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Team building at work strikes a new chord…Canwest Broadcasting announced today it will develop and broadcast an all-new original production, Canada Sings! (working title).

The reality series will target budding talents within workplaces nationwide, encouraging glee clubs to come together and perform in competition.

Premiering on Global in early 2011, Canada Sings! is a one-hour original series that will challenge ordinary Canadians to form extraordinary glee clubs with their co-workers and compete in a head-to-head battle against another workplace team. From firemen to nurses, chefs to CEOs – gleeful Canadians are everywhere and Canada Sings! is on the hunt.

“Canada Sings! will uncover the talent that is hiding in the cubicle next to you. It will expose the big voice inside the colleague you never thought could carry a tune,” said Christine Shipton, SVP, Drama and Factual Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “The series will take everyday people out of their comfort zones and onto the stage for a high-voltage performance audiences won’t soon forget.”

Each week Canada Sings! will travel to two Canadian workplaces to scout out talent for a glee club that will audition, rehearse and ultimately perform in front of a live studio audience – all within a few days. With the help of world class choreographers and vocal coaches, each group will prepare for the musical performance of their lives and battle each other in a high-stakes glee-off. A panel of celebrity judges will award the winning glee club with a donation to the charity of their choice.

Canada Sings! will be produced expressly for Canwest Broadcasting by Insight Productions.

“This is an original Insight format and it’s always exciting for us to break new ground,” said John Brunton, President, Insight Production Company Ltd. “With heartfelt storytelling, electric performances and fierce competition, it’s got all the elements we love and we’re looking forward to capturing the imaginations of Canadian audiences.”

Complete details for Canada Sings! including the show host and judging panel will be announced closer to broadcast.


The preliminary casting phase has begun for a new reality TV show centring on the world of blogging.

Producers for the series entitled ‘Project Mom Casting’ are seeking out female bloggers for the show which is still in the early stages.

Producer Leane Vanderman believes that all the right ingredients are already there in the blogging community for a good reality show – tension, drama, feel good stories, conflict and resolution, big personalities and humour.

Of course the show will not be simply a bunch of bloggers sitting around a computer screen. Vanderman and co. plan on utilising an original reality format which doesn’t require the participants to even be in the same city.

The format will depend on the characters and storylines they receive during the open casting call.

Vanderman describes the open casting call as a fishing expedition.

“This is step one of the journey. It’s a long road but a huge step.

“I am trying to return with footage and with interviews and stories that give a glimpse of the [blogging] community.”

She says the aim of the process is finding the right people and crafting a storyline around them in order to engage women outside of the blogging world.

“This isn’t just for mummy bloggers to get a peek into the greatness of their community. This has to be broad enough and interesting enough that mums without blogs will watch.”

Check out the show’s Facebook page for info.

Source: ShePosts

Brothers & Sisters actor Rob Lowe is launching a new reality show based in Washington DC.

Lowe is combining with production company 44 Blue to develop the series entitled Potomac Fever which will follow young Washingtonians as they try their hand at breaking into the political scene in the capital of the US.

Lowe is no stranger to politics with his stints on The West Wing and Brothers & Sisters both involving political content. He is also set for a role on the third season of Parks & Recreation as a government auditor.

Of the new series Lowe said: “They live and work at the center of world power. I can’t wait to tell their stories.”

Source: TV Squad

Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood has signed on to feature in a new American remake of Australian TV series Wilfred.

The move marks the first feature role for Wood on television.

The series is written by Family Guy and American Dad scribe David Zuckerman who also serves as executive producer. He describes the series as a comedy “about a guy (Wood), the girl next door and a mixed-breed dog, Wilfred, who is part Labrador Retriever and part Russell Crowe on a bender.”

Joining Wood in the remake is Jason Gann who featured in the original series in Australia playing the titular character. Wood’s character is called Ryan.

Below is an extract from the original Australian series.

Source: THR

The Lohans are to appear on screens again soon with news that a reality show has been planned which will feature the whole family.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan will make appearances in the yet to be named show which will focus on the family as they go about their everyday lives.

“We have already started filming,” Lindsay’s mother Dina said. “The cameras follow us in our daily lives and as we promote our businesses. I want to prove that we are a good, hardworking family and we don’t have the crazy lives that some people claim we do.

“The show will feature my kids, and Lindsay will also appear in some episodes, although she’s very busy filming and promoting her fashion lines. We’re discussing a deal with a major network.”

As with the family’s first TV series Living Lohan in 2008, Lindsay’s father Michael will not appear.


In a somewhat bizarre move, actress Susan Sarandon is planning a reality series about her ping pong club called SPiN.

The Oscar-winning actress has said she is planning to produce the series which would focus on the club’s players and the community that is forming there.

The clubs boast several players who are hoping to win places in the Olympic team.

“It won’t be Jersey Shore. It’s more of an episodic documentary. We’re trying to invent something you haven’t seen before that follows a bunch of people in this crazy little subculture,” Sarandon said.

“I’m not sure where we’re going to land in terms of our home because we want the tone of it to be funny and quite different than anything else that anybody’s seen before.”

The series is reportedly in the early stages of pre production.

Source: Digital Spy

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Parker has announced she will be involved in a new reality show.

The actress has said her restaurant in Hollywood called Beso will feature in the new series, but her role will be limited.

The project is being produced by her production company and while the 35-year-old actress will be involved the main focus will be on the restaurant’s staff.

“It will follow the employees that work at my restaurant. I’m not in it that much. I’m married and old now,” Longoria Parker said.

“I love producing. I love the business aspect of it,” she said. “We have so many beautiful stories in the Latin community that I think should be told, and I really would like to focus on trying to bring some of those stories to light now.”

Source: Digital Spy

Actor Jamie Foxx is reportedly involve din a new mob drama series for television.

Foxx is developing a trailer for the series entitled Tommy’s Little Girl which would focus on an ageing mafia boss and the relationship with his daughter.

Starring as the boss is Paul Sorvino with the daughter played by Selma Blair.

Former Sopranos actor Tony Sirico is also on board to appear in the trailer.

Source: Digital Spy


Kevin Spacey is in talks to return to TV in a new drama series.

The actor is lining up a role as a cult leader in the upcoming series The Crux.

Spacey pitched the project to the Showtime network but due to his heavy work schedule he is not a 100 percent possibility to star in the series.

If he lands the role, it will be Spacey’s first regular television role since his stint on 1980s series Wiseguys.

Source: Digital Spy

Actor Matthew McConaughey is currently developing a new comedy series.

With a working title of Kick-Ass Militia, the comedy series centres on a pair of brothers, one a cult leader the other a survivalist, who share a pad in the Californian beachside town of Malibu.

Writing the series is Meet The Fockers scribe Marc Hyman with the original idea stemming from the mind of McConaughey’s friend JR Reed.

The project is the third to come from the actor’s J.K Livin Productions, with Rooster Tales and Jonah and the Whale already set up for release.

Source: TV Squad