kid nation

Sunday, December 30 – 11am-Midnight ET/PT

Forty over-achieving youths get the chance to create their own society in this compelling, and controversial, reality series. Viewers can catch all 13 episodes, from the debut right through to the finale.

Sophia is so bored that she lays down in the middle of the street and says nothing. A number of other kids come and join her and really think that the town is a boring place to live and think there is nothing to do. They decide it’s time for a meeting to discuss what they should do to make their town a cool place to live in. DK has rallied the troops and is demanding that the town council do something about boredom in Bonanza City.

The council agree that it’s time to do something to make the town a better place to live. They read the journal which tells them that they need to create some sort of entertainment event or like the old days, people might leave. They decide that they’re going to have a talent show. There’s a sign up sheet and Olivia signs up as a stand up comic which scares Anjay who has no idea what that is.

Laurel brings the council together and says that this week they should give the gold star to the winner of the talent show.

One person aiming to win is Kennedy who is happy to make a fool of herself dancing on stage. Jared is planning on doing a Shakespeare monologue.

Sophia can’t believe Olivia is going to do stand up because she’s always so serious. Greg has never read Shakespeare before and is hoping to pull it off.

Savannah and Kennedy prepare a Kentucky dinner for everyone which makes her a little homesick.

Migle and Natasha at part of the blue district and the upper class. While Greg and the others in the district decide to work and help the town, the other girls sit around talking about clothes and stuff. They get compared to Paris and Nicole. They decide that unless they start to work, they are going to throw the showdown and make them clean toilets. They give them an ultimatum.

Savannah is really homesick and Alex is trying to comfort her and make her stay in the town.

It’s Showdown time again and Blue are threatening to throw the challenge while Green are desperate to win the upper class.

It’s a giant art project. It’s paint by number but it’s with bubble gum. They have to chew colored gum as fast as they can and then pass it to their leader who must put it on the board. If they can all complete the task in an hour then they will win the town reward.

Greg says he’d never throw a showdown but there’s nothing like a threat. Campbell dances his way through the challenge and inspires Green to keep going. It’s between Blue and Green and even after some of the gum falls off and needs to be stuck back on. Green takes the win with Blue coming in second. Red comes in third to be the cooks and Yellow comes in last and after the hour mark meaning they’re the laborers and the whole town misses out on the reward which would have been enough paint to paint the whole town or a block party with music, dancing, lights and popcorn.

Savannah is desperately homesick and miserable and crying about how unsure of what she should do.

The talent show is an absolute success and everyone has a blast and a lot of fun. So much so that Savannah has decided to stay.

The council asks everyone for their nominations before the town meeting. At the town meeting, Jonathan wants to know if there were any other talents that weren’t exposed. DK wants to hear Laurel sing who is finally convinced and she sings Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Amazing Grace.

The person the council has chosen to give the gold star to is Kennedy.

A fight breaks out over the selling of food from the kitchen as snacks when it is normally free when Divad takes some food and prepares it. Jared wants to compete but they gang up on him. In frustration, he overturns Divad’s tables.

The Town Council read the journal and it tells them that there is a gold mine up the road. Laurel is worried about the town turning into a haves and have nots and greed becoming a driving factor in the town.

Divad and Jared make up while the council check out the mine. There were bats and all things to scare young children.

To entertain everyone, Sophia puts some fifty cent pieces in the bottom of a pot and fills it with all sorts of disgusting things from the kitchen and then offers to anyone who wants to put their hands in the chance to get themselves 50c.

The council find a treasure chest deep in the mine and when they open it it is loaded with 370 buffalo nickels. They decide that they will buy a bunch of things for the town to use. Kites, musical instruments and sporting goods.

11 year old Nathan is still aware that while it’s nice to have some fun, there are still a lot of things that need to get done. He’s doing laundry and Laurel comes up and talks to him and suggests he needs to relax and be a kid for a bit instead of working.

Nathan and Greg always seem to fight and they’re arguing about water. Nathan says he’s had enough and contemplates going home but it doesn’t want to weaken him.

There is some girls laundry getting washed and Sophia tells the boys that they’ll do them since they’re nasty.

Divad is the richest kid in town with $1.25 which she’s made from selling fried potato.

