Last Resort

Thursday, January 24 – 8pm ET/PT *Finale* on Global

A violent battle for control erupts on the submarine, leaving the Colorado vulnerable to capture by a third party.

Thursday, January 17 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Kylie works with Admiral Shepard to bring down the President, which affords Marcus the opportunity to surrender the Colorado.

Thursday, January 10 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

A typhoon, a mutiny, and a Washington coup d’etat forces Marcus and his crew to side with unlikely alliances. Meanwhile, Sam’s grief strains his loyalty to Marcus.

Thursday, December 13 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Sam and James leave the island in a daring rescue attempt. Meanwhile, back on the island, a Chinese diplomat arrives to make a deal with Marcus. With scarcity and a prison problem plaguing him, Marcus finds himself treading down a more treacherous path than he could have imagined.

Thursday, December 6 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

A goodwill visit from the families of the Colorado crew turn into a nightmare, leaving Marcus to consider the unthinkable once again. Meanwhile, the true reason for the nuclear devastation in Pakistan is revealed.

Thursday, November 29 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

When Marcus tries to spread the spirit of Thanksgiving to the members of the Colorado and the islanders with a lavish feast, the mood quickly changes after a crew member is accused of a serious crime. Meanwhile, Grace presses on to find out the truth regarding the Colorado Crew.

The final episodes of the two axed dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will be altered to reflect a series finale.

Both series were given the axe by the ABC network last week, midway through their respective first seasons.

Show execs Shawn Ryan (Last Resort) and David Wilcox and Matt Miller (666 Park Avenue) confirmed to TVLine that both shows will receive endings fitting of their stories.

“We have time to tweak,” said Ryan, who will go on to work on his new project Beverly Hills Cop. Continue reading »

New ABC shows 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort have been canned during their first seasons.

The two shows will both continue to air their entire 13-episode runs but neither will return for another season next year.

666 Park Avenue, which airs here on Citytv, features a strong cast of Vanessa Williams, Terry O’Quinn and Rachael Taylor but failed to impress viewers and critics upon its debut. Continue reading »

Thursday, November 15 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

As Marcus and Sam hunt for the traitor in their ranks who stole their nuclear launch key, Prosser disobeys orders and starts a small war he can’t control. Meanwhile, Grace and James work together to defuse a dangerous situation.

Thursday, November 8 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

The crew is hit with an attack by an unknown force unlike anything they’ve seen before. As confusion and aggression take hold, Marcus and Sam can no longer trust their own senses as they race to save the sub and defend the island.