My Teenage Wedding

Slice is currently casting for a new reality series that will focus on teen brides.

My Teenage Wedding will shine a spotlight on young love and marriage in a “social documentary” style that has concerned certain sections of society.

38-year-old mother Gabrielle Domingues believes the show is inappropriate.

“I just think it’s borderline inappropriate,” she said. “It’s one thing to show adults in that light … and another to show minors exposing their mistakes and their vulnerabilities at such a raw and impressionable age, and by association making an impression and influencing youth who are watching.” Continue reading »

Slice is cranking up the heat this summer with four brand new Canadian pilot series.

The new dating series Love Hunters sends single women on a whirlwind, one week search for the perfect love connection while the ultra-competitive Wedding Dress Wars sees designers go thread-to-thread to create one bride’s dream gown.

The outrageous My Teenage Wedding takes viewers into the lives of teens who will stop at nothing to walk down the aisle and Make Me Over, Make Me Under, the new series rescuing victims from both extremes of a fashion crisis, will have audiences wishing for more.

The hot new summer pilots debut May 10th through June 14th exclusively on Slice.


Four brand new Canadian pilot series to premiere this summer on SliceTM include:


Love Hunters

Four Back-to-back episodes Thursday, May 10 beginning at 9pm ET/PT

(Encore presentation May 24 beginning at 9pm ET/PT)

Every woman in the world has experienced the highs and lows of the unpredictable and sometimes discouraging world of dating. Still looking for love? Have no fear, Love Hunters is here! Taking a look at today’s diverse dating scene, Love Hunters takes you on an entertaining ride as a thirty-something who’s single and ready to mingle, steps outside of her regular dating routine in an amusing attempt to find her prince charming. Each episode follows our “love hunter” as she is sent to sample three different approaches to dating including internet dating, speed dating and the oldest trick in the book – being set-up. In a bid for a second date, three lucky guys try to woo our girl by planning the perfect romantic encounter. Who will win our love hunter’s heart?


Wedding Dress Wars

Two back-to-back episodes Thursday, May 17 beginning at 9pm ET/PT

(Encore presentation June 7 beginning at 9pm ET/PT)

All brides want their wedding dress to steal the show. In this brand new competitive series three talented designers compete to create the perfect dress for an enthusiastic and demanding bride. The emotional stakes are high as the designers face challenges, stressful fittings and brutally honest critiques from the bride’s closest friends and family. Hosted by fashion expert Len Henry and featuring a different selection of top designers each week, Wedding Dress Wars will take the audience on a suspenseful ride that ends with a one-of-a-kind, custom-made gown that most brides can only dream about. With three beautiful dresses and one tough decision to make, which gown will take her down the aisle?


My Teenage Wedding

Four back-to-back episodes Thursday, May 31 beginning at 9pm ET/PT

(Encore presentation June 21 beginning at 9pm ET/PT)

Everyone thinks they’re too young to get married, but they don’t care! Convinced that their love is the forever kind, these teens will stop at nothing to walk down the aisle. My Teenage Wedding goes behind the scenes of Canada’s teen weddings, following teenage couples as they leap headfirst into a very adult world of matrimony. But as the big day approaches, viewers watch as the teen brides-and-grooms-to-be realize that marriage isn’t as simple as saying “I do”. The series follows their journey from teenage romance to grown up commitment as they experience what life is really like. From touching moments, to outrageous meltdowns, getting to the altar has never been so complicated.


Make Me Over, Make Me Under:

Two back-to-back episodes Thursday, June 14 beginning at 9pm ET/PT

(Encore presentation June 28 beginning at 9pm ET/PT)

One’s a head turner, but for all the wrong reasons!  The other is simply invisible. But one thing’s for sure, both women are in need of a serious new look. Watch as Make Me Over, Make Me Under comes to their fashion rescue! Each episode brings together two fashion extremes. For one, it’s an obsessive and time consuming love affair with spray tans, break neck heels, tight skirts, big hair and even bigger acrylic nails. While the other is perfectly happy in mom jeans, scrunchies, sweat suits, and sensible shoes. For her comfort is king and glamour equals “way too much work!” So what happens when professional stylists, David Clemmer and Nicole Manek, take this odd couple in hand for a hair, wardrobe and make-up intervention? It’s a fascinating transformation that drastically challenges the way these polar opposites see themselves. Watch as they get pushed out of their comfort zones toward a stylishly beautiful middle ground!