On the lot


After last week’s show Adam, Shalini and Sam are all safe while Trever and Hilary are in the bottom two.

The result will be announced at the end of tonight’s show.

David Frankel is tonight’s guest Judge.

First up to premiere their short film this week is Andrew. His film is called Polished.
To Vote for Andrew’s film:

Next up is David. His short film is called Love at First Shot.
To Vote for David’s film:

Shira-Lee is next with her short film Beeline.
To Vote for Shira-Lee’s film:

Marty Martin is next with his film Dance with The Devil
To Vote for Marty’s film:

Kenny is last with his film Edge on the End
To vote for Kenny’s film:

The results of last weeks vote is in and leaving is Trever.

The judges picks were Beeline and Polished.

Next Tuesday the results will be in as well as the next 5 short films.

Pirate Master, On the Lot Sign On To The CTV Broadband Network

CTV announced today that Pirate Master and On The Lot, have joined The CTV Broadband Network schedule at CTV.ca. They are the latest U.S. Network series to join the broadband line-up. Details for both are below:

Pirate Master
Starting tonight, each new episode of Pirate Master will be available free on broadband following its television debut on CTV. The episodes will be posted Thursdays at 11:59 p.m. ET and will remain there for 29 days. The rollicking series premiere airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings).

On The Lot
The first four previously aired episodes of On The Lot will be loaded up to ctv.ca tonight at 12 midnight ET for viewers to catch up. Then, as new episodes make their television debut, they will be available for viewing later that night at 11:59 p.m. ET. On The Lot airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings).

The addition of both series to the CTV Broadband Network following their television debuts are in keeping with CTV’s “Broadband Catch Up Strategy” for viewers who may have missed an episode or want a repeat viewing on their own terms.

To watch Pirate Master and On The Lot on broadband, visit CTV.ca and click on “The CTV Broadband Network.”


First up to premiere his short film this week is Sam Friedlander. His film is called Broken Pipe Dreams.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Next up is Trever James. His short film is called Teri.
To Vote for Trever’s film:

Hilary Graham is next with her short film The first time I met the Finklesteins.
To Vote for Hilary’s film:

Adam Stein is next with his film Dough: The Musical
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Shalini Kantayya is last with her film Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey
To vote for Shalini’s film:

The other contestants favorite was Shalini’s film while the least favorite was Hilary’s film.

Next Tuesday the results will be in as well as the next 5 short films.


When it comes to the results, first up is Zach Lipovsky. His movie, Danger Zone, was in the top 3 from last night’s box office vote and is safe and here for another week.

Sam Friedlander and Shira-Lee Shalit are safe. Trevor is safe leaving Carolina and Marty. Marty is safe which means Carolina is going home.

Adam Stein and David May are safe. Hilary Graham is also safe along with Will Bigham whose movie Lucky Penny was in the top 3.

The last two from the second line is Kenny and Claudia. Ending their run at the box office is Claudia.

The third line has Andrew safe. Shalini and Mateen are also safe. Jason, Phil and Jessica are left. One of them had their movie in the top 3. Another is safe. And one is being eliminated. Jason’s movie which the judges thought was awful makes the Top 3. Safe is Jessica. Leaving the Lot is Phil.

Interestingly enough, the three people who are leaving the lot tonight are not Americans.

Tonight the Top 18 Directors will screen their movies.

America will vote and the numbers will be cut.

Who will be left with a chance to win keys to their own office at Dreamworks and a million dollar deal.

Adam Stein: Dance Man

Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin: Deliver Me

Andrew Hunt: Spaced Out

Kenny Luby: Wack Alley Cab

Hilary Graham: Bus #1

Marty Martin: The Big Bad Heist

Will Bigham: Lucky Penny

Jessica Brillhart: …To Screw In A Lightbulb

Mateen Kemet: Soft

Claudia La Bianca: Blind Date

Jason Epperson: Getta Rhoom

David May: File Size

Zach Lipovsky: Danger Zone

Trever James: A Golf Story

Shalini Kantayya: Love in the year 2007

Phil Hawkins: Please Hold

Shira-Lee Shalit: Check Out

Sam Friedlander: Replication Theory


Marty is abit crazy and is bugging Jeff who thinks he’s working too hard for nothing and thinks Marty is trying to prove he is film maker like a sixth grader would try and prove to an eighth grader that he is cool enough to hang out with him.

Adam Stein thinks that their script and story is pretty fun but Zach Lipovsky is the special effects guru so they’re hoping he knows what he’s doing. Sam Friedlander agrees.

