Grey’s Spoilers

With Grey’s Anatomy the personal drama seems to take center stage despite the fact that the it’s a show that takes place in a hospital. According to a cast member, there is some huge medical drama still to come this season.

ere’s a new tidbit to get you thinking about the May 6 episode, during which a morbidly obese patient arrives at Seattle Grace/Mercy West Hospital. The gist?

More doctors than usual will be required to save this individual’s life. Drs. Bailey, Webber, Karev, Sloan, Hunt, Kepner, Adamson and Percy, as a matter of fact.

“We’re all working on one big medical case that turns out to be a (highly sensitive) group surgery,” Chandra Wilson (Bailey) tells TV Guide of this big episode.

The scenes, which involve classroom auditorium seminars, have provided a chance for some actors who have been separated for months to work together.

“We’ve all been working, but we often get broken up into our separate stories,” she said. “A lot of us were saying, ‘Ooo, I haven’t seen you in a long time.'”

“I think seeing us together will definitely help the audience remember the core Grey’s Anatomy cast who they’ve been coming back to see all these years.”