Guinea Pig

Saturday, January 10 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on CTV

WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Find out how humans function under threatening conditions when Discovery fan favourites Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker return for another round of scientific shockers in an all-new season of original Canadian series GUINEA PIG. Season 3 explodes onto Discovery Channel beginning Saturday, Jan. 10 at 11 p.m. ET/PT with 10 new half-hour installments. In the all-new season, Ryan sets a new Guinness World Record and AmberLynn confronts her worst fear head-on in two GUINEA PIG firsts. Fans can hit right now for a chance at having their idea performed during an exclusive webcast that is set to air this winter.

The steely Canadian duo is back and teaming up with specialized professionals all over North America to test the limits of human endurance. Of course, to really understand the impact of extreme experiences on the body the GUINEA PIG must endure it. This season fans discover what it’s like to experience a motorcycle crash, survive 36 hours in a desert, take a pounding from a 300-pound wrestler, and much more. These first-hand experiences are amazing to witness and valuable for experts, as they rarely have a volunteer so willing to throw themselves in the line of fire – literally. Learning has never been so intense!

“We really push the limits of the human condition on GUINEA PIG so naturally everyone wants to know what compels me to do these experiments,” said Ryan Stock. “It’s no secret I’m hell-bent on quenching my scientific curiosity and I love sharing my passion for the extreme. I say, bring it on!”

Years before becoming the GUINEA PIG, Edmonton, AB native Ryan Stock started out doing simple magic tricks in his garage. From there, he moved on to using his body to try new stunts and taught himself how to thread a meat hook through his nose, eat fire, and continues to push the limits of possibility. Over many years as an extreme circus performer, Ryan has developed extraordinary control over his body and an unusually high pain tolerance. He’s passionate about using his unique talents to test just how much the human body can handle.

Edmonton’s AmberLynn, a contortionist by trade, also started in out magic and found her calling as an extreme circus performer and passionate researcher. Leaving no stone unturned in discovering the physiology behind new experiments and ensuring that Ryan stays safe – or at least unharmed in the long term – is AmberLynn’s MO. Plus, as an extreme performer herself, she’s not opposed to being the GUINEA PIG when duty calls!

The GUINEA PIG experience extends online at There, fans can access full episodes from Season 3 one week after they’ve broadcast on Discovery Channel. The Season 3 trailer and full episodes from Season 2 are available now. There’s more: exclusive behind-the-scenes footage; lots of action photos; insightful facts about the science behind each experiment; a message board where fans weigh in on GUINEA PIG experiments; and editorial from Ryan and AmberLynn reliving their edgy experiences. If that weren’t enough, fans can get online right now to tell Ryan and AmberLynn what the GUINEA PIG should test next. The call for experiments closes December 31, 2008. Ryan performs the winning idea during a live exclusive webcast that airs this winter.

“It’s very cool to excite our hardcore fans along with those who may not typically be interested in science,” said AmberLynn. “We can’t wait to see what kind of experiments Canadians have in store for us.”

Dare the GUINEA PIG! Discovery Channel Series Seeks Submissions for Extreme Online Experiment
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Toronto, ON (Monday, Dec. 1, 2008) – Science meets endurance as GUINEA PIG Ryan Stock prepares to perform an extreme experiment exclusively online, this time chosen from fan submissions. Beginning today, Monday, Dec. 1, fans can submit ideas at The chosen event will be performed exclusively on the internet during Season 3 of GUINEA PIG, which returns to Discovery Channel on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT.

New photos, bios and show information available at

On GUINEA PIG, extreme performers Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker exploit the body’s natural design and push the boundaries of the human experience. These intense experiments offer valuable scientific insight into how we function under the most threatening conditions. Past seasons of GUINEA PIG have seen Ryan sustain snake bites, endure the lasting effects of pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons, and get buried alive in snow, all to find out how these extreme stressors affect the body. These first-hand experiences are amazing to witness and valuable for experts, as they rarely have a volunteer so willing to throw themselves in the line if fire. Literally.

Visit to watch past episodes of GUINEA PIG on the Discovery Video Player, find out more information about Ryan and AmberLynn, see behind-the-scenes footage and to submit ideas for this web-exclusive event coming to viewers this winter.

More information about Season 3 of GUINEA PIG coming soon!