Move over McDreamy and McSteamy… this isn’t Seattle Grace! The six-part, documentary-style series “Hopkins” takes an in-depth look into the lives of patients and physicians at one of the top Hospitals in the United States. Tune in to the riveting season premiere of “Hopkins”, Thursday, June 26th on Citytv.

Life in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of medicine can take its toll on even the most qualified physicians. Nearly eight years after the critically acclaimed series, “Hopkins 24/7”, Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital once again sets the stage for an intimate look into the lives of those who choose to wear the white coats. Created from nearly 1500 hours of raw footage, “Hopkins” captures astounding scenes of medical crisis, with young doctors forced to make life and death decisions on the fly, perform complicated procedures and tend to patients and their families, all the while trying to maintain balance in their own lives.

There are no narrators in “Hopkins”, the voices belong to the patients and their caregivers. Viewers will be bedside as doctors pose the difficult question to the family of a nearly drowned little girl, with minimal brain function, about whether or not to disconnect life support. They’ll experience tension as a young surgical resident punctures a woman’s lung during a routine procedure, and will also learn about the unlikely journey of an illegal migrant worker picking tomatoes in California who rises to become one of the nation’s top brain surgeons.

Terence Wrong is producer and executive producer. Brad Hebert and Alex Piper are supervising producers. Rudy Bednar is senior executive producer.

Watch the heart-pounding, real life medical drama “Hopkins”, premiering Thursday, June 26th on Citytv.