MTV Documentary

November 13 at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV and Friday, November 14 at 1 p. m. ET on CTV

Explores the Lives of Girls in Haiti, Colombia, and Sudan

– MTV original special follows Nicole Holness, Diane Salema, and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani as they encounter young leaders affecting positive change –

Toronto, ON (November 4, 2008) – MTV fosters awareness of social issues and the cultural differences of girls in three different countries in the original MTV special GIRLS OF LATITUDE. Premiering Thursday, November 13 at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV and Friday, November 14 at 1 p. m. ET on CTV, this 30-minute documentary continues MTV’s mission to catalyze conversations by exploring the issue of gender discrimination through the eyes of three young girls in the developing world. MTV hosts Nicole Holness, Diane Salema, and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani each travel to a different country to hear the stories of these women who are inspiring change.

“It’s important to us that we continually create specials with strong social messages like GIRLS OF LATITUDE,” said Brad Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MuchMTV Group, CTV Inc. “This documentary is eye opening, informative, and real. We hope it gets people talking and ultimately moves them to action.”

GIRLS OF LATITUDE was filmed in partnership with Plan Canada, an international development organization, in support of their Because I Am a Girl campaign. The documentary showcases young women living in conflict-affected countries such as Haiti, Colombia, and Sudan who are overcoming great obstacles to inspire positive change in their communities. These conflicts include wide spread issues of war and poverty to individual issues such as loss of childhood and little to no education.

“The three amazing girls we profiled in Haiti, Colombia, and Sudan are in their communities fighting for their rights,” said Producer Steven Theobald, Plan Canada. “GIRLS OF LATITUDE gives their voices an even greater audience and will hopefully inspire young people here in Canada.”

Throughout their journeys to Haiti, Colombia, and Sudan, the hosts share their personal experiences working with young women who are the force behind the peace and social justice of women in their countries. GIRLS OF LATITUDE is a celebration of women and their power to make the world a better place. Executive Producer is Faith Feingold. Producers are Tamara Dawit and Steve Theobald. Director is Liz Marshall. Director of Photography is Steve Cosens.

Immediately following the on-air broadcast viewers can head to to view the episode in its entirety, along with video blogs, photos, and special behind the scenes footage. Viewers can also visit or to find out how they can support Because I Am A Girl, a global campaign to secure a brighter and safer future for girls around the world.

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