This March, Corus Entertainment’s W Network presents the premiere of Homewreckers, a new half-hour series that follows contractor and plumber Kristi Hansen as she helps homeowners tackle potentially disastrous repair and maintenance issues before it’s too late.

Produced by Fusion Television in association with W Network, Homewreckers premieres Tuesday, March 22 at 8:30 p.m.

Each week, Homewreckers reveals shocking cautionary tales of home neglect and near miraculous recoveries with frantic homeowners. Kristi knows that home maintenance and upkeep take a distant back seat to shiny new appliances, over the top renovations and tropical getaways for most people – until it’s too late. As Kristi works to rescue and transform homeowners’ living space, she will offer viewers a survival guide of the what-not-to-ignore, and what-must-be-done along the way. She’s arrived to stop the wrecking and start the repairing and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In the first episode, premiering at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, March 22, homeowners Candice and Guy have spent thousands of dollars making their kitchen beautiful, while ignoring their front deck which is on the verge of collapse. It’s time for a wakeup call – Kristi Hansen style – before disaster strikes.

Kristi Hansen brings over 19 years of experience to Homewreckers and will share her no-nonsense and unintimidating approach to plumbing and construction with homeowners everywhere. As a tradesman, plumber, Class B gasfitter and mentor, this mother of two has tackled every type of repair project imaginable, while holding her own in the male-dominated construction trade. Kristi is also the owner/operator of the successful plumbing and renovation company, Pretty Plumbing Co. in Vancouver.