Hannah’s turn to direct but Kenny is overstepping into her space with his ideas. Jessica Brillhart thinks Hannah is a really good film maker but just isn’t very confident. There is a lot of tension in this group. Kenny says their editing is terrible. Jessica says his photography was terrible and inconsistent.

There is still tension between Marty and Jeff too. It’s after 4:00am and less than two hours before the films are due.

Garry isn’t there today but Jon Avnet is there in his place.

Random Acts of Kindness: Hilary Graham, Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin and Brent McCorkle
The judges like their film and said that they worked well together.

Vinny’s Vault: Jessica Brillhart, Kenny Luby and Hannah Sink
The judges love Kenny’s cinematography. They didn’t really like Hannah’s scene though but she blames the director of photgraphy.

Out of Time: Marty Martin, Jeff Seibenick and Trever James
They loved Marty’s scene but thought Jeff’s scene wasn’t the strongest of the three.

Time Out: Adam Stein, Sam Friedlander and Zach Lipovsky
Brett thought it was amazing. The jaws were dropping around the room with the special effects.

12 more directors are about to be sent home by the judges. The directors worked in teams but will be judged individually.

Jessica, Hannah and Kenny are up first. Hannah is going home and she’s upset that it’s her going and not Kenny. Kenny, however, is happy.

Adam, Sam and Zach are ok. As are Hilary, Carolina and Brent. Marty and Trever are through but poor Jeff is outta here.

The next task is set straight away. They need to direct a one page script and will be provided with a full crew and cast and a top notch Hollywood set. Jarrett Conaway thinks it’s a crazy challenge.

Tomorrow they will screen the films where they will then judge the directors before deciding on who will be part of the final 18.


50 of the world’s most talented yet still undiscovered movie directors are taking the Universal backlot tour. These 50 aspiring movie makers beat out more than 12,000 hopefuls from 33 countries. Armed with little more than digital cameras and laptop computers and backyards for backdrops and family members for crews, they’ve shown what they can do with next to nothing but what can they do when they are given all the tools and resources that Hollywood has to offer? That’s what the next 13 weeks is going to prove. But only one of them will make it On The Lot.

Our host, Chelsea Handler, welcomes the directors to the backlot where all the magic happens. They will provide them with all the resources for them to become great so it will be up to them.

The next few days will put some challenges in front of them which will separate the good directors from the special ones. Each week they will produce movies and show them to the public. At the end, one will win a million dollar deal with Dreamworks.

The Biltmore Hotel is the location of their first stop. The Bilton was the birthplace of the Academy Awards. The all take a seat in the viewing room where Chelsea tells them that by the end of the summer, one of them will have keys to their own office at Dreamworks.

Carrie Fisher, Garry Marshall and Brett Radner arrive to offer some first tips and provide their first task which is to pitch a movie. There are five loglines which are:

#1 A slacker applies to the C.I.A as a joke and is accepted
#2 A man sees his face on the news described as missing or wanted
#3 A mouse is captured by a pharmaceutical company and must plan his escape
#4 A priest meets the woman of his dreams before he is to be ordained
#5 A crate bound for a secret military base is delivered to a suburban family

The directors are then asked to reach under their seats and pull out an envelope to tell them which story they got.

It’s going to be a long night. 14 will not go on to the next round. Some are struggling with their loglines and are trying to get inspiration from others with the same logline. However, some aren’t so willing to share in the case their idea gets stolen.

For Brett Radner, he’s interested in finding out which of them are story tellers.

Mark McLain is first up and has the mouse logline. Unfortunately he stumbles and can’t get his story out other than to tell us about his lead character who is a mobster who works for the FBI. One day he wakes up and is a mansized rat. It sounds rather lame and that he made it up as he went along.

Carrie says it’s going to be harder than picking lobsters at a restaurant for her.

The pitches go from bad to worse.

Garry is hoping someone can pitch lunch.

Andrew Hunt has the priest logline. Andrew’s pitch is brilliant. He is inspiring and confident.

Rahim Jamal had the military crate logline. He’s nervous and his pitch is kind of random. His first move is to make a disclaimer. Garry tells him that no one is going to take a risk on a nervous man when it’s going to cost $100,000 a day.

It’s been pretty hard and the directors are learning how hard it is to pitch a film.

Will Bigham is next with the mouse. He’s confident and well spoken and the judges are complimentary.

