Odyssey – Driving Around the World

Join a group of seven strangers on the ultimate journey as they travel over 65,000 kilometres through 26 countries across the planet in Odyssey – Driving Around the World.

Premiering Tues., Nov. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT, each half-hour episode of this 13-part series follows the trials and triumphs of this group of adventurers as they drive around the world in an awe-inspiring expedition designed to raise awareness and money for Parkinson’s disease.

The trip was organized by Drive Around the World, a charitable organization that combines fundraising with adventure travel. Follow the group’s gripping voyage as extreme weather, border disputes and traffic accidents threaten this amazing journey spanning almost two years. But will these obstacles keep the crew from reaching their destination and ultimate goal?

As they set off for their expedition, each member of the team has a core responsibility that is designed to benefit this seemingly cohesive unit throughout the journey.

The group consists of Nick Baggerly, the team leader who founded Drive Around the World; Todd Borgie, a former Peace Corps volunteer who serves as the mechanic on the trip; Nancy Olsen, a captain of the Marine Corps Reserves who works on the public relations for the team; Justin Mounts, a business consultant turned navigator on this journey; Chanda Groom, responsible for logistics and maintaining contact with the outside world on the team’s website; Neil Dana, a musician who serves as the team’s photographer; and Rolf Potts, a travel writer and author who comes along to document the trip.

The team will make its way across the world in four Land Rovers that have been modified to travel through harsh environmental conditions. Fitted with communication equipment and rooftop tents, these vehicles will serve as the team’s only link to civilization in hostile and remote locations. Their expedition takes them from San Francisco to Mexico, Central America to South America, across the Pacific Ocean and through Australia, to Singapore and South East Asia, through India, China and Siberia, across Alaska, through Canada and back to California.

With guest appearances by Michael J. Fox, the Dalai Lama and James Cameron, this remarkable journey reveals who these travellers are in relation to others around the world. Will every member of the team be able to stick out the challenging – and sometimes dangerous conditions – to see this commitment through to the end? Tune into Odyssey – Driving Around the World to find out.