Paddling Bryans

Travel+Escape and Keep It In The Family Productions announce the start of production on season two of the original series Paddling Bryans. The 13 episode series premieres this fall.

The Paddling Bryans, Bryan Wallwork and Bryan Adams, made it to New Orleans in season 1 and now they’re taking on the Colorado River in a 2,330 kilometer canoeing adventure of a lifetime.

Travelling from Colorado down to California, the Bryans must navigate some difficult waters to make it to the U.S. border as they attempt to paddle into Mexico. Shooting has begun this June with the Bryans taking their canoe on the road from Toronto, Ontario to BC. Continue reading »

Travel+Escape today announced the renewal of the channel’s hit original series Paddling Bryans for a second season. The adventure series was greenlit for 13 new episodes and will begin production in May 2012.

Paddling Bryans follows two modern day adventurers, Bryan Wallwork and Bryan Adams, as theyembark on a canoeing journey of a lifetime.

After the bedraggled Bryans mastered the river waters between Milk River, Alberta and Mississipi, U.S.A.last season, the second season will see the Bryans jumping head-long into a voyage down the Colorado River towards the U.S./Mexico border.

Along the way they take in the sights and sounds of the scenery and locals in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California before attempting to make a pass into Mexican waters.

“The Bryans are back for season 2,” said Marcia Martin, SVP, Creative Content, GlassBOX Television. “As the #1 original series on Travel+Escape this past fall, they captured the hearts of fans coast-to-coast. With their fun-loving, rugged charm, the Bryans will be back for another adventure thanks to theirincredible fan following.”

Commissioned by Travel+Escape, Paddling Bryans is produced by Keep It In The Family Productions. Claude Barnes and Wilder Weir serve as Executive Producers. Paddling Bryans season 2 will premiere Fall 2012. Follow the Bryans on Twitter.

(From a press release)