It’s time for the next Showdown. It’s about collecting golden eggs. The aim is use a giant slingshot and fire gold painted eggs and while others from the district must catch them in giant padded cushions. Blue has a great system and catches them one after anohter while Red and Green really struggle. They need to get 4 dozen eggs in total to win the reward for the town in 15 minutes.

After the challenge the eggs are counted. Red only caught 5. Green caught 6. Yellow caught 18. Blue needs to have caught 19 for the award. They caught 38 eggs giving them a huge lead and the Upper Class. The first option for the reward is coin operated washing machines that will cost 20c per load. The second option is a new set of clothes each and a pioneer washing machine for free. The council deliberates and decide on the free clothes.

Jared has an idea and has a magnifying glass which he uses to burn letters into bits of wood and makes some necklaces to sell for 10c. It’s genius and makes him $2.90 which he then heads off to spend. He buys himself a jacket, shoes and hat and says he’s now the Bill Gates of Bonanza City.

Pharoah is wanting to win the gold star and give the $20,000 to his mom cause he really needs it.

Nathan is doing some washing late at night and Guylan talks to him to try and get him to relax a little too but he’s a really hard worker. Later that night, Greg apologises for being mean to him.

In the morning, Divad is campaigning for the gold star too. While everyone is standing outside in the line waiting to give the council their thoughts on who should win the gold star, Divad is handing out snacks to be nice but a lot of people are viewing it as a bribe.

The council’s decision is going to be either Nathan or Pharoah. At the town hall meeting, they make the announcement and this week it’s Nathan. He’s going to put the money towards music and school.

Divad is feeling a little jealous and thinks she does just as much work as Nathan and wonders if she needs to bring the council to every place where she’s working so they notice her.

The new coucil members are up with Laurel and Anjay at the crack of dawn. When Zach rings the bell to wake everyone up, Taylor gets up and screams at him and says that she’s now going to put all the pressure on him that he put on her. Unfortunately it’s in the form of name calling.

There is a little trash problem. Two weeks in the town and the garbage is piling up. The council decides that they will take it out of town and bury it. They decide to get some of the bigger kids to help take the garbage out passed the water pumps along with Taylor and Leila.

Taylor and Leila refuse to help and everyone is calling them spoilt brats. They tell them that they will be punished for not helping.

They all drag the trash out to the middle of nowhere and start digging a hole. Guylan Isn’t that good a digger but the job gets done in the end. Leila changes her mind and realises that she needs to do some work as the punishment is likely to be harsh.

The council members tell Taylor that she has to fill the water tank by herself. She gets some water in the buckets and tips it out in front of them. She says that they’re all dictators and not the boss of her.

They’re low on water and the whole town comes together and carries water up to the tower so there is clean water to do dishes with after DK inspires everyone to come together and do.

It’s time for the next showdown. There is 15 minutes for the pioneers to find 75 cans for their town reward buried in 1600 gallons of baked beans and surrounded by 30 pigs. The team with the most cans at the end will be the upper class with the following districts taking the following jobs.

Jonathan counts the cans. Blue gets 17 cans. Red gets 24 cans. Yellow district gets 19 cans. Green has 20 cans which means they take the merchants and the whole town gets the reward.

The two choices are a huge selection of fruit and vegetables and two gas powered dune buggies. Taylor and Mike are regretting not being on the council and want the dune buggies. The council decide on the fruit and veges which will probably make some parents very proud.

Taylor and Leila decide to make a fruit salad instead of doing the dishes which Zach assigned them. Taylor says she’s not lazy because a lazy person sits on their butt all day watching TV. Zach tells her that she wont be getting paid because she hasn’t done her jobs and promises she will never get a gold star.

The council members deliberate about who to give the gold star to. It sounds like they’re quite keen on DK getting it. At the council meeting, the town is angry with Taylor and begs her to go home because she’s not pulling her wait. DK stands up and says everyone needs to chill out.

When Jonathan asks if anyone wants to go home, DK raises his hand and says he’s sick of all the drama. Guylan goes to talk to DK and tries to convince him to stay and begs him to give it one more chance. Everyone wants him to stay and there are a lot of tears. He decides to stay much to everyone’s relief. The council tells him that he’s won the gold star this week and his demeanor is very different from what it was a few moments ago.

DK gets to call his folks and they’re stoked to hear he won a $20,000 gold star. They’re very proud of him.

