OLN is supercharging its prime-time lineup with nightly, back-to-back episodes of the 13-part reality series King of Cars.

Premiering Monday, Dec. 12 at 8pm ET/PT, each 30-minute episode offers a raucous, behind-the-scenes look at the fast-talking world of car sales.

King of Cars follows Chop, the ‘King of Cars’ himself and the brains behind a Las Vegas automotive empire. The top of his shop, Chop is also a father, rap impresario, radio host, Vegas player and TV infomercial star.

Kicking off with the Canadian broadcast premiere on December 12, season one of King of Cars airs weeknights at 8pm ET/PT and 8:30pm ET/PT for six straight weeks on OLN.

In the premiere episode “We Dooz it Large,” Chop pushes his sales crew to sell 40 cars on a single Saturday. Throughout the challenge, he keeps his eye on two particular staffers: Ali, a relatively green salesman who wants to prove his worth to Chop; and Barry, the ‘class clown’ of the dealership who desperately needs a sale to get out of his slump.

King of Cars also gives viewers an all-access pass behind the scenes of the Chopper Show, which features one-of-a-kind infomercials with a local cult following that include hilarious skits with real salesmen and Chop delivering his unique brand of high-energy hosting. With 80 per cent of sales generated from these weekly improvised infomercials, Chop’s automotive dynasty is the No. 1 used car dealership in the United States.

Rogers Media Television receives 13 nominations for its leading Canadian programming on Citytv, OMNI Television, and OLN from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s 26th annual Gemini Awards. 

Citytv received six nominations for its local and original programming including nods to CityLine host, Tracy Moore for Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series (Individual or Ensemble) and Francis D’Souza for Best Breaking Reportage, Local, CityNews – G20 Summit.

Please see below for a full list of Rogers Media Television Gemini nominations. 


Citytv Programming: 


Best Breaking Reportage, Local 

CityNews – G20 Summit 

Francis D’Souza, Alfred Colangelo 


Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series (Individual or Ensemble) 


Tracy Moore 


Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series 

Glenn Martin DDS – Date with Destiny 

Ken Cunningham 


Best Reality Program or Series 

Conviction Kitchen 

(Cineflix (Dinners 2) Inc) 

Simon Lloyd, Gerard Barry 


Best Direction in a Reality Program or Series 

Conviction Kitchen – Episode 5 

Dwayne Beaver, Karen Duthie 

(*OLN also nominated in this category) 


Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series 

Glenn Martin DDS – Date with Destiny 

Ken Cunningham 



OMNI Television Programming: 


Best Original Music Score for a Documentary Program or Series 

T O in 2 4 

Claudio Vena 


Best Photography in a Documentary Program or Series 

T O in 2 4 

Dale Hildebrand 


OLN Programming: 


Best Original Music for a Lifestyle/Practical Information or Reality Program or Series 

Mantracker – Dylan & Travis 

David Krain 


Best Sound in an Information/Documentary Program or Series 

Beyond Survival with Les Stroud – The Hewa and the Hidden Secret Ceremony 

Brian Eimer 


Mantracker – Dylan & Travis 

Terry Wedel, Euan Hunter, Michael Mancuso 


Best Picture Editing in an Information Program or Series 

Mantracker – Dylan & Travis 

Jesse James Miller 


Best Direction in a Reality Program or Series 

Mantracker – Jason & Clayton 

Ihor Macijiwsky 

(*Citytv also nominated in this category) 

Join OLN for the first-ever LIVE episode of the hit series, Destination Truth as host, Josh Gates attempts to solve one of the oldest mysteries in the majestic country of Ireland. The thrilling, four-hour, LIVE episode airs Thursday, March 17 at 7pm ET/PT on OLN.   

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Destination Truth style as Josh Gates takes viewers on a four-hour, LIVE adventure to the beautiful countryside of Ireland, renowned for its ancient myths and folklore. Josh will travel the amazing landscapes and brave the crumbling ruins of Duckett’s GroveCastle in CarlowCounty in search for the truth behind the famous legend of the banshee.

According to Irish myth, the banshee is a sign of impending death; a female spirit who wails around a house the night before someone inside is to meet their demise. Today, many locals claim to have witnessed hearing the banshee’s unmistakable wail and seeing glimpses of a ghostly woman stalking the grounds of the 200 year-old historic ruins of Duckett’s GroveCastle. Armed with equipment, expertise, humour, and a little luck of the Irish, Josh and his team will attempt to solve the mystery behind this age-old legend.

