ArresteddevelopmentposterNetflix CEO Reed Hastings believes the biggest challenge for the streaming service in Canada is the amount of new competition.

Hasting cites the launch of Videotron and the potential new services from Rogers and Bell-Astral (pending a merger) as proving challenging for Netflix in the country.

“In each nation people are adopting internet television, we’ll win part of the viewing and part of the affection, not the whole thing,” Hastings said. “The only thing we can really control is what we do, so we’re focused on how do we make the service a little bit better, how do we get the content a little bit better, how do we get the marketing a little bit better? We’ve been in this unusual phase where we’re the new kid on the block and the only one of our type and of course that’s going to change now.” Continue reading »

Netflix_LogoNetflix believe they are successfully combating the use of illegal file sharing in Canada since they have set up camp here.

The company’s CEO, Reed Hastings, claims that BitTorrent usage has dropped since Netflix arrived onto the scene in Canada.

“When we were first doing our research in Canada, a few years ago, it was stunning to us that relative to the U.S, (Canadian) suburban moms would openly talk about downloading movies and TV through BitTorrent,” said Hastings.

“Since we’ve launched, BitTorrent usage has gone down quite a bit.” Continue reading »