Guylan asks if he’s glad he stayed. He’s proud he’s decided to stay.

Here is what happened on Kid Nation this week:

Zach heads off to wake up the girls to get them up and make breakfast. Taylor and the other girls refuse to help and say they’ll do the dishes instead but if past chores are anything to go by, that wont happen and Taylor will be left to cry at the town hall meeting.

The town council read the journal and it tells them that it’s time for district elections. This should be good. They all look concerned except for Laurel.

A food fight breaks out in the dining room and Anjay gets a pile of food in the face. He throws it back and then gets into an argument with Olivia. Anjay is worried that he’ll lose to her in the elections while Sophia is looking forward to seeing Taylor voted out.

The green district meet together and everyone is happy with Laurel’s leadership despite having some great leaders in the team.

Olivia tells Anjay that she’s running against him. Anjay isn’t happy about it and never wanted Bonanza city to end up with politics.

For the Red District, Guylan steps up and stands against Mike. Anjay promises to do better and learn from his mistakes but Olivia is standing against him and promises to work hard at being a leader – harder than she has at the tasks. Taylor begs for another chance and promises to not be so lazy. Zach makes a moving speech but Taylor spitefully says it’s still not the best speech she’s ever heard.

It’s time for the showdown and there are over 300 pinata’s out in the field and one at a time, the districts must run out and break open the pinata’s and hope to find a picture of a US President. They need to collect seven different presidents and then the council member needs to put them in the correct order.

It’s pretty manic out in the field as the districts smash their way through the pinatas. Green is ahead on 6 cards and then Yellow on four. Green finishes first but they’re wrong. Yellow, who arrived a split second later are right and become the new upper class. On their second attempt, Green gets it correct and become the merchants. Red comes in third and are the cooks but blue have less than a minute to find their final president. With 15 seconds on the clock, Blue District finishes and wins the reward for the town. The first option is a political party with BBQ and meat, meat, meat. The second option is toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash.

Brushes or Burgers? Taylor announces that it’s dental hygiene. So many people are upset at not having meat. Taylor tells them that if they want meat then they should kill a chicken.

Taylor is confident she has all the girls on her side. Zach is hoping to swing one of the girls his way. Guylan is hoping he’s got it in the bag while Olivia is campaigning hard for the vote.

The campaigning starts and posters go up all over town. Markelle from the Red district gets upset at the posters and wants Taylor out and starts ripping them and causes some friction.

The town council talk about who should be given the Gold Star and Taylor puts Greg’s name forward while the others suggest Zach much to Taylors disgust.

At the Town Hall Meeting, the pioneers hear the current council announce that Greg is the winner of the Gold Star. Greg is very emotional about getting the Gold Star because now he’ll be able to go to college. Before he does though, it’s time for the election. How different will the council look after the vote? Zach doesn’t think he’s been elected because all the girls are voting for Taylor because they are her friend rather than because she’s a good leader.

In the Blue district Anjay gets elected over Olivia and maintains his place on the council. In the Red district it’s a landslide victory to Guylan and replaces Mike on the council. Mike is upset and thinks that Guylan is a follower not a leader and wonders what he did to make everyone vote against him. The Yellow district votes are counted and every vote for Taylor is met with silence while every vote for Zach is met with cheers from the entire town. It’s 4-4 with the last vote going to Zach which means the Reign of Taylor is finally over.

The topic of religion comes up and typically causes friction.

The journal tells them that they’ve been in town ten days and that they should probably do something for their souls and take some time out to pray but should it be as a group or separately according to their beliefs.

The general consensus is that it’s likely to start arguments and they don’t really want that. Mike tells them though that they’re doing it and it will be a group service.

9 year old Alex decides to poll everyone and find out what religion they are. It’s a real mixed bag.

Mike rings the bell and no one really wants to go. Everyone is concerned that ultimately it would end up in conflict and no one wants that. No one turns up to the meeting and the council is disappointed.

Morgan organises a little prayer session around a fire for anyone who wants to. A bunch of the kids get together and pray about their time in the camp and their not all from the same religion. Everyone is impressed that Morgan bought them all together and think she deserves a gold star.

Everyone is mad at the yellow district for doing nothing. Zach distances himself from the team and helps the green guys in the kitchen.

