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Global National anchor Dawna Friesen has told of how she believes the exhaustion is a real issue for news anchors and journalists in Canada.

Friesen spoke in Toronto during the network news anchors session at the RTDNA Annual Conference about how “once you do 19 hits in one day, that becomes the expectation”.

Joining Friesen were CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme, CBC TV’s Diana Swain and moderator Seamus O’Regan.

All three spoke of how Twitter has added another dissension to their time-pressed workdays, with LaFlamme saying she recently tweeted so much “by the time I sat down to write my story, it felt days old.” Continue reading »

Global News announced today that it will present a live, 30 minute, commercial-free news special revealing the details of the federal government’s 2011 budget.  

The special, anchored by Global National’s Dawna Friesen, will air from 4:00pm to 4:30pm ET, Tuesday March 22 and will feature comprehensive coverage from its correspondents along with several key financial experts.  

Global National will follow up the budget special with a recap in its 5:30pm newscast (6:30pm in the Maritimes), which is scheduled to include a live interview with the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty.

“The interest in this budget is intense,” says Troy Reeb, Vice President, Global News for Shaw Media.  “The fate of the Conservative government could hang in the balance so we are covering this story from every possible angle — how it will impact the day-to-day lives of Canadians, the possible ramifications for Parliament, dealing with the deficit, political reaction from all parties and more.”


Financial experts providing insight into the March 22nd budget include:


– Derek Burleton, Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

– Pascal Gauthier, Senior Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

– Pedro Antunes, Director – National and Provincial Forecast, The Conference Board of Canada

– Ian Lee, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

– Bruce Flexman (Chair, Tax Policy Committee), The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Economist, 

– Sylvain Schetagne, Canadian Labour Congress

Global News online coverage will be equally extensive. will feature a livestream of the budget special along with its own exclusive reports from inside the media lock-up.

With an eye towards providing Canadians a clear understanding of the year that was, Global National announced today the airing of two special events.  

The first—Your Canada With Dawna Friesen (airing December 25)—will be a retrospective of Friesen’s recent tour that saw Global National broadcasting locally from Halifax to Kelowna and plenty of communities in between.  

That will be followed by a daily special feature—Top Stories of 2010 (week of December 27)—in which Global National will focus on the events that grabbed the biggest headlines.  

Your Canada With Dawna Friesen, a 30-minute presentation, will highlight some of the more memorable stops on Friesen’s national tour along with some of her own personal reflections on the stories she covered and the people she met.  “It was so great being on the road,” says Friesen.  “I’ve either lived or previously visited all of the cities and towns we stopped in so the tour provided not only a chance to say hi to old friends but it allowed me to reach out to our viewers and showcase stories that resonated with all Canadians.”  The special will air at 6pm across the country except in Vancouver when it will air at 6:30pm.

The Top Stories of 2010 began earlier in December with an online poll via in which Canadians were asked to vote for the story they felt had the biggest impact on the country and the world.  During the week of December 27, each newscast will highlight these top stories, building towards the top three as voted on by viewers, which will then be presented during the December 31st newscast.  


The Top Stories featured next week include:

·         Monday, Dec. 27 – Top international news

·         Tuesday, Dec. 28 – Top Canadian news

·         Wednesday, Dec. 29 – Top pop culture stories

·         Thursday, Dec. 30 – Top Canadian political stories

·         Friday, Dec. 31 – top health stories & Top Three stories


Global National airs at 5:30pm nationally; 6:30pm in the Maritimes; and 7:30pm in Newfoundland on NTV.

The results of the second annual Global News Ipsos-Reid CANADA’S PULSE poll indicate that the economy, food safety and personal happiness are just some of the issues that concern Canadians this fall.

Over five nights, the thoughts, concerns and aspirations of every day Canadians will be revealed starting Monday, September 27 on Global National, local newscasts and online at

The CANADA’S PULSE poll presents some fascinating insights into the country’s varying regional opinions and concerns about a myriad of issues.  

“Our Canada’s Pulse poll provides a unique snapshot of what’s on the minds of Canadians,” says Troy Reeb, Senior Vice-President of News and Current Affairs. “It not only touches on major national and local issues, but provides exclusive insight into the changing nature of our society. Ultimately, it helps Canadians learn more about their neighbours and themselves.”

Beginning Monday, Global National anchor Dawna Friesen begins CANADA’S PULSE coverage as the newscast explores the following topics:

Monday, Sept 27:  The Economy.    How are we recovering from the recession?  Do Canadians feel more secure about their financial future? Has the federal stimulus package really worked? What about our retirement plans?

Tuesday, Sept 28:   Food Safety      Are we becoming more concerned about what we put on the table? Has our interest in healthy, responsible eating been on the increase? Would lower prices mean Canadians would eat more ‘organically?’

Wednesday, Sept 29:  Afghanistan   How do we feel about the end of our mission?  Should we be leaving or should we stay and finish the job? Have our soldiers died in vain?

Thursday, Sept 30:  Technology       Has the proliferation of electronic devices made life easier? Where in the country have they had the least impact?

