How I Met Your Mother

Monday, May 11 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Ted is trying to find a new job, and when an old acquaintance tries to help nothing goes as planned. Barney tries to smooth talk his way out of a ticket.

Monday, May 4 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Ted explains to his future kids how a chance encounter with a former girlfriend changed his life. Barney makes the 200th notch in his bedpost.

Monday, April 27 – 8:30pm ET/PT

When Ted violates the ‘three days rule’ by continually texting with a girl he’s just met, Barney and Marshall retaliate by impersonating her.

Monday, April 20 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Deciding to wed in three days, Ted and Stella suddenly see their plans shattered by exes.

Monday, April 13 – 8:30pm ET/PT

When Ted loses his job, he decides to start his own architectural firm and hires an intern.

Monday, March 30 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Barney attempts to complete in a single day all the tasks from a list Ted made to prove the gang’s not too old to do them.

Monday, March 23 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Marshall and Barney lie to keep Ted from finding out the headquarters he’d been hired to design for GNB has been cancelled.

Monday, March 16 – 8:30pm ET/PT on E!

Ted is shocked to learn that Lily is responsible for many of his breakups with ex-girlfriends—including Karen.

Monday, March 9 at 8:30pm ET/PT on E!

Ted’s college girlfriend reenters his life and leaves Marshall and Lily remembering how much they hated her—a fact they never revealed to Ted.

Monday, March 2 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Suspecting he has a secret girlfriend, the gang follows Barney when he leaves MacLaren’s.