Jeremy Corray promises to give the most energetic presentation they’ve seen all day. He’s pretty over the top with his slacker and the C.I.A storyline. He was memorable but probably not in a good way.

Three from the first group go home of which Jeremy Corray is one of them.

Ramsey Mellette is the only person to be eliminatedp.

Mark McLain is going home but Will Bigham is through.

Rahim Jamal is going home from his group.

For the second task, they have to write, shoot and direct their own movies in 24 hours. The logline is “Out of time” and they’ll be working in groups of three.

Now, they have to write a two and a half minute short film and work with two others who you’ve never worked with before which is bound to cause some tension.

For the second day in a row, the directors are working on very little sleep. There are some difficulties between Marty Martin and Jeff Seibenick at the restaurant they’re filming at.

They’re all spread out across L.A.

Hillary Graham is directing in a street and is ordering Brent McCorkle to hold traffic.

Kenny Luby is directing at the Train Yard. He’s never been to film school and Hannah Sink is getting worried because the actors are getting frustrated with how Kenny is directing. To make matters worse, a second crew arrives. Gil Kruger, Mateen Kemet and Shira-Lee Shalit are at the same location at the same time.

Canadian Competitors Revealed When On The Lot Premieres May 22 on CTV

Spielberg Calls on Industry Vets Carrie Fisher, Brett Ratner, Garry Marshall
and Jon Avent to Judge Semi-Finals

Toronto, ON – Lights! Camera! Action! CTV announced today that On The Lot, the new moviemaking competition series executive-produced by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg and featuring Canadian competitors, will premiere following the final American Idol performance episode on May 22 on CTV. The names of the movie industry vets who will serves as judges for the first two “audition episodes” were also confirmed today: actress, author and screenwriter Carrie Fisher (Star Wars, Postcards From The Edge), as well as directors Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 3, X-Men 3: The Last Stand), Garry Marshall (Georgia Rule, Princess Diaries, Pretty Woman) and Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes, Up Close & Personal). Judges for additional rounds as well as the series’ host will be announced at a later date.

Canadian competitors found in a global casting call will step into the spotlight in front of the four-member judging panel when the series’ two “audition” episodes premiere Tuesday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET and Thursday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times).

After receiving a record-setting 12,000 video submissions at thelot.com from aspiring filmmakers around the globe (over 4,000 of which were from Canadians), CTV has officially entered the summer movie blockbuster race with the new filmmaking competition series On The Lot from Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg. In March, On The Lot producers visited Toronto and Vancouver where they interviewed 27 Canadian filmmakers hoping to be cast on the show. Now, the Top 50 applicants (including Canadians) will discover the magic of moviemaking when they are brought to Los Angeles to visit a real-life film set for the first time.

After facing the judges for the first time with their personal submission film, the 50 semi-finalists must endure a rigorous “Hollywood Boot Camp.” There, they must survive a Hollywood-style “pitch” meeting; a “24-Hour Film Shoot,” where they each must shoot and edit a short film in a 24-hour period; as well as a “One-Page, One-Hour” film shoot, where they will have an hour to film a one-page scene with the help of professional directors of photography, camera and sound operators and actors. The judges will give their ultimate feedback and select the Top 18 Finalists, who will move on to compete in the first “Film Premiere” episode the following week.

A special two-hour “Film Premiere” episode, featuring the first films produced by the 18 finalists, will air Monday, May 28 from 8 – 10 p.m. ET on CTV. It will then be up to the public to determine the first finalist to be eliminated from the competition. Voting results will be announced the following night on the first “Box Office” results show, airing Tuesday, May 29 from 8 – 9 p.m. ET on CTV.

On the Lot’s weekly, one-hour “Film Premiere” episodes air in their regular time period beginning Monday, June 4 at 8 p.m. ET with the weekly half-hour “Box Office” results shows airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT starting Tuesday, June 5 on CTV.

Judge Details

Carrie Fisher
Since her feature debut opposite Warren Beatty in Shampoo in 1975, Carrie Fisher has been a compelling force in the film industry. She attained international recognition as “Princess Leia,” a role that made her a cultural icon, in the box office phenomenon Star Wars and the smash hit sequels The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. On the literary front, Fisher wrote The New York Times best seller Postcards From the Edge, for which she won the Los Angeles Pen Award for Best First Novel. Three additional best-selling novels, Surrender the Pink, Delusions of Grandma and The Best Awful, followed. Along with writing the telefilm These Old Broads, Fisher also wrote the screenplay based on her bestseller Postcards From the Edge, which starred Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine.

