Kyle XY

Sunday, May 4

The grey lines between right and wrong are tested for several students when a school wide cheating scandal rocks the high school. After studying hard, Josh is devastated to learn that he is one of the accused while Kyle is shocked to find out he is suspected of being the ringleader. With the possible cancellation of prom on the line, can both Kyle and Josh clear their names without giving up the true culprit or any of the students who were involved?

Sunday, May 11

After Kyle is able to track Sarah (guest-star Ally Sheedy, St. Elmo’s Fire) down, she implores him to get Jessi away from Taylor. However, this task is easier said than done as Kyle must deal with Jessi’s stubbornness and Sarah’s adamant request to remain hidden.

Sunday, April 27

With school midterms right around the corner and everyone demanding Kyle’s attention, he feels like he is being pulled in every direction. When he starts experiencing brain glitches and produces weird drawings in his sleep, Kyle starts to wonder if it is more than just stress that is getting to him. With help from Adam and Nicole, can Kyle figure out how to solve his problem or has he pushed himself too far this time?

Sunday, April 27

Feeling badly for neglecting Jessi, Kyle tries to make amends by taking her to the University of Washington to learn more about her mother, Sarah. As they follow a trail of information, Kyle starts to see Jessi’s more aggressive and competitive side as well as how far her abilities have progressed. Learning what Sarah’s life was like only makes Kyle worry that Jessi is more like her than they originally thought. But will Jessi’s tendency to push herself too far, too fast become dangerous? And is there anything Kyle can do to stop her?

Sunday, April 20

Suspicious of Taylor’s intentions, Adam Baylin returns to warn Kyle to keep an eye on Jessi. While Kyle’s new mission comes between him and Amanda, Josh struggles with his additional responsibilities at the Rack.

Sunday, April 13

After receiving an anonymous complaint about Kyle, a social worker makes a surprise visit to the Trager home. What should be uneventful becomes tricky, with Kyle harbouring fugitive Amanda in his room and Lori hiding a closet full of beer. Plus, they haven’t figured out how to explain the reason for Kyle sleeping in a tub. With all of the secrets under one roof, will the Tragers be able to convince the social worker that they are one happy, normal family?

8pm Sunday, March 30

Amanda mysteriously returns home from New York City and tells Kyle that they need to talk. But when he starts asking questions, she rebuffs him and cuts off all communication. The Tragers try to cheer Kyle up and tell him there must be a reason, but they all fear that Amanda has found someone new in New York. Or is there something more going on with Amanda?

Kyle and Jessi begin their journey to find out the truth behind their connection and learn that they may be more connected than they thought. But with Kyle gambling with his and the Tragers’ safety, will his hunch about Jessi turn out to be true? And now that she knows the whole truth about where she came from and what her mission was, can Jessi trust herself to do what is right?

Sunday, March 9 at 8 p.m. on CTV

With Jessi on the loose, tensions rise in the Trager house as all members of the family are on lockdown until Jessi is found. Josh plans a fun day of junk food and video games with Andy, only to be told that she can’t see him anymore. Declan is caught off guard when Hillary decides to do couples therapy with he and Lori. Meanwhile, things explode between Stephen and Nicole when she confronts him about his “affair” with Emily.

Sunday, March 2 at 8 p.m. on A Channel