Lake Shore

Wondering what all the fuss is about over new Canadian reality TV phenomenon Lake Shore?

Take a look at the official teaser to find out.

It’s official. After a grueling audition process that brought out hundreds of twenty-something Torontonians vying for a spot on the next hot and controversial reality TV series, LAKE SHORE producers have announced their cast of eight.

Four men and four women, all from different ethnic backgrounds will come together as roommates and test Toronto’s theory of inclusiveness. They all have this in common: they are all beautiful, and they all live to party. For trailer, full bios and photos please visit

After a massive online campaign that already has ten of thousands of followers, fans are ready to meet LAKE SHORE’s Top 8:

SIBEL ALTUG – Turkish, 23

Beautiful, fun, and controversial, Sibel has a sensitive side and a secret she’s not willing to reveal…yet.


ARBER DACI – Albanian, 23

With his good looks and immaculate physique, Arber is a real ladies’ man, though still a mama’s boy at heart.



A self-proclaimed heartbreaker, this Polish stunner turns all the boy’s heads, though it’s the girls she has her eyes on.



Authentic, confident and a true fashionista, Salem breaks a few stereotypes along the way.


ROBYN PERZA – Jewish, 20

Carefree, blunt and not afraid of a fight, Robyn has a quick tongue and is the wittiest character in the house.


JOEY VIOLIN – Italian, 21

A good-looking, sensitive and romantic party guy, Joey wants everyone to be happy and shies away from conflict.


ANNI MEI NGUYEN – Vietnamese, 23

Respectable sales representative by day and go-go dancer by night, Anni Mei is a feisty chick who plans to take the world by storm.



A modern day Casanova, this beautiful serial dater believes the whole world is his stage.


Fans and media can come meet the Top 8 on Tuesday, November 16 at 5pm (remarks start at 6pm) at Century Room Nightclub located at 580 King St. West, Toronto.