with Amanda.

10:00pm – Tuesday, December 29 on CTV

Lauren puts her party-girl reputation to use by starting an event promotions business. Matt has plans to get back in Elle’s good books, while newly separated Dré and Amanda have a run-in at the Savage Beagle.

10:30pm – Monday, December 28 on CTV

Dré learns that Amanda may have been seeing somebody before they broke up. Lauren’s partying could cost her her job, and a suspicious Elle tells Matt that she wants to meet his Whistler friends.

10:00pm – Monday, December 28 on CTV

In the series premiere, Amanda’s suspicions are aroused when Dré announces that he won’t be joining her for a weekend getaway. Newly single Lauren vows to stay that way and enjoy a drama-free winter, and Aussie Matt is reunited with his girlfriend Elle, who questions how faithful he’s been in this wild resort town.