High-Tech Toy Week

Daily Planet Thinks Geek During “High-Tech Toys Week,” Dec. 17–21 on Discovery Channel

Wondering what to get your favourite “geek” for the Holidays? Daily Planet may just have your solution in an all-new theme week. Beginning Mon., Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT, Daily Planet’s “High-Tech Toy Week” takes an in-depth look at some of the coolest gadgets and innovations in toy technology. With ThinkGeek.com experts in studio, watch as co-hosts Jay Ingram and Kim Jagtiani try out and try on the latest tech gear from iPod video goggles to t-shirts that tell you how strong your Wi-Fi signal is! Each episode throughout the week looks at the most coveted and cutting-edge toys on the market. From a mini A380 model plane to a singing Roomba vacuum, Daily Planet’s “High-Tech Toy Week” reveals what’s new in the world of toys and what could make the best geek gift for the holiday season.

Daily Planet’s “High-Tech Toy Week” breaks down as follows:

Mon., Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

It’s been around for almost as long as the car, but the Monowheel is making a comeback. Join monowheel enthusiast and creator Kerry MacLean as he shares his latest model and explains what makes it so unique. Riding the monowheel is much like riding a spaceship. The design includes a wheel within a wheel that offers even less stability than a motorcycle, but rides much like a plane. Daily Planet reveals the science behind the monowheel and just want makes it turn round. Then, get a look at the future of gaming: high-tech mind reading technology. In a world where the touch of a button sparks movement in a game, what will it be like when players think to play? Find out how the prototypes for these new games use brain-wave reading technology to isolate brain activity and translate it into game play. Learn how gaming enthusiasts will no longer be pressing buttons with their hands but simply thinking about it instead.

Tues., Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

With a wingspan of 80 metres and a passenger capacity of 853 passengers, the Airbus A380 is a giant in the sky. Meet Peter Michael, a retired master auto mechanic who has built a flying, radio-controlled model A380 to 1/15th scale. Find out how this jetliner model enthusiast recreated each element of the airbus plane to the finest details. Taking over 3,000 hours, three years and CDN$70,000 to construct, the mini

A380 has a wingspan of five metres, weighs 70 kilograms and has 22 wheels in the undercarriage. Find out what makes this model plane fly and how it is entertaining audiences who come to watch it take to the skies. Next, meet Todd Kurt – a computer programmer by day and Roomba hacker by night. The Roomba is a small, flat vacuum cleaner robot that cleans carpets on its own. But now, computer hackers like Kurt have figured out a way to make it sing, dance and even draw! Find out how you can do it yourself and you don’t even have to be a computer genius to do it…although that certainly helps.

Wed., Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

From bassist to astronomer, Glass Tiger’s Wayne Parker has a company that constructs telescope observatories for astronomers. Invented by Parker himself, the SkyShed Pod looks like an igloo, snaps together like a child’s toy and has lids that slide off, providing a large viewing area for stargazers. Astronomers can leave all their high priced equipment in the pod instead of lugging it in and out of their houses. Watch as these SkyShed Pods are put together and learn why every backyard astronomer covets these revolutionary personal observatories. Next, find out how scientists are getting a true aerial glimpse of birds in flight. A newly constructed plane that folds back its wings like a bird is now being used to survey birds in the air. Watch as scientists use the plane to find out more about the flight and migratory patterns of birds by flying along with them.

Thurs., Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

What’s skimming the water like a hotrod on seadoos with no propeller? The Frontrunner. With the throttle set to high, Frontrunner inventor Joey Ruiter reveals how his boat is making waves by pulling itself through water and skimming over the surface like a set of skis. Don’t miss this first glance at a triumph of design over function. Then, it’s the ultimate alternative DYI competitive event: a two-day power tool drag race in San Francisco. From off-the-shelf machines to multi-motor monstrosities, competitors bring their modified belt sanders, weed whackers and angle grinders to go head-to-head down a 25-metre track to battle it out for supremacy. Some are back-yard fabricators, others are Hollywood machine artists but they’re all there for one reason: to rip, shred and burn up the track to the final showdown. You’ll never look at your power drill the same way again!

Fri., Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

Maverick California inventor and former aeronautics engineering professor Paul Moller has spent more than 40 years and an estimated US$35 million to build the flying car of his dreams. The M200 two-seater skycar is designed to take off and land vertically. Made of lightweight fibre-reinforced plastic, the skycar gets its lift from eight ducted fans, each one providing about 65 horse power. But with a revolutionary design and concept, can Miller surprise his critics and finally get this car on the market? Next, Daily Planet offers another look at some of the most impressive toys featured in the “High-Tech Toys Week” and what toy aficionados will want under the tree this year.