The latest go-to guilty pleasure is only a click away with the brand new web series, JacLife, launching Monday, March 8 on Slice.ca/jaclife. Created exclusively for Slice.ca and consisting of six five-minute webisodes, JacLife captures the glamour and drama that is the life of Jaclyn, a 24-year-old Torontonian who loves fashion, partying and spending time with her best friends.

“Slice.ca aims to engage and entertain viewers beyond what’s on television by creating unique and original content that both reflects and complements the Slice™ brand,” said Paul Burns, Vice President, Digital Media for Canwest. “As part of our strategy across the digital platforms we are looking at original content as value-adding. Viewers may come to learn about their favourite show but they’ll stay for our exclusive videos and blogs.”  Jaclyn lives the life every fashionista dreams of having – where fashion rules, clothes are a career and very best friends are also colleagues. In each of the six webisodes, the cameras follow Jaclyn and her friends Gillian, Kaity and Lauren at her store (JacFlash, a trendy boutique on Queen St. West), her custom-designed luxury loft or as they hit the latest hotspot for a night out on the town.

Additional features of the JacLife mircrosite that are designed to further engage users include an interactive dress-up game where users can dress Jaclyn in pieces from her fashion line Jac and Gill; a dictionary of the JacLife lingo; and a blog updated with photos, beauty tips and gossip.

Slice.ca is 62% female, with half of the total audience falling in the female 18-49 demographic. It has consistently more than doubled its engagement year over year to just under nine minutes per visitor and female visitors to the site are more likely to be in high income households – indexing at 133 to the web population, and more likely to be in large households – indexing at 218 to the web population.

JacLife was created and produced by Vanessa Grant exclusively for Slice.ca

Source:  comScore Inc., Total Canada, All Locations, 18+ audience, January 2010, high income household refers to 75K+, large households refers to 4+ members.