Kate Plus 8

The new Kate Plus 8 premiered this week and in summary, it was a good PR move. Kate has returned, and she hasn’t changed. In the first of two episodes, viewers were given a glimpse into her life while doing Dancing with the Stars and other press tours. Whether you agree or disagree that the mom of eight should be working in showbiz, it’s the reality and the show acted as a reminder that Kate Gosselin is not a frosty individual just hoping to climb to the top. Perhaps both of those things are true, but the episode truly did help viewers remember that she is human and she is a mother who succumbs to stress just like anyone else. After months of negative media, this was exactly what was needed to start things off.

The second episode was exactly like an episode of John and Kate Plus 8, minus John, of course. It showed the mother doing things with her family, and demonstrated that Kate hasn’t changed. Her hair may be longer and she might feel a little jaded when it comes to relationships, but her attitude is as it always has been, whether that’s something you love or hate.