11 a.m. – Sunday, March 25 on Space

Catch up on Season 1 of OUTCASTS, the gripping, fast-paced drama which follows a group of courageous pioneers facing a unique opportunity: the chance to build a new and better future on another planet.

8 p.m. ET – Saturday, August 13 on Space

A new virus, C24, hits Forthaven. Berger blames the virus on the ACs and exposes Fleur’s true origins in an attempt to undermine confidence in President Tate.

8 p.m. ET – Saturday, August 6 on Space

Cass receives a note threatening to expose his true identity and becomes implicated in a missing person investigation. Tate is convinced that there is a host force on Carpathia and is determined to discover how to communicate with it.

8 p.m. ET – Saturday, June 25 on Space

An Expeditionary force sets out to look for survivors from the crashed transporter CT9. One survivor accuses another, Julius Berger (Eric Mabius), of murder. A group of Advanced Cultivars (ACs), led by Rudi (Langley Kirkwood), have kidnapped Stella’s (Hermione Norris) daughter Lily and will release her only if the people of Forthaven save a critically-ill AC baby.

8 p.m. ET – Saturday, June 18 on Space

Ten years after the first Earth colonists arrived on Carpathia, they anxiously await the arrival of the last known transporter from the doomed home planet. The leader of the Expeditionaries plans to break away from the regime at Forthaven.