Last Man Standing

Sunday, November 13 at 7:30pm ET (6:30 CT, 7PT/MT) on Citytv

“Good Cop, Bad Cop”

When Mandy (Molly Ephraim) wants to enter a contest to be on a TV modeling show, Mike (Tim Allen) intends to give her his usual “yes” – as he does with all of his daughters’ requests – knowing that Vanessa (Nancy Travis) will tell her “no.” But when Vanessa insists that Mike play the bad cop this time around, he has difficulty following through.

Sunday, November 4 at 7:30pm ET (6:30 CT, 7PT/MT) on Citytv

“Co-ed Softball”

Mike (Tim Allen) must decide which way he will vote when the all-male Outdoor Man’s softball team gets a mandate to allow females to play. Also, while helping a reluctant Mandy (Molly Ephraim) fill out college applications, Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) makes some decisions about her own future. Mike hopes Mandy will go to his alma mater, Michigan State, but Vanessa (Nancy Travis) wants her to attend her alma mater, the rival Ohio State.

Sunday, October 16 at 7:30pm ET (6:30 CT, 7PT/MT) on Citytv

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen, Home Improvement) is the marketing director for an iconic outdoor sporting goods store who loves to have adventures while travelling for work. While Mike is king of the hill at work, he’s the odd man out in a home that is dominated by women – — namely his wife, Vanessa, (Nancy Travis, Becker), and their three daughters, 22-year-old Kristin (Alexandra Krosney), 17-year-old Mandy (Molly Ephraim,) and 14-year-old Eve (Kaitlyn Dever). After being a stay-at-home mom for years, Vanessa recently returned to the workplace resulting in Mike taking on a more hands-on parenting role in his female-dominated home.