About Destination Truth

Led by intrepid world-adventurer Josh Gates, each episode of Destination Truth takes viewers on a trek across the globe as Josh investigates stories of the unexplained. Accompanied by his small crew, Josh dives into local cultures and searches for clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal phenomena.

In addition to this special broadcast event, Destination Truth airs Monday through Thursday at 8pm ET/PT on OLN.

Be whisked away by some of your favourite OLN adventure and travel shows online at OLN.ca!

Log on and open your eyes to new lands with Scott, Justin and Andre in Departures, adventure off the beaten path with the Eagar brothers in Which Way To… and be inspired by Canada’s top travel writers in Word Travels. Then, take a walk on the wild side with Treks in a Wild World, battle the elements with George Kourounis in Angry Planet, learn survival tips from Survivorman Les Stroud and watch as the prey try to outsmart Terry Grant in Mantracker.

Catch up on Which Way To… Season 1, Treks in a Wild World Season 4, Word Travels Season 2 and Angry Planet Season 2 – the adventure never ends! Plus catch new episodes of Survivorman, Mantracker and Departures updated monthly.

Which Way To… Embrace the unknown with the Eagar brothers of Canada, Jeff, Chris and Stephen – as they take you to exotic travel locations around the world and provide a unique behind-the-scenes perspective you won’t be find in any tourist guide! These homegrown mariners give a national take on international adventures that takes you off the beaten path and into the unfamiliar.

Treks in a Wild World: In each episode of Treks in a Wild World our intrepid trekkers travel to far-flung regions where they embark on incredible journeys combining ecology, anthropology and history with action sports and outdoor pursuits.

Word Travels: Follow the lives of Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon, two of Canada’s hottest young travel writers in Word Travels. With stunning visuals filmed across six continents, each exciting half-hour episode gives viewers the real goods about professional travel journalism.

Angry Planet: While many Canadians wish to evade the barrage of bad weather pummeling the nation, daring storm chaser George Kourounis eagerly heads into the heart of these storms – and other natural phenomena in Angry Planet.

: Each episode of the series follows Les Stroud as he struggles to stay alive in the harshest of conditions, alone for seven days. He has the advantage of his trusty multi-tool, but must lug around 23 kilograms of camera equipment at all times to document his adventure. With little water and sometimes no food to sustain himself, Stroud must use his wits and improvise if he wants to get out alive.

: Throughout each episode, two “prey” attempt to outwit and outrun Mantracker, Terry Grant, a veteran cowboy and expert outdoorsman trained to track and retrieve missing persons in the bush.

Departures is the action-packed and personal journey of two travelers, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach who leave their lives behind in search of unique experiences through some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth as seen through the expert lens of award-winning director and cinematographer Andre Dupuis.

Tune in to four inspiring and courageous tales of perseverance in the face of adversity. Visit an experimental boarding school in Kenya, take part in a gruelling race along side a live volcano, see the challenges faced by a young man in pursuit of his dream and witness the journey along the Underground Railroad as OLN embraces the human spirit this February.

“OLN is proud to offer viewers personal and inspiring stories from around the world during Black History Month” commented Alain Strati, VP Specialty TV & Development, Rogers Media Television.

Boys of Baraka
Saturday, February 7 at 8pm ET/PT
Boys of Baraka focuses on a generation of inner-city kids abandoned by society. Growing up in Baltimore, they are all too aware of their bleak statistics – 61 per cent of the city’s African-American boys fail to graduate from high school; 50 per cent of them end up in jail. Destiny comes to 16 boys including Richard, Romesh, Montrey and Devon, with a unique twist – a chance to attend an experimental boarding school in rural Kenya. This is an opportunity for these young men to change their lives by gaining educational confidence by graduating from high school as well as sharing a unique and memorable experience together. See their incredible transformation in Boys of Baraka.