It’s time for the next showdown and this week it also involves religion. A steeple chase. They need to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle of a church and then stand it up. If they can all complete it in 30 minutes then they’ll win this week’s reward.

Blue and Red complete their puzzles with a very short gap between them but thanks to Greg, Blue win the Upperclass while red come back and take the merchants. Green and Yellow then face off again but Yellow take the cooks place with Green finishing last again but within time so there are two rewards to choose between.

The choices are either a giant minigolf course or a library of holy books. The council decide that the town can make the choice. They decide on the holy books.

9 year old Cody is crying because he misses his girlfriend Ashley and is really homesick.

Once again, the problems in the kitchen exist with the yellow team. Laurel and Morgan confront Taylor and call her lazy but she just doesn’t seem to care. Zach manages to pull together members of the other districts to help him get the dishes done.

It’s starts to snow which excites all the kids just before the council start to talk about who should get the gold star. They talk about Zach but Taylor isn’t happy about that and thinks he’s bossy.

At the next town hall meeting there are a few more hands raised against the council. Cody decides that he wants to leave because it’s too hard being away from his family so he becomes the second quiter.

The council make their decision as to who is getting the Gold Star and it’s morgan. Morgan takes the third Gold Star for the Green District.

Campbell decides that he’s going to stick it out in the town despite his best friend Cody chosing to go home.

The Saloon is alive with a party tonight although a few of the kids aren’t there because they knew that there was a showdown in the morning and they’d need to be ready for it.

The council ring the bell and wakes everyone up. The town is a mess and needs some real work done. They read the journal which talks about how Bonanza City got into trouble because they all stayed at the saloon too late. They need to make some laws. They decide to set a curfew of 9:30pm which they hope will restore some order.

Greg and Sophia face off because Greg is cussing and there are young kids around. Greg just wants people to do their jobs and doesn’t want breakfast at noon.

8 year old Mallory is a little scared by all the mean talk by the older kids. Olivia comforts her. She misses her family.

Some of the boys head out and chase some cattle while Sophia and Morgan clean latrines.

In the kitchen the yellow team are having a food fight with all the flour. For breakfast, there is a handful of hashbrowns, literally, because they don’t want to wash the plates.

This weeks showdown is all about rounding up sheep. Each sheep has a name on it and an ace in their team’s color. The council members have a wanted list and act as sherrifs calling out the names of the sheep on their lists that have the aces around their neck. The district to get three aces first will win the Upperclass. It is down to blue and yellow and yellow take the upperclass. Blue take the merchants and it starts to rain. Green comes in third and are the cooks and the red district have fallen from upperclass in week one to the laborers this week and manage to complete the task with just 5 minutes to go.

The reward are either a microwave and a barrel of cocoa or 40 hot pizzas. The council decides on the microwave and cocoa despite the rest of the kids wanting the pizza.

It’s a bit of a mission enforcing the curfew but Taylor is bossy enough to get the job done.

In the morning, the chores are done just before a big storm blows into town and pushes over the outhouses.

Cody got a bunch of dirt in his eye during the storm and is thinking about going home. Mallory is also thinking about going home as it’s beginning to be a really hard slog in this town.

The council hear from each of the kids and while a few kids vote for Greg, there are a lot of people voting for Morgan. Morgan then says that everyone deserves it. Olivia then comes in and votes for Mallory because it’s her birthday and she always has a smile no matter what her job and she always works hard.

The town has their meeting and once again the town has a go at Taylor who breaks down and cries. She then says they’re going to work harder to make the town better.

It’s time for the gold star and this week the council are giving it to Mallory.

The kids who aren’t from the farm are so in awe of the eggs and how warm they are.

The town council head to the town hall where the journal tells them that if they’re tired of baked beans and beef jerky then chickens are good for more than just eggs. The looks on their faces is priceless. The council want want a nutritious meal but they decide that they would take a vote.

When the council tell the rest of the kids about the chickens there are screams. They take a vote though and it’s decided my a slim margin that they will be eating chicken. 9 year old Emilie says that if they kill any chickens she’ll be going home. Emilie and a couple of other kids lock themselves in the chicken coup and tie themselves to the rail as a protest.

Tyler manages to convince Emilie that they need to eat and that it will only be two chickens. They all head out to a chopping block to watch. A message pops up on the screen warning viewers that the next scene wont be suitable for younger people. Greg kills the two chickens and then they pluck them before taking them back to the kitchen where Sophia guts them and then Greg chops them up into pieces for their soup.

