Ice Cold Cash

In Food Network’s fun, fast-paced food trivia show, Ice Cold Cash, Canadian funnyman Joe Motiki rides an old-school ice cream bike luring passersby with the promise of sweet treats.

But unsuspecting cold treat seekers quickly discover that Joe has no ice cream and they’ve just wandered into a game show! Instead of vanilla cones, Joe serves up food-based trivia questions that get increasingly harder.

The first question is worth $10 and with each subsequent correct answer the contestants’ money doubles – potentially up to more than $5,000. The catch?  

One wrong answer can make that cash melt away.  In this 14-episode premiere season, Joe challenges contestants to flex their mental muscles and discover fun food facts like the difference between a panzarotti and a calzone, which animal helps produce margarine and how long newlyweds are supposed to keep their frozen wedding cakes.

Along the way, Joe encounters an assembly of colourful characters including male models, occasional mind-readers, bagpipe performers, a cheerleader and a pair of French teachers.

About Joe: While completing his studies in TV Arts at Ryerson University, Joe Motiki began his career as host of Crawlspace, a popular show on TVOKids in the ‘90s where he reached celebrity-status among Toronto tykes.

The witty-minded and eternally-youthful TV performer has enjoyed a career that spans two decades, with hosting gigs that include shows on LeafsTV, Toronto1 and TVO, in addition to documentaries and even a travel show.

No stranger to the reel, Joe has sharpened his acting chops with appearances in several feature films and TV series, and has lent his voice to many animated programs. His most recent gig was a spot in the comedy series She’s the Mayor.


The first two Canadian broadcast premiere episodes include:


Ice Cold Cash: Brotherly Love

Friday, February 10 at 9:30pm ET/PT

Joe encounters a pair of brothers with a sibling rivalry like no other, as they taunt and insult each other in their journey to achieve food trivia supremacy. It’s a game of chance when one risk-taking contestant considers playing her luck on the mystery of Irish cuisine, and Joe deals a mac and cheese stumper to a gambling enthusiast.


Ice Cold Cash: Cheesy Friends

Friday, February 17 at 9:30pm ET/PT

Joe delivers a mind-scratching culinary quiz to a group of friends who discover their strength in numbers and that there’s far more to know about cheese than just its variety of flavours. A mother-son tag-team of knowledge prove to be just as comedic as they are clever, and two Julies put their dough on the line as they attempt to tell the difference between a panzarotti and a calzone.