Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Thursdays at 9pm ET beginning June 4

After campaigning for better food in British schools, Jamie has realized that the country faces a far bigger problem – the growing obesity crisis. Using the post-World War II “Ministry of Food” as his inspiration, Jamie embarks on a food revolution, aiming to get every household in the UK cooking fresh food every day. Jamie begins his endeavour in Rotherham, looking to meet the woman who defeated his School Dinners campaign, Julie Critchlow, the ‘burger Mum’. He convinces her to help him with his campaign. After recruiting a class of eight people who can’t cook Jamie decides to teach them 10 meals that he asks they pass on. His hope is to have hundreds of people cooking in just a few months. Jamie quickly learns that getting his class to pass it on is more difficult than anticipated and he must expand his outreach in order to help change the lives of the people of Rotherham.