Brett Ratner
In a very short time, Brett Ratner has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most successful directors. Ratner’s seven feature films have grossed over $1 billion dollars worldwide. Ratner recently shattered several box office records with his latest release X-Men 3: The Last Stand. The film opened with a staggering $123 million in just four days. Ratner is currently finishing post-production on Rush Hour 3, the third installment of the blockbuster Rush Hour franchise, in which Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan reprise their roles as LAPD Detective James Carter and Royal Hong Kong Police Chief Inspector Lee. The film is scheduled to be released on August 10.

Garry Marshall
Garry Marshall’s long and illustrious career has encompassed directing, producing, writing and acting. Marshall started his career in television as a writer/producer on such comedy classics as The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Odd Couple, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. He is best known as one of the leading directors of romantic comedies, including Pretty Woman, Beaches, Runaway Bride, Overboard, The Princess Diaries and its sequel, The Princess Bride 2: Royal Engagement. His most recent directorial effort, Georgia Rule, starring Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan, opens in theaters May 11.

Jon Avnet
Jon Avnet has directed and produced more than 50 motion pictures and television movies over the last 25 years, from box office hits like Risky Business and Fried Green Tomatoes to the critically-acclaimed Uprising, The Burning Bed and Heatwave for television. His work has won or been nominated for multiple Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Directors Guild of America awards, as well as Writers Guild of America awards, the Peabody, the Humanitas and CableACE awards. On Broadway, he produced the Tony Award-winning Spamalot, The Pillowman, The History Boys (which received six Tony Awards, including Best Play) as well as this year’s revival of Inherit the Wind, starring Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy. Avnet recently directed and produced the feature film 88 Minutes, a thriller starring Al Pacino, and serves as director and executive producer for the upcoming cable miniseries The Starter Wife, based on the best-selling novel by Gigi Levangie Grazer.

On The Lot affords aspiring filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to win a $1-million DreamWorks development deal. Each week, the hopeful filmmaker finalists will produce short films from a chosen genre, running the gamut from comedies to thrillers, personal dramas to romance, sci-fi to horror. They’ll have access to the best resources the industry has to offer – professional writers, actors and crew – to help create their films.

After the teams have battled time frames, budgets and all the usual chaos that goes along with filmmaking, their films will debut and be critiqued in front of a live audience during the “Film Premiere” episodes.

But the filmmakers ultimately will be judged by the harshest critics of all – the public. It will be movie fans whose votes determine which films should be left on the cutting-room floor. On each “Box Office” results show, the director whose feature garners the fewest votes will be sent home.

Canada Answers “On The Lot” Challenge: 27 Canadians In the Running to Become “The Next Great Filmmaker” on CTV

— Producers visit Toronto and Vancouver tomorrow for invite-only casting sessions –

Mark Burnett Productions confirmed today that over one in three of all worldwide applicants for this summer’s blockbuster reality series On The Lot are from Canada. Twenty-seven Canadian filmmakers from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver are now in the running for the 16 competitor slots on the new series, set to debut this spring on CTV. The 27 Canadians have been invited to closed-door casting sessions tomorrow, Thursday, March 8 in Toronto and Vancouver. The Canadian cities are two of six North American locations holding auditions in addition to Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and Atlanta.

From Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg, On The Lot is the search for the next great filmmaker – a filmmaker who just may be from Canada. With an overwhelming 4,000 submissions received by producers, Canadian filmmakers responded in droves to the open casting call. In addition to Canada and the United States, over 12,000 submissions were received from around the world, including Israel, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Denmark and France. Invite-only casting calls will also be conducted with applicants from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

“The thousands of Canadian submissions clearly demonstrates our country’s passion for filmmaking,” said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group. “Good luck to all of our homegrown filmmakers in tomorrow’s casting sessions.”

After Thursday’s invite-only casting call, producers will winnow the applicants down to a group of 16 filmmakers and bring them to Hollywood, where they will be divided into teams. Each week over the course of the summer, the 16 filmmakers will produce short films in every genre. Viewers will vote on the productions and one filmmaker will be eliminated each week. The last filmmaker standing will take home a seven-figure development deal with DreamWorks – and the keys to a brand new office On The Lot. A host and judging panel for the series will be announced in the coming months.

On The Lot is produced by Mark Burnett Productions, DreamWorks Television and Amblin Television. Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg are creators and executive producers. Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey and Conrad Riggs are co-executive producers.