Volcanic Spirit
Saturday, February 14 at 8pm ET/PT
Volcanic Spirit shares the story of Africa’s most difficult mountain race – the ‘Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope’ and the local athletes who risk everything to compete. The town of Buea in the Southwest Province of Cameroon hosts the challenging marathon-length sprint – 10,000 feet up and down a live volcano! Almost fifty per cent of those who start the race will not finish, but those who persevere have the chance to win more than the average yearly salary in Cameroon. For these dedicated competitors, Mt. Cameroon is not just a race, it’s their only shot at achieving wealth and fame. Follow fierce competitors such as Sarah Etonge (five-time champion and mother of seven) on their journey to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Year of the Bull
Saturday, February 21 at 8pm ET/PT
Meet Taureen Charles – the All-American team captain of the Miami North Western Bulls and blue-chip prospect for the NFL. Year of the Bull is a candid look in to Taureen’s life, his struggle to get out of the inner-city and his determination to qualify for a Division One collegiate football program. Taureen believes that football will enable him to provide a better life for him and his family. His journey is not without its complications – disappointing SAT scores, peer pressure, internal struggles, state-wide media attention, and immense pressure to succeed – and Taureen must face some difficult dilemmas and important decisions. Year of the Bull begs the ultimate question for struggling young athletes: What matters most…SAT scores or the final score of the game?

A Thousand Miles to Freedom
Saturday, February 28 at 8pm ET/PT
A Thousand Miles to Freedom is the story of Canada and The Underground Railroad. For more than 40,000 African Americans living in the United States, the Underground Railroad became a term synonymous with freedom — freedom in a place called Canada, “The Promised Land.” A Thousand Miles to Freedom brings viewers the Canadian perspective on this grueling trek out of oppression revealing the past through the eyes of those who lived it.

Have the holidays left you strapped for cash? Can’t afford the winter escape of your dreams? OLN has the release you’re looking for with new and exciting episodes of your favourite travel-adventure shows! Catch the season premieres of Survivorman, Word Travels and Departures January 2009 on OLN!

Survivorman – Season 3
Premieres Monday, January 12 at 8pm ET/PT with encore presentation at 11pm ET/PT.
Plus, tune in to OLN weekdays at 8pm ET/PT for all of the highlights from the first two seasons of Survivorman.
Your favourite Survivor Les Stroud is back for a thrilling third season! In each new episode, follow the film maker and renowned naturalist Les Stroud to a different remote location where he demonstrates primal methods of survival. Whether it be starting a fire with nothing but a flashlight filament, finding ‘all natural’ sources of food (think scorpions) or learning to drink water from rain-filled moss – Les has got you covered! Survivorman showcases Les’ ability to utilize resources the rest of the world would overlook – in one episode an old plywood box serves as a temporary shelter while Les uses steel wool and his CB Radio battery to make a fire! Each seven day journey documents a new adventure, while showcasing the beautiful natural landscapes the world has to offer.

In this season’s premiere episode see Les in his natural habitat – Sierra Nevada. Just because this is Les’ home turf, doesn’t mean he knows the land well… it’s pretty easy to get lost in the desert! Les was instructed to live like a “lost” hiker, but watch as he actually becomes one!

Word Travels – Season 2
Premieres Sunday, January 18 at 8:30pm ET/PT with encore presentation at 11:30pm ET/PT
Word Travels is back and better than ever! Your favourite travel writers Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon take you around the world while showing you the truth behind the byline as they battle deadlines, jetlag and their own emotional limits to find the next great story. This season of Word Travels takes viewers on an adventure to both exotic and familiar locations – see Robin and Julia as they visit Sri Lanka – where they stumble upon a bizarre bloody ritual guaranteed to make your jaw drop and learn about the manufacturing of the world famous Ceylon Tea. When in Mexico, they discover that there’s more to tequila than a good night out and in Korea they
spend a night in a Buddhist temple! Then, watch as they head to Canada’s West coast and check out Vancouver Island’s surfing community. Don’t miss the adventure with Word Travels, it’s full of surprises, always beautiful and always unpredictable – just like the world it uncovers!

Departures – Season 2
Premieres Sunday, January 25 at 7pm ET/PT with encore presentation at 10pm ET/PT
Best friends Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach and cameraman Andre Dupuis left their everyday lives behind in search of unique experiences and adventures abroad in season one of Departures. They just finished travelling the world in a year long adventure… so why stop now! Reuniting in Spain, the boys set sail for another adrenaline filled adventure. Come along for the ride as they venture to exotic locations including Libya, Brazil and Cuba. From epic landscapes and unforgettable people, to the often trying times that come with international travel, and the occasional romance, life with these boys is anything but dull! This season expect to see singing camels, poisonous plants and insects, the world’s largest living rodents, angry snakes and even… a reunion with Gisele! See it all when Departures premieres!

Don’t get left behind! Catch the season premieres of Survivorman, Word Travels and Departures January 2009 on OLN.