8:00pm – Friday, January 21 on CTV

When Allison (Patricia Arquette) becomes a lawyer and Joe (Jake Weber) starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed.

8:00pm – Friday, January 14 on CTV

Synopsis currently not available.

8:00pm – Monday, January 10 on CTV

A missing homeless man is featured in the dreams of Allison (Patricia Arquette) and Bridgette (Maria Lark), which results in the two switching personalities.

8:00pm – Friday, December 3 on CTV

After a man is struck by a train, Allison’s (Patricia Arquette) dream foreshadowing a similar murder assures her that it was a homicide. Meanwhile, Joe (Jake Weber) has a hard time dealing with his mother’s diagnosis.

8:00pm – Friday, November 19 on CTV

Allison’s (Patricia Arquette) neighbours are furious when a convicted sex offender moves into the area, but Allison’s visions have her questioning his guilt.

8:00pm – Friday, November 12 on CTV

Allison’s (Patricia Arquette) dreams of a blaze could help solve mysterious fire-related deaths. Meanwhile, Devalos (guest star Roxanne Hart, HUNG) ponders the next step in his career.

8:00pm – Friday, November 5 on CTV

After a dream, Allison (Patricia Arquette) discovers that she can no longer understand anything that is said to her.

8:00pm – Friday, October 29 on CTV

When Allison (Patricia Arquette) begins having flashes to a specific time in the future, her sense of dread grows as she feels more and more powerless to stop a catastrophic event from occurring.

8:00pm – Friday, October 22 on CTV

After getting a skin graft on her hand, Allison (Patricia Arquette) is perplexed when that same hand starts moving with a mind of its own.

8:00pm – Friday, October 15 on CTV

Allison (Patricia Arquette) continues to find herself at odds with Scanlon (David Cubitt) when she thinks his late brother could be linked to a missing girl’s murder.