The search for the next great filmmaker is coming to Canada. CTV announced today it has signed on as the exclusive Canadian broadcast partner for On The Lot, the new unscripted television series from two of the biggest names in film and television, Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg.

CTV also announced today that Burnett and Spielberg are actively searching for Canadian competitors for the series: aspiring homegrown filmmakers interested in winning a one million dollar development deal with DreamWorks Studios. As of today, short films can be submitted as entry into the first part of the competition. To enter, applicants 13 years of age and older must submit a self-directed short film, up to five minutes in length, before Friday, Feb. 16, 2007 (see “How to Apply,” below). Producers will then visit Toronto in March for an invite-only casting call for Canadian competitors (see “Canadian Casting Call,” below).

On the Lot is a groundbreaking new television series by reality show mastermind, Mark Burnett, and legendary producer and director, Steven Spielberg. Executive produced by Burnett and Spielberg for FOX in the United States and now CTV in Canada, the series will debut this spring. Each week over the course of the summer, 16 filmmakers selected from applicants from around the world will produce short films in every genre. Viewers will vote on the productions and one filmmaker will be eliminated each week. The last filmmaker standing will take home a seven-figure development deal with DreamWorks – and the keys to a brand new office On The Lot (see “About the Show,” below).

“Canadians have a great track record of competing with the best from around the world, both on reality TV and otherwise,” said Burnett. “We look forward to seeing what Canada has to offer.”

“From Louis B. Mayer and Jack Warner to Norman Jewison and David Cronenberg, Canada has produced some great movie-makers over the years,” said Spielberg. “On The Lot could be the big break that the next great Canadian filmmaker is looking for.”

“On The Lot delivers an innovative concept backed by an exceptional pedigree and as a result, CTV is thrilled to bring this project to Canadians,” said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group. “Burnett and Spielberg together for the first time – who could ask for anything more?”


Submissions from filmmakers around the world, including Canadians, will be accepted until Feb. 16. Then, producers will visit several North American cities for invite-only casting calls, including Toronto in March. Western Canadian filmmakers selected for interviews will travel to Seattle around the same time to meet producers. Afterwards, applicants will be winnowed to a group of 16 talented filmmakers. These finalists will be brought to Hollywood, where they will be divided into teams and will begin the journey toward their “big break.”


Premiering in late spring on CTV and set to air in more than 40 countries, On The Lot will feature a cast of 16 undiscovered filmmakers competing to win the support of the show’s viewers, who will decide their fate in a weekly audience vote. The competition will air over two nights weekly, with a one-hour “Film Premiere” episode followed the next night by a half-hour “Box Office” results show.

Every week, each team will produce short films from a chosen genre, running the gamut from comedies to thrillers, personal dramas to romance, sci-fi to horror. They will have access to the best resources the industry has to offer –professional writers, cast and crew – and possibly even Hollywood celebrities.

After the teams have battled time frames, budgets and all the usual chaos that goes along with filmmaking, their films will debut and be critiqued in front of a live audience during the “Film Premiere” episode. Judges will include a high-ranking motion picture executive, a prominent film critic and a succession of well-respected guests, such as directors who are experts in the week’s featured genre.

But the filmmakers ultimately will be judged by the harshest critics of all … the public. It will be viewers whose votes determine which films should be left on the cutting-room floor. On each “Box Office” results show, the director whose feature garners the fewest votes will be sent home.

As the competition continues and more directors are eliminated, the remaining filmmakers will have to work individually, creating a new short film every week until only the most talented filmmaker is left. Anointed the winner, the last director will head to DreamWorks, meet Steven Spielberg and will be shown their new office … On The Lot.

Hundreds of video submissions are now up and ready to view and critique on the series’ companion website at www.thelot.com. In addition to series info and application forms, the website also offers movie news and box office results, as well as message boards, personal blogs and photo galleries.


1. Applicants should submit both a 30-45 second “Intro Video” and a short film no more than five minutes in length.
2. Download application forms, including Application Rules and Requirements, Applicant Information Sheet and Submitted Materials Release, from the series website at www.thelot.com.
3. Upload the video submission onto the series website, www.thelot.com.
4. Mail a copy of the video submission on DVD or VHS, along with signed application forms, postmarked no later than February 16, 2007, to: On The Lot Submissions, P.O. Box 149, 9663 Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210, USA.
5. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to send a signed parental consent form.
6. For full application details, visit www.thelot.com.

Additional details about On The Lot, including a host and judging panel, will be announced later this year by CTV.