Friday, Oct 1:  Personal Happiness   Where are the happiest Canadians? Do we like where we live? What about our sex lives? Did the Olympics give us a permanent morale boost?

After nightly coverage on Global National, local newscasts take over and deal with Canada’s Pulse results important to their communities. Everything from attitudes about municipal politics, crime, transportation issues, taxes, and more will be examined. Viewers are in for some surprising findings.

For viewers that want to learn even more, offers a wealth of additional background and companion stories that expand upon the issues identified on the national front and in local markets.  All key data have been posted online so visitors can drill down through various categories including age, gender and location.  

Plus visitors to can share this unique information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Global National airs at 5:30pm nationally; 6:30pm in the Maritimes; and 7:30pm in Newfoundland on NTV.

Global National welcomes Dawna Friesen back to Canada as she debuts in the role of Anchor and Executive Editor.

“September 20 is an historic day for Global News,” said Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President of News and Current Affairs for Canwest Broadcasting. “Dawna’s breadth of international experience, solid foundations in Canada, along with her curiosity and tenacity, will quickly establish her as a major presence in the television news landscape. With Dawna anchoring, Global National will continue to be the dependable window on what’s happening in the world for our growing audience of more than one million viewers.”

A Winnipeg-native, Friesen began her news career in Canada in 1985 with postings in Portage La Prairie, Brandon, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay. She went on to work for both the CTV and CBC at the national level. For the past 11 years, she has served as the London-based correspondent for NBC News covering everything from the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the British Royal Family. Assignments have taken her to Africa, Middle East, Russia and across Europe. Dawna was part of the Emmy® award-winning team covering Barack Obama’s election and returned to Vancouver in February to report on the Winter Olympics.

Ahead of Friesen’s start, Global will be launching its most aggressive advertising campaign in the history of Global National to celebrate her arrival. A multi-city tour, where she will visit Canadians coast-to-coast, will also be rolling out through the fall.

Global National airs weeknights at 5:30pm/6:30pm Maritimes on Global and 7:30pm NFLD on NTV.

Global Television today announced Emmy® Award-winning journalist Dawna Friesen has been named Anchor & Executive Editor of Global National.

With a breadth of international experience that sets her apart, Friesen will bring a distinct voice and perspective to the more than one million Canadians who put their trust in Global National each evening.

Along with the newscast’s acclaimed team of correspondents, Friesen will make her inaugural broadcast this September.

“I’m honoured and excited by the opportunity to return to Canada as part of the Global National team,” said Dawna Friesen. “Kevin and all the staff have created a rock-solid broadcast reputation, one that I want to preserve and develop. I can only hope to connect with Canadians the way he has. It’s a fantastic challenge that I am eager to take on.”

“Dawna’s credentials and accomplishments are at an elite level – and in keeping with the new generation of anchor and correspondents Canadians have come to rely on at Global National,” said Peter Viner, President of Canwest Broadcasting. “Today’s announcement builds powerfully on the commitment to excellence established by Kevin Newman and the Global National team over the last decade.”

As the London-based correspondent and anchor for NBC News, Today and MSNBC since 1999, Friesen has travelled the world, witnessing the day’s top international stories unfolding from across the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Europe and Africa. Her passion for interpreting the events and personalities that shape our lives has taken her behind the scenes of conflict, power and hope.

Often spending months in a region as situations evolved, she has lived inside the diverse stories she has told including the fall of Iraq and the war on terror, the struggle to bring peace to Afghanistan, the abduction and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl and the search for suspects in 2004’s Madrid bombings. Friesen’s engaged, inclusive style – whether with world leaders, entertainers or everyday people – earned a 2009 Emmy Award for her part in team coverage of Barack Obama’s U.S. Presidential victory.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in rural Manitoba, Friesen began her news career in Canada in 1985, telling stories, learning the art of the interview and seeing her country from postings in Portage La Prairie, Brandon, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay.  She went on to work as a correspondent and anchor for both CBC and CTV at the national level in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, covering a wide range of health, economic and political issues, and also serving as a Senior Parliamentary Correspondent. Download biography, photos at:

“Dawna has inspired the trust and confidence of interview subjects, audiences and colleagues around the world,” said Troy Reeb, SVP News & Current Affairs, Canwest Broadcasting. “Her strength as a communicator and a news leader will truly resonate with Canadians.”

Launched September 3, 2001, Global National changed the face of national news in Canada through the guiding principle of “News Understood.” With a broader range of reporting and features, a powerful team of Canadian and international correspondents and an unprecedented early evening edition, Canadians embraced the notion that their news could be clearer, more direct and more accessible. Aggressive and innovative, the multi award-winning newscast has met people and stories where they live, broadcasting regularly on-location from across Canada and around the world.

“Global National stands among the most successful Canadian programs the network has ever built and is respected as one of the finest sources of national news in Canada. That was my dream when I was hired a decade ago to design and help build a brand new journalistic voice for Canada,” said Kevin Newman, Founding Anchor & Executive Editor, Global National. “I know Dawna Friesen is the right person to help the dream thrive. She is an accomplished journalist which ensures she will continue the tradition of having a hands-on and engaged anchor. And I am certain viewers will quickly discover her qualities as a welcome friend at 5:30.”

