Keys to the VIP

Thursday, Feb. 5 10 p.m. ET/PT

The season finale “Redemption” offers a KEYS TO THE VIP first, the opportunity for past episode losers to fight to regain their playa status. In a total elimination style tournament, Season 3 losers Anthony “The Boy Wonder”, Eyal “The Closer”, Justin “Rated R Rego”, and Mark Sparks go head-to-head in an all-out pick up battle.

The Comedy Network is now accepting online auditions for The Comedy Network’s testosterone-fueled production, Keys to the VIP.

Wanna-be “playas” can now upload two to five minutes of video showcasing their finest seduction skills in hopes of securing a chance to appear on Season 3 of Keys to the VIP, premiering this fall, exclusively on The Comedy Network.

Auditions close July 23.

Playas must be male and 19 years of age or older to audition.

Keys to the VIP is about the pursuit of women … and the men who think they have the game to get them.

Each episode of the half-hour series showcases the “skills” of two so-called studs in a nightclub battlefield as they compete against each other in three hilarious rounds of pick-up challenges.

The winners are chosen by the Keys’ expert panel, comprised of pick-up specialists Alen, Peachez, Sheldon, and Chris.

Dudes from all walks of life have a shot at instant fame, and a chance to win over the panel, the audience, and ultimately, the girl, by simply logging on to

Todd “The Natural” (Radio Personality, 34) vs Matt aka Meatus (Radio Intern, 20)

Thursday 14 February / 10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

Anthony “The Boy Wonder” (Student, 20) vs Nick “Dundee” (World Traveler, 25)

Thursday 7 February / 10–10:30 pm ET/PT

Thursday, January 3

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Keys to the VIP

Keegan “The Playboy” (22 year-old customer service) Vs. Jonathan “The Stylist” (23 year-old hairstylist) at Body English Nightclub.

Thursday, January 10

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Keys to the VIP

Christian “The Keeper” (27year-old underwear model) Vs. Jordan “The Joker” (21 year-old student) at My Cottage.

Thursday, January 17

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Keys to the VIP

Mitch “The Protégé” (Web Producer, 22) Vs Derek aka Cajun (Dating Coach)

Thursday, January 24

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Keys to the VIP

Anthony “The Boy Wonder” (20 year-old neurology student) Vs. Nick “Dundee” (25 year-old world traveler) at Mink Nightclub

Thursday, January 31

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Keys to the VIP

Matt aka Meatus (20 year-old intern) vs. Todd “The Natural” (34 year-old Radio host) at Mink Nightclub

Who Needs Bling and Fame To Attract The Ladies When You’ve Got “Game!”
Season 2 of Keys to the VIP Premieres Oct. 25 on The Comedy Network

— Competitors put their “rep” on the line for a VIP night club experience and a chance to win a VIP trip to Vegas! —
— “Arm-chair” experts can vote online for their favourite playas of the year to qualify for one of 13 sweet Comedy Network prize packs —
— Find out how you measure up! The “Keys to the VIP Playa Quiz” is set for release Oct. 15 on

Legendary baseball great Babe Ruth once said: “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.” Sure, that’s all fine and good … UNLESS you’re a pick-up “specialist” with ONE shot to prove you’ve got the “chutzpah” to get lucky with the ladies, on national TV! Back for a second season of club-style debauchery is The Comedy Network’s testosterone-fuelled production Keys to the VIP, airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 25, exclusively on The Comedy Network. See this year’s sophomore crop of chest-thumping playas compete in real-life pick-up challenges while enduring the ridicule (or applause) of the VIP expert panel (Alen, Peachez, Chris and Sheldon) and the prying eyes of a nation-wide audience. The prize? The “Keys to the VIP” – a VIP night club experience complete with full bottle service and the company of the Keys VIP girls! Keys to the VIP is an original Comedy Network production produced in association with Buck Productions and Alpha Male Productions.

Picked up last spring by Fuse TV in the US (with a subscriber base of 45 million), Keys to the VIP is about the pursuit of women … and the men who think they have the “game” to get them. Each episode of the 13-part, half-hour series showcases the “skills” of two so-called studs as they compete against each other in three hilarious rounds of pick-up challenges.

Episode 1 gets off to a roaring start as Josh “The Matador” (Student, 23) goes up against “Maximum” Max (Entertainer, 27). Their first challenge is to get a woman’s phone number by using an opening line provided by the panel (Example: “Should we start talking or keep flirting from a distance?”). Next up is the ‘Recovery’ round where each player must initiate a conversation by insulting a woman’s clothing. In the final challenge, “Divide & Conquer,” the players must isolate a woman from her group of friends before attempting a pick-up.

The challenges, shot using eight hidden microphones and three strategically placed hidden cameras, give the players the opportunity to demonstrate their superior seductive prowess in the real-life battlefield of big-city bars and night clubs.

Back at the “VIP Lounge,” the show’s expert “playa” panel, comprised of pick-up specialists Alen, Peachez, Sheldon and Chris, observe the competitors in action while delivering their no-holds-barred thoughts on each performance. At the end of each episode, the panel picks a winner based on who demonstrates the most “game.” The champ is awarded “the Keys to the VIP” – a VIP club experience with full bottle service at an exclusive party hot spot.

“As the great philosopher Pat Benetar once said, “Love is a battlefield,” and these competitors prove it every night… stopping bar fights, buying drinks and getting phone numbers all in a matter of minutes,” said Brent Haynes, Vice President, The Comedy Network and Space. Keys to the VIP will show you what game really is and how you probably don’t have as much of it as you think you do.”

“After Season 1, I didn’t think it could get any better, but this year’s competitors proved us all wrong,” said panelist and creator Alen Bubich. “Every player and so called “playa” put on their game face and came ready to play. Be prepared to witness some of the greatest and most embarrassing moments in seduction history!”

Since Keys premiered last October, buzz surrounding the series quickly spread from the night clubs to bachelor pads, campuses and computer screens across the country. Reports from fans at The University of Western Ontario describe stories of rowdy Keys pre-club screening parties. Meanwhile, recent open-call street auditions in Toronto’s entertainment district drew large crowds of wannabe playas and on-lookers. The series is also one of the most-viewed programs on The Comedy Network’s broadband channel at

This season, “arm-chair” experts also have an opportunity to weigh in on the action. Following each episode, viewers will get one week to choose their favourite playa featured in that nights’ show by visiting Keys to the VIP on The playa with the most votes at the end of the season will be crowned “Playa of the Year,” named to the Keys to the VIP Hall of Fame and receive a VIP trip to Las Vegas, including air fare and accommodations. By voting, viewers qualify to win one of 13 Comedy Network prize packs – odds of winning increase with every vote!

Also featured this season is the’s “Keys to the VIP Playa Quiz.” This summer, The Comedy Network and Keys to the VIP hit the streets and surveyed hundreds of club girls to find out what they really look for in a guy. Looks or personality? Boxers or briefs? What makes an ideal first date? Their answers were compiled and used to build an interactive quiz for wannabe playas. Fans can find out how they measure up when this real-life litmus test is released October 15 on

Encore episodes from Season 1 of Keys to the VIP air Sundays at 4:30 p.m. ET following Sportscentre and NFL football on CTV. This season viewers can also view new episodes on-demand at at 9 a.m. the morning following its television broadcast, in addition to the complete first season.