In Real Life

YTV’s top-rated reality series, In Real Life, produced by Apartment 11 Productions, returns for another blockbuster season on YTV (10 X 60 min) starting Monday, October 3 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

This year, the competition gets fiercer than ever and fans can get closer to the action with the online companion game, Race to the Finish which goes mobile October 3.

Reprising her Gemini-nominated hosting duties this season is comedian Sabrina Jalees who returns to help skillfully guide the challengers through each episode’s grueling challenges.

This season, 18 new kids, ages 12 – 14 years old, from 16 different Canadian cities, join the race across North America in some of the toughest yet most memorable experiences of their lives.

They’ll soldier their way to the top as army recruits, try to avoid the sting of elimination as beekeepers, work on Broadway with the cast and crew of the hit musical Stomp, and perform gravity-defying aerobatics as stunt pilots as they strive to cross the finish line as quickly and correctly as possible.

All challengers are focused on the ultimate prize — to win university tuition and an all-expense paid family vacation.

The challengers come from 16 different cities including: Norbay, NL; Mount Pearl, NL Alymer, ON; Chapeau, QC; St. Hippolyte, QC; Montreal, QC; Mississauga, ON; Niagara Falls, ON; Woodbridge, ON; Coronach, SK; Nokomis, SK; Edmonton, AB; Elk Point, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Calgary, AB and Kelowna, BC;

The premiere episode (Army Recruits) finds the challengers put through their paces in their very first experience as army recruits! They navigate a tough obstacle course, test their resourcefulness by setting up camp in the field and ride Jeeps in hostile territory as part of a patrol. With drill instructors pushing them to their limits, challengers battle their way towards victory in the first twist of the season, this year challengers get to choose their own teammates!

The highly popular online game, Race to the Finish, introduced last season in conjunction with the show’s launch, captured over 3.5 million views last year and is back with a brand new look and a mobile application that will extend game play for fans to more places, more often. Players can access the online game through and at http:// starting October 3.

In addition, after the show’s finale, two challengers with the most points in the online and new mobile game will be invited back for an exclusive final webisode along with two lucky fans as they compete for a special prize. In order to compete, fans at home can team up with their favourite on-air challenger and play to help bring them back for the final webisode challenge after the show’s finale. By playing and building levels in the game, fans accumulate virtual points on behalf of their challenger. Toward the end of the season, the two top challengers return to compete in the webisode with two of the top 50 players on the leaderboard. It’s up to the fans to determine which two challengers participate in the final challenge! The webisode finale airs after the TV finale episode December, 12, 2011.

Cooler experiences, more drama, crazier twists and a unique online game make for an exciting second season of the popular YTV reality series “In Real Life” (10 x 60′).

In season two, 18 new kids, aged 12-14 and from 15 different Canadian cities, race across North America to compete in heart-pounding, real world challenges – from high-tech espionage and video gaming to lobster fishing – for a chance to win the amazing ultimate prize – college tuition money and an all-expense paid family vacation.

This season also includes the never-before-seen online companion game “Race to the Finish.” While playing the game, kids at home accumulate points that they can then put toward their favourite TV challenger. The two challengers with the most points in the online game are actually brought back to compete again in a bonus webisode after the show’s finale.

Comedian and Gemini-nominated host Sabrina Jalees returns to guide the challengers. Season two of the 10 episode series “In Real Life” season two (10 x 60′) premieres Mon., Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on YTV. The series is produced by Montreal-based Apartment 11 Productions.

In each episode, the challengers race to complete a series of tasks related to an occupation – from dolphin training in Key Largo, FL to rescue missions in Ontario’s bush country. Each challenger’s objective? Avoid elimination by crossing the finish line as quickly – and as correctly – as possible. At the end of each race, the first team to arrive chooses between one of two prizes: an actual physical prize (The Big Reward), or a strategic prize that lets the team thwart another team’s efforts in the next race (The Wrench). There is also a ‘Shield’ hidden on each racecourse that, if presented by a last place team, can save them from elimination. The first person to cross the last finish line wins the ultimate prize.

New this year, the series introduces “Race to the Finish,” an online gaming extension of the show, which debuts on the same day as the season premiere on October 4. In the game, kids at home can create an avatar and then play and accumulate virtual points for their favourite TV challenger.

The two TV challengers who have the most online points at the end of the run – no matter when they were eliminated from the TV series – have the chance to compete in an exclusive “In Real Life” bonus webisode finale for a new prize.

Players can access the game through and at The webisode finale airs after the TV finale. A sneak peak of the game launches on Monday, September 20 at where viewers can get acquainted with the new challengers.

The contestants come from fifteen different cities including Vancouver, BC; St. John’s, NF; Mississauga, ON; Guelph, ON; Thornhill, ON; Regina, SK; Niagara Falls, ON; Sainte-Thérèse, QC; Toronto, ON; Newmarket, ON; London, ON; Edmonton, AB; Inuvik, NWT; Weston, ON and Alberton, PEI.

Episode 1: Wilderness Rescuers
Mon., October 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT
Challengers become wilderness rescue specialists with the help of the experts at Equinox Adventures. Working at dizzyingly high altitudes and in swift water rapids, teams race against the clock to rescue accident victims in Elora, Ontario. Every second counts as our teams battle extreme conditions and dangerous situations.

Episode 2: Spies
Mon., October 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT
Challengers train like real spies in high stakes scenarios in Sainte-Catherine, Quebec. They compete against each other to set up a surveillance operation, locate a dropped package, bypass a super high-tech security system and decipher secret codes – which team will be the fastest and sneakiest?

Sabrina Jalees returns as the host of “In Real Life,” for which she was a Gemini Award nominee. At only 16, Sabrina began honing her comedic skills to become one of the most recognizable faces on the Canadian comedy scene.

 Early on, she broke Mike Meyer’s record for being the youngest artist hired by Second City. She was also the youngest stand-up comic to perform at Yuk Yuk’s. Sabrina is popular for her blunt and unique sensibility on Much Music’s “Video On Trial” and also appears in the network’s “Stars Gone Wild.”

Most recently, Sabrina can be seen in CBS’ “Flashpoint” in the role of Cassaundra. Other television credits include leading roles in YTV’s “System Crash,” Slice Network’s “Plastic Makes Perfect,” Animal Planet’s “The A List” and an appearance on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

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