Melrose Place

Wednesday, November 11 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

After learning Auggie’s blood was on Sydney’s murder weapon, the police search his apartment and demand the other residents tell them where he went. Meanwhile, a work incident causes Jonah to pretend he’s engaged to Ella who really gets into the role playing. David arranges a secret play date with his little brother Noah (guest star Cameron Castaneda) but after the little boy hurts himself, Lauren must come to the rescue and risk the wrath of Dr. Mancini.

Wednesday, November 4 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Riley helps Jonah film a wedding, but they get in a fight during the ceremony. Riley then decides to break off her friendship with Auggie to save her relationship with Noah. Ella discovers Lauren’s expensive new clothing and lingerie plus a large envelope of cash and confronts her roommate about the late nights she’s been working. David fears he may be responsible for Sydney’s death.

Wednesday, October 21 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Ella and Riley arrive at the Anton V photo shoot and meet the photographer – former Melrose Place resident, Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga). Jo feels that Riley’s inexperience is preventing Jo from getting her shot, so Jo pushes Riley’s buttons and insists on a topless shoot to help Riley get in touch with her emotions. Meanwhile, Jonah meets with a producer’s development exec, Kendra (guest star Jenna Dewan, “Step Up”). Violet makes another play for Auggie’s attention, and Lauren finds out about David’s secret.

Wednesday, October 14 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Anton V. (guest star Kevin Alejandro), a famous fashion designer, meets Riley and decides she must be the face of his new denim jean campaign, much to his publicist Ella’s horror. Jonah is excited about the offer as he’s run into financial issues but Riley turns down the gig. Wendi (guest star Kelly Carlson) sends Lauren on a job on a yacht, but Lauren panics when she sees David board the boat. Violet feigns illness to orchestrate a meeting with Michael at the hospital as part of her plan to exact revenge for the way he treated Sydney.

Wednesday, October 7 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

As a result of Jane’s (Josie Bissett) tip, the police bring Ella in for questioning about Sydney’s murder. Lauren is torn between going on a shopping date with Riley for her wedding and impressing her new boss Wendi (guest star Kelly Carlson) who just set her up on a “date.” A stunned Jonah is accused of stealing a diamond necklace from a mansion he videotaped for a realtor, but becomes even more upset after Ella mentions a similar necklace that she saw in David’s apartment. Violet sabotages another employee so she can get closer to Auggie.

Wednesday, September 30 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Jane Mancini (guest star Josie Bissett), Sydney’s sister, comes to Melrose Place and announces that she inherited the building from Sydney. Detective Rodriguez (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez) shows up at Violet’s apartment asking questions about her connection to Sydney. Lauren meets John (guest star Sam Page) at the hotel bar after being stood up by Toby (guest star Adam Kaufman) and decides to take her new side job to the next level. However, upon leaving the hotel, Lauren is stopped by Wendi (guest star Kelly Carlson, Nip/Tuck), a madam who has a deal with the hotel.

Wednesday, September 23 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Jonah becomes infuriated when he discovers that his fiancee has not yet informed her family and friends about their engagement, forcing Riley to turn to Auggie for comfort. Meanwhile, Ella recruits Jonah to direct a music video when the original director bails on the job, Lauren applies to be on Michael’s group at the hospital, Violet continues to pursue Auggie, and David blames Michael for Sydney’s murder.

Wednesday, September 16 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Upon learning that her job may be in jeopardy due to a merger, Ella enlists David’s help to attend a high society party with hopes of landing a major client at the event. Lauren agrees to go on another date for money, but her secret may be blown when her date unknowingly takes her to the same party as Ella and David. Meanwhile, a detective arrives and questions Auggie regarding the recent murder, and Riley and Jonah begin to suspect that something is up with Violet when they catch her acting strangely in a surveillance video.

Wednesday, September 9 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

An updated version of the popular 1990s series follows the lives and relationships of a diverse group of 20-somethings who will intertwine to form a close-knit surrogate family.

In the first episode, the residents of the apartment complex in 4616 Melrose Place, California, are shaken up by the mystery murder of one of their own. Starring Katie Cassidy, Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Colin Egglesfield plus Canadian Jessica Lucas and Shaun Sipos.