Healthy Gourmet

From a media release – July 2, 2009:


Produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment in association with VIVA, Healthy Gourmet is a half-hour series that follows nutritionist Julie Daniluk and Chef Ezra Title as they tackle the ever present battle between taste and nutrition, helping home cooks create nutritious and tasty meals that can feed a crowd. In each episode, Julie and Ezra try to help a group of people find the right balance between food that’s healthy for the heart and tasty for the tongue. Whether at a ballroom dance academy, or an all female motorcycle club, the goal of each episode is a food truce, as Ezra and Julie try to help their subject spice up the flavour while creating a healthy meal.

In the first episode, Ezra and Julie pay a visit to the Markham Firehall in order to try and save their kitchen by introducing tasty and nutritious recipes. Will the firefighters enjoy these new heart-healthy meals or will Ezra and Julie’s efforts go up in flames? Viewers can tune in to see these two hosts go head-to-head in the name of food when Healthy Gourmet premieres Saturday, July 4 at 7:30 p.m.