Global National airs weeknights at 5:30pm/6:30pm Maritimes on Global and 7:30pm NFLD on NTV.


Global National anchor and executive editor Kevin Newman is stepping down after a decade in the job.

The announcement was made by Interim President of Canwest Broadcasting Peter Viner to staff last Friday, telling them the celebrated anchor was leaving the show.

Newman will stay until August, after which a replacement, who is so far un-named, will take up the coveted spot.

The network has said Newman approached network execs recently saying he felt like it was time to move on.

“Ten years ago, Global approached Kevin Newman with a big idea: to create a new national newscast unlike any other,” Viner wrote. “It would be earlier, younger, faster and more conversational.”

More than a million viewers a night tune in to the Global National broadcast.

“It is an understatement to say that he will be deeply missed,” said Viner.

There is no word yet as to the details of Newman’s final show.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
10:50 – 11:15 a.m. EST


(Ottawa, ON – November 6, 2008) To commemorate and honour war veterans and our Canadian military who have lost their lives in past and current conflicts, Global National will air a special Remembrance Day broadcast “Canada Remembers” on Tuesday, November 11th at 10:50 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. EST.

Marking the 90th anniversary since the end of WWII, Global National pays special tribute to fallen soldiers with live coverage of the Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Global National will also follow a group of Canadian school children visiting the historic site of Passchendaele, Belgium, as well as talk to Canadian soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan.

The team will speak one-on-one with the “Silver Cross Mother” to hear her tragic story of loss, as all of Canada continues to struggle with our modern day conflict in Afghanistan.

Monday November 3 ~ Wednesday November 5 at 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Maritimes)

(Vancouver, October 30, 2008) As the final days of the history-making U.S. presidential race approaches, Global National with Kevin Newman will be front and centre on the election battlegrounds, providing Canadians complete coverage and live updates of the highly anticipated U.S. elections.

Broadcasting live from Washington, D.C. next week from Monday, November 3rd to Wednesday, November 5th, anchor and executive editor Kevin Newman will be joined by Washington bureau chief Eric Sorensen at the White House and correspondent Paul Johnson in Chicago, delivering breaking election news, updates, complete analysis, international reaction and insight with distinct Canadian perspectives.

Tune in to Global National at 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Maritimes) every evening for the day’s breaking news and the most comprehensive election coverage.

With Canada’s 40th federal election fast approaching and political leaders campaigning heavily for votes, Global National is heading to communities across the country to engage Canadians and focus on election issues that people care about. With its “Decision 2008: Your Priorities. Their Promises.” federal election coverage, Global National is committed to listening to Canadians and taking their issues back to the politicians.

For the first time in their election coverage history, Global National’s anchor and executive editor Kevin Newman and reporter Mike Armstrong are flying out to communities on The People’s Express, a unique election news jet, for a groundbreaking, carbon neutral cross-country tour to open up dialogue at the community level and hear what matters to Canadians.

“This is the first time a Canadian news organization has launched its own election campaign news jet,” said Troy Reeb, Senior Vice-President of News and Current Affairs for Canwest Broadcasting. “In the midst of all the party leaders’ criss-crossing the country looking for votes, Global National is using our plane to head out and find real issues from real people.”

Broadcasting live from several local communities coast-to-coast culminating with the highly anticipated Leaders’ Debates, Newman will speak to issues including the environment, economy, law and order and other key topics that are relevant to this election.

Global National will visit the following communities, providing local residents and groups the opportunity to take part in a national broadcast and voice their opinions.

* Thursday, September 25 – Tofino, British Columbia (Botanical Garden)
* Friday, September 26 – Fort MacLeod, Alberta (The Fort Museum)
* Monday, September 29 – Brandon, Manitoba (Location TBD)
* Tuesday, September 30 – Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (Frost Park)
* Wednesday, October 1 – Sutton, Quebec (Town Hall)
* Thursday, October 2 – Peterborough, Ontario (Lift Lock)

In addition to this unique and interactive television experience, Global National is also launching a dedicated, multi-level website where Canadians can find the latest election news from across the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At, users will find exclusive videos and photos from the campaign trail, expert analysis, precise context, complete perspective and a useful election toolkit with all you need to know about the election. Plus, Canadians will have access to the behind-the-scenes action from daily reporter blogs, information on each of the party leaders, a daily poll on hot-button issues and a unique and fun online quiz on the history of Canadian politics.

Leading up to election night, Global National’s highly respected team of journalists breaks down the political speech with Ottawa bureau chief Jacques Bourbeau leading the way and reporters Hannah Boudreau, Peter Harris and Ben O’Hara-Byrne dissecting each party’s political campaign. Darrell Bricker from Ipsos-Reid will reveal exclusive poll results throughout the campaign about Canadians’ attitudes on the election.

Tune in to Global National at 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. in the Maritimes) every evening for the latest breaking news and the most comprehensive election coverage.