Thursday, January 3
9 p.m. ET – Look-A-Like – “Uma Thurman”

NEW EPISODE – Andrea, an avid lover of ballet, exchanges her pirouettes for high-kicks as she is transformed into the sexy and sultry Uma Thurman.

Tuesday, January 1
6–9 p.m. ET – Look-A-Like – “Viewers Choice Marathon”

SPECIAL MARATHON – It’s the show where ordinary people are granted VIP access to today’s top stylists and transformed from head-to-toe to resemble the hottest Hollywood stars. Viewers voted on star-tv.com all month in December for their favourite Look-A-Like makeover in a special online challenge. Now, spend New Year’s Day with Star! to see who made the cut as we present the list of winners in a special Look-A-Like Viewers Choice Marathon.

Thursday 20 December
8 p.m. ET – Look-A-Like – “Gwen Stefani”

NEW EPISODE – There is no doubt that Andy may love fashion more than her designer and rock goddess, Gwen Stefani. But, the question is can she pull off wearing the threads better than her celebrity double? Tune in for an all new Look-A-Like!

Monday, October 29 at 4 p.m. on Star!

Kailie is an energetic, wannabe actress, and after she spends the day with the Look-A-Like makeover team…Kailie turns into Kelly!

Watch as this ‘Miss Independent’ wins the part of pop/rock, singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson that will have even Simon Cowell fooled.

Thursday, November 1 at 8 p.m. on Star!

Argiris can act and dance like his favourite celebrity Justin Timberlake, but can he pull off the same star-studded look?

Soaking up all the attention on-set, see how this one guy brought ‘Sexy Back’, with his Justin Timberlake makeover and a transformation that proves guys can also be ‘nsync’ with their image.