Lil’ Bush

Lil Bush

President George W. Bush and his pals are gearing up to take on the world – one sandbox at a time – in the animated half-hour comedy Lil’Bush. Hiding out from Barbara and George Sr., these precocious pre-pubescents solve the world’s problems before bedtime.

Currently available in Canada exclusively on, Lil’ Bush Season 1 makes its Canadian broadcast premiere, Sunday, July 13 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on The Comedy Network. Lil’ Bush Season 2 premieres online Monday, June 30 exclusively at Subsequent episodes are posted each Monday at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT.

In Lil’ Bush, Dubya is presented as the animated future president, along with his pals Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Rummy (voiced by legendary rocker Iggy Pop), Lil’ Cheney, and Lil’ Jeb. Whether he’s squaring off against schoolyard rivals like Lil’ Kim Jong Il, taking a field trip to Iraq, or torturing the lunch-ladies into serving all-American hot dogs everyday, Lil’ Bush and the gang are just playing politics.

In the Season 1 debut episode “Iraq/First Kiss”, Lil’ George takes the gang to Iraq to find the perfect Father’s Day gift and while there, they compete to see who will be the first to kiss a girl.

Future Episodes include Lil’ Bush and Tony Blair becoming cheerleaders, the Lil’ gang unleashing weapons of mass destruction, and Lil’ Bush making a statement with his Aquaman underpants while facing off against Lil’ Kim Jong Il. Season 1 guest voices include: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Frank Black (the Pixies), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Available exclusively online at, Lil’ Bush Season 2 picks-up where the Lil’ Gang left off — terrorizing the White House. The second season brings new challenges to the Lil’ Gang and a host of new characters including Lil’ John Edwards, Lil’ Rudy Giuliani, Lil’ Mitt Romney, and the republican mastermind himself, M.C. Lil’ Karl Rove (voiced by Kevin Federline). Featured guest voices for the second season also include Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson (The B-52’s), Joel and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), and Joe Escalante.

In the Season 2 debut episode “Lesbian Freakfest,” the Lil’ Gang try to stop the Lil’ Dems from ruining St. Patrick’s Day with their liberal and all-inclusive St. Patrick’s day parade. To do so, they enlist the help of Hot-Pocket-hoarding, revenge-seeking M.C. Lil’ Karl Rove. Future episodes include the Gang taking on big pharma, joining George Sr. on a camping trip to Baghdad, and Lil’ George and Lil’ Vladimir Putin starting a schoolyard rivalry.