Canada’s Worst Driver concluded Monday night with the crowning (?) of Lance from Ottawa as Canada’s Worst Driver.

Drivers from across Canada descended on Dunnville, Ontario to compete for the title of Canada’s Worst Driver. The eight finalists completed challenges ranging from simple day-to-day driving tasks to high speed challenges

In the final episode Brad, Dale and Lance made their way to one of the busiest tourists areas in the country, Niagara Falls, to complete the road test challenge. Seconds after pulling out of the parking lot and onto Niagara Falls Blvd, Lance suffered a severe panic attack and was taken away by ambulance which contributed to becoming the best of the worst.

Dale didn’t fare as well either and didn’t technically “graduate” but could easily be considered the worst driver. Community members were outraged that Dale wasn’t the worst and some say that it should have been a tie.

What do you think of Lance being Canada’s Worst?

Is your friend or family member worse then Lance or Dale? Canada’s Worst Driver is casting for a new season and you can send your nomation to or call the tip line 1-866-598-2591.