In the first of a two-part episode, while working with Cynthia to find a missing local girl, Allison dreams about the kidnapping of another young woman (guest star Sarah Drew, Everwood) and learns that Cynthia’s daughter, Suzie, has been missing for nearly 10 years. Meanwhile, Bridgette’s science class project sparks Joe’s imagination – and tests his relationship with Allison.

Sunday, March 23 at 8 p.m. on CTV

Joe’s (Jake Weber) mom, Marjorie (guest star Kathy Baker, Boston Public), abruptly arrives for a visit, causing Allison (Patricia Arquette) to fret about seeing her mother-in-law for the first time since her psychic abilities were publicly revealed – until she learns the real reason for Marjorie’s trip. Meanwhile, as Ameritips investigator Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston) attempts to nudge Allison’s dreams toward open cases, Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) foresees the death of a classmate’s mother.

Monday, Mar. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on CTV

Allison does her best to support Devalos’ bid to reclaim the D.A.’s office, as her visions place his strongest political supporter and longtime friend Senator Jed Garrity (guest star Gregory Itzin, 24) in the centre of a horrific conspiracy. Meanwhile, Bridgette has a dream about a persistent creditor, calling from a world away.

Monday, March 3 at 10 p.m. on CTV

“Medium – The Third Season” (Paramount Home Video)

Allison’s long-standing nemesis, defense attorney Larry Watt (guest star Conor O’Farrell, CSI) decides to use her powers to his advantage, for a change, by hiring her as a consultant. Unfortunately, Allison’s dreams tell her that his client is guilty of killing his wife. Meanwhile, Devalos and Ariel individually start new ventures.

Monday, February 25 at 8 p.m. at 10 p.m. on CTV

Allison completely loses her hearing when a wealthy, young deaf girl is kidnapped, so Joe steps in to assist with her and investigator Cynthia Keeners’ actions on behalf of the parents (guest stars Nancy Travis, The Jane Austen Book Club and Steven Culp, Desperate Housewives). Patricia Arquette’s real-life younger brother, David Arquette (Scream), directs.

Monday, February 18 / 10 p.m. on CTV

Monday, January 7
10 p.m. – Medium – “And Then” – SEASON PREMIERE

In the Season 4 premiere, Allison has creepy visions of a boy being kidnapped from a toy store. Banished from her DA job because her psychic abilities were made public, Allison turns to a private investigator (guest star Anjelica Huston) to help find the child. Meanwhile, young Ariel tries to score the lead role in a school play; and a jobless Joe goes searching for employment.

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