Match Game

7 p.m.- Friday, January 18 on Comedy Network

Tom Green (THE TOM GREEN SHOW), Robin Dunne (SANCTUARY), Mark Little (MR.D), and Amanda Tapping (SANCTUARY) attempt to make a match as the guest stars on MATCH GAME.

7 p.m.- Wednesday, January 16 on Comedy Network

Chris Gorham (UGLY BETTY), Laurie Elliott (VIDEO ON TRIAL), Jonathan Goldstein (Wire Tap) and Meaghan Rath (BEING HUMAN) keep audiences laughing on another round of fill-in-the-blanks.

7 p.m.- Tuesday, January 15 on Comedy Network

Susie Essman (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM), Robin Dunne (SANCTUARY), Ron Josol (COMEDY NOW!), and Emma Hunter (THE L.A. COMPLEX) join regular panellists Debra DiGiovanni (VIDEO ON TRIAL) and Se�n Cullen (LOST GIRL).

7 p.m.- Monday, January 14 on Comedy Network

Tonight’s guest judges Andy Kindler (CONAN), DeAnne Smith (LAST COMIC STANDING), Nile Seguin (VIDEO ON TRIAL), and Lainey Lui (ETALK) gift audiences with their ludicrousness.

7 p.m.- Thursday, January 10 on Comedy Network

Yvette Nicole Brown (COMMUNITY), Colin Mochrie (WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?), Graham Chittenden (COMEDY NOW!), and Laura Cilevitz (VIDEO ON TRIAL) fill-in-the-blanks on the rowdiest game show around!

7 p.m.- Friday, January 11 on Comedy Network

Kevin McDonald (KIDS IN THE HALL), Scott Thompson (KIDS IN THE HALL), Eddie Della Siepe (VIDEO ON TRIAL), and Leah Miller (Host of E!) heat up the studio for another round of fill-in-the-blanks.

7 p.m.- Wednesday, January 9 on Comedy Network

Tonight’s guest stars include Janeane Garofalo (Wet Hot American Summer), Robin Dunne (SANCTUARY), Steve Patterson (DAN FOR MAYOR), and Emma Hunter (THE L.A. COMPLEX).

7 p.m.- Tuesday, January 8 on Comedy Network

It’s time to make a match with D. L. Hughley (D.L. HUGHLEY BREAKS THE NEWS), Steve Smith (THE RED GREEN SHOW), Sabrina Jalees (COMEDY NOW!), and Laura Cilevitz (VIDEO ON TRIAL).

7 p.m.- Monday, January 7 on Comedy Network

Samantha Bee (THE DAILY SHOW), Jonny Harris (MURDOCH MYSTERIES), Pat Thornton (WAREHOUSE 13), and Anna Hopkins (Barney’s Version) fill-in-the-blanks on the Season 1B premiere of the hit comedy game show, MATCH GAME.

8 p.m.- Monday, October 15 on Comedy Network

The first English-language revival of the hit comedy game show MATCH GAME is hosted by Darrin Rose, and stars Sean Cullen and Debra DiGiovanni as regular panellists. Guest panellists throughout the season include Scott Thompson, Tom Green, Caroline Rhea, Andy Kindler, Yvette Nicole Brown, Janeane Garofalo, Jeremy Hotz, Lainey Liu, Keisha Chant�, Greg Grunberg, and more.