Monday, September 21 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Claire struggles with adjusting to life in college when a mysterious death occurs. Angela fears Nathan will soon discover his true identity; while Matt is haunted by an unexpected visitor. Tracy Strauss and H.R.G. join forces, looking for the key to unlock the motive behind a horrific crime. A mysterious carnival clan, led by ringleader Samuel (Robert Knepper), sets their sights on familiar faces. Madeline Zima, Rachel Melvin, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ashley Crow, Lisa Lackey, Assaf Cohen, and Saemi Nakamura also guest star.

Monday, April 27 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

Nathan tries to prevent Sylar from meeting the President. Sylar has his own agenda regarding his partner. Hiro finds there are consequences that come with the return of his powers.

Monday, April 20 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

Sylar’s new ability begins to take its toll on him as he continues his unusual partnership; Hiro and Ando take steps toward bringing down Building 26; Nathan launches a plan to right the wrongs of his government operation.

Monday, April 6 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

Someone close to Danko is put in the line of fire as he spearheads the anti-superhuman operation. Meanwhile, Noah’s marriage continues to crumble while Hiro and Ando continue their journey to save Matt. Angela faces some demons from her past.

Monday, March 30 – 10pm ET/9pm PT

The heroes try to mend their broken relationships as Nathan and Claire seek refuge in Mexico and Peter and Angela hide out in a church. Danko’s bid to wipe out the super powered population intensifies as he unites with a surprising new ally.

Monday, March 23 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

The identity of “Rebel” is revealed. Noah wants Danko to let Tracy go in the hope that she will lead them to Rebel. Hiro and Ando continue with the mission that Rebel entrusted to them, to keep the new hero safe.

Monday, March 9 at 10pm ET/9pm PT on Global

Sylar’s reunion with his long-lost father (John Glover) is not what he expected; Claire gets a tip from Rebel and must decide whether to help her sworn enemy (David Lawrence XVll) evade capture; Matt finds himself in the spotlight.

Monday, March 2 – 10pm ET/PT

After a tip from “Rebel”, Matt and Peter hurry to rescue Daphne and find evidence that may expose the government’s plans to capture those with powers. Sylar uncovers the truth about his mother from past memories on his father, while the Hunter hatches an explosive plan of his own.

Monday, February 23 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan’s plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person.

Monday, February 16 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

Homeland Security begins an investigation that could expose Nathan’s plans; Sylar and Luke go on a road trip to find Sylar’s father; Claire tries to protect a young man with exceptional abilities.