My Name is Earl

Thursday, February 19 – 8pm ET/PT Danny Glover guest stars as Darnell’s father who comes looking for him in Camden only to raise Earl and Randy’s suspicions. However, a family reunion leads to father and son partaking in one last undercover mission.

Thursday, February 12 – 8pm ET/PT

When Mr. Turtle returns back to Earl, he wants to bring him back to Darnell. Meanwhile, Joy and Darnell have to adapt to a new lifestyle of their cover identities.

Thursday, February 5 – 8pm ET/PT

When he wins on a scratch Lottery ticket, Randy is hit by a bike and the ticket blows away. Following in Earl’s footsteps, he believes that was a message from karma, and he too should start a list of past wrongs he needs to right. When the brothers realize that their karma lists share an item, they set out to work on it together.

Thursday, January 22 – 8pm ET/PT

In the aftermath of having his cover blown, Darnell must pack up and leave Camden County. Meanwhile, Earl, Randy and Catalina discover a devastating truth within the post office.

Monday, December 15 – 8pm ET/PT

When Earl finds out that Joy has not only continued a scam they started years ago, but has recruited her friends to be a part of it, he makes it his mission to cross the conned man off his list.

Thursday, November 20 – 8pm ET/PT

A series of tornados hitting Camden County aren’t Earl’s biggest concern when he loses his list. Meanwhile, a wild ride in a boat causes Randy to think he’s invincible and he ponders how he should use his newfound power. Elsewhere, Joy and Darnell argue over who is the smart one in the relationship and Catalina and Patty have a religious awakening.

Thursday, November 13
8pm ET/PT

When Earl goes to fix one of his wrongs he begins to reminisce about his first wedding anniversary with Joy when Randy threw them a surprise party at the crab shack. But when Earl’s more successful and handsome cousin Blake (guest star Jason Priestly, “Beverly Hills, 90210”) shows up Earl feels like a less than adequate husband. Meanwhile, killer bees have descended on Camden county trapping Darnell, Catalina, Kenny and Patty the daytime hooker in a phone booth.

Thursday, May 15 at 8pm ET/PT

When relational problems arise between Earl and Billie, he is forced to choose between Karma and her.

Thursday, May 8 at 9:30pm ET/PT

When Billie is inspired by Earl’s Karma list, she starts to create a list of her own.

Thursday, May 1 at 9:30pm ET/PT

When Earl finally wakes up from his coma, he believes in Karma again and considers Billie his soul mate.