At dinner, everyone loves the delicious meal. Emilie is upset though and thought it was simply horrible.

In the morning it’s cold and the laundry is frozen in the water.

There are some issues with the yellow district because they’re not pulling their weight and not cooking.

The water pump is frozen which means water restrictions. Mike makes the observation that you don’t realize how much you need water until you don’t have it. Michael decides to get some hot water to pour into the pump in the hopes of melting the ice. It works and the water flows again.

Jonathan Karsh rings the bell and calls the town together. It’s time for the show down again and a chance to change the jobs. The red district do not want to lose their upperclass status and Green do not want to be laboring anymore and think Yellow should.

There is a giant inflatable waterslide. It’s one of the two rewards to choose from if they all can finish within an hour. They have to pipe water to a waterwheel through a series of obstacles. Blue district wins the showdown and takes the upperclass with the red district coming in second as the merchants. Yellow retain their place as the cooks with less than five minutes to go. The Green District failed to get their wheel spinning within the allocated time so there will be no town reward. The second reward item would have been additional water pumps.

The green district are still complaining about Taylor not doing any work while the blue district are chipping in to help the laborers. Perhaps it’s a bid for the $20,000 gold star.

Mallory and a friend have started a pet day care for other kids.

Emilie is in the chicken coup when it should only be upperclass and cooks. There is a bit of a fuss and she comes out but says she wants to go home.

The council deliberate as to who should get the gold star. There is discussion about Greg but Mike thinks he’s doing all the work for the gold star rather than the town. The other option is Michael and it appears to be a split decision as Laurel backs Michael along with Mike.

At the town meeting there is a lot of angst towards taylor. Once again Sophia brings up the yellow teams lack of work. Emilie has decided to stay which means no one is going home this week.

The gold star decision has be made and it has been given to Michael. Michael gets the key to the phone and talks to his mom who is happy to hear his voice and impressed about the gold star.

Greg isn’t happy that he missed out on the gold star and has vowed to do something about it.

Bonanza City, New Mexico is unlikely to even be a dot on a map these days as the inhabitants are long gone. The previous inhabitants ran it into the ground in the 1800’s due to lack of leadership and the tumbleweed is blowing down mainstreet. However, for the next 40 days it is going to have some new pioneers living in its presence.

40 new pioneers are going to try and fix the mistakes of their forefathers and build a town that works. The amazing thing is though, these pioneers are Children. The oldest just turned 15 and the youngest is only 8 and they’re from all walks of life. City kids, country kids, rich kids, poor kids and everything inbetween.

8 year old Jimmy from New Hampshire isn’t sure what to make of the fact that there wont be any adults out here and wonders if he’s going to die. Mallory isn’t sure what to make of it either and is there with her sister Olivia from Indiana. 11 year old Jared from Georgia is worried about breaking his leg or getting some bad disease.

40 kids. No Parents. No Teachers. This is Kid Nation.

Host of the show Jonathan Karsh greets the kids as they arrive on a school bus where he welcomes them to the middle of nowhere. The city is still a couple of miles away and to get there, they’re going to have to walk. They’ll also have to drag their supplies with with them.

There is a town council that is made up of 4 other kids. 11 year old Mike from Washington who is a Boy Scout, 10 year old Taylor from Georgia who is a pageant queen, 12 year old Anjay who is a spelling bee champ and 12 year old Laurel from Massachusetts who is a respected student leader. These kids are in charge for the time being but Jonathan warns them that nothing is permanent.

11 year old Divad from Georgia thinks that it’s all going to fall apart while 9 year old Cody wonders if they’re the right people and whether they’re going to get right back on the helicopter that they arrived in. 14 year old DK from Illinois wants to know if they’re being serious.

There is a fence that the kids have to follow and hike to Bonanza pulling their wagons behind them.

There is a town hall meeting in a few days where, if it is too hard, some of the kids can pull out.

While the kids get the wagons ready and collect the goats, Jonathan talks to the town council. He tells them that they need to go to the town hall and read a book that has further instructions and then tells them that every few days they will need to decide on a kid to give a gold star to. The gold star is worth $20,000 which leaves them with mouths gaping.

14 year old Sophia from Florida is annoyed at Mike who isn’t really helping to pull the wagons to town and instead is barking instructions. 15 year old Greg from Nevada agrees that Mike could be doing more, physically wise.

It’s a hard slog dragging the wagons into town. DK pulls a muscle in his leg and Greg helps him onto the top of the wagon to give him a ride into town.

9 year old Alex from Nevada is surprised there is no adults. The kids are surprized at what they find in town. Everything is in disarray and they try and figure out what to do but no one seems to know what to do.

They start trying to sort out some dinner and fill a pot with water and load it up with pasta but it’s too much pasta and it ends up getting dumped in the street.

Sophia steps up to the plate and says that they should follow a recipe book that they’ve found since no one knows how to cook. 11 year old Jared from Georgia says he’s so hungry he wants to eat off his own leg. The pasta is taking forever to cook abd everyone is starving after a long day.

Taylor is crying and missing her home. Not really a strong leader for the rest of the kids.

Everyone wants to go to sleep so there will be no town meeting tonight. Mike is upset because he wants to make it work. Laurel and Taylor reaffirm him that everything is going to be better tomorrow.

The second day seems to start a bit better with a pancake breakfast. There are fresh eggs and goats milk but there are some kids who have missed out. There is a meeting but 14 year old Michael from Washington didn’t think there was any order. Neither did Greg who gets up in his face. Greg pushes Mike who is trying to asert his position. Some of the kids don’t like what is happening. Michael steps up and makes a speech to try and motivate everyone to actually build a society and show that kids can actually do it.

Mike and Greg patch things up but I don’t think that’s over yet.

The town council go to the hall to read the book that Jonathan told them about. The book says that they need to organise the town into four districts which they will each lead one of.

Anjay has the oldest kids in the blue district. Taylor has some of the younger kids in the yellow district. Mike has the red district and Laruel has the green district.

Jimmy is in Laurel’s district and is upset and thinks that he might be too young to be doing this. He misses his family and Laurel is nice to him to try and ease his mind.

While everyone is asleep, a couple of the older guys take some chalk and graffiti “Go Blue” around the town. When everyone wakes up, they’re not impressed.

Jonathan rings the bell and calls the pioneers together and asks if they think it’s a little unorganized. They all put their hands up. There is a a board in front of them which lists off a number of jobs and wages. Jonathan tells them that they will be running stores and doing jobs in order to keep the town running. Laborers get 10c for hauling water, doing laundry, garbage and latrine. Cooks get 25c. Merchants get 50c for running the stores and then there is the upper class who get $1.00 and have no assigned chores. To get assigned their chores there will be a showdown. It’s fairly chaotic.

The first showdown is all about teamwork and leadership. They need to fill three bottles with water in their color. They need to follow a map and find pipes and pump water out and catch the water and race it back to their bottles. Red fills their bottles first and manages to get home in front of blue to claim the upper class. Blue will be the merchants. Yellow district wins the cooks. Leaving green with the laborers jobs.

If they completed the task in 60 minutes then then entire town would win a big reward. The green team finished with 14 seconds on the clock. There are two rewards they must choose from. 7 more out houses or a TV. The council deliberate and decide on the toilets.

Everyone is loving the yellow team in the morning because their breakfast is great. However, yellow team doesn’t want to clean up and do dishes.

The merchants check out their merchant stores and are pretty excited by all the candy and soda.

While they pioneers start to spend their money on chocolate and soda, Sophia discovers a bike in one of the stores for $3 which she desperately wants. She starts busking for nickles and manages to raise enough to buy the bike.

Mike and Anjay talk about who they should give the gold star to. They go get Laurel and it looks like it is going to come down to either Michael or Sophia.

The first Bonanza City town hall meeting takes place. Jonathan asks everyone if they’re happy with the council. Everyone is but Sophia who is annoyed about the yellow district not wanting to clean up after cooking.

Jonathan asks if anyone wants to go home. He tells them that the decision is irreversible. Taylor has decided to stay. Jimmy wants to go though. The others try to convince him to stay but he was just too homesick.

One last piece of business to deal with. Who is getting the gold star. The council has decided to give the star to Sophia. Sophia’s jaw drops when Jonathan tells her that the star is worth $20,000. Jonathan gives her a key to the only building in the town with a telephone where she gets to call her mom and tell her the good news. Her mother is so proud of her.