Game of Thrones

A Belgian artist has created a mash-up of two pop culture heavyweights, turning the characters of Game of Thrones into Simpsons characters.


GameofThrones AryaIt shouldn’t come as any surprise that Game of Thrones has topped another piracy chart.

TorrentFreak has announced that the HBO series is the most-pirated TV series of spring 2013.

From March to June, the series was illegally downloaded the most times, with 5.2 million downloads per episode.

The Big Bang Theory came in second place, with 2.9 million downloads per episode while How I Met Your Mother was third with 2.85 million. Continue reading »

Another Game of Thrones montage clip has hit the net and this one features the ever-suffering Jon Snow (Kit Harrington).

The clip channels Rocky IV’s epic Russian training montage with a bit of John Farnham’s ‘Break The Ice’ thrown in for good measure.

game-of-thrones-dThe recently-wrapped third season of Game of Thrones has proven the most popular yet in Canada.

The series closed out its ten-episode season on Sunday night and underlined its status as the most-watched series to date on HBO Canada.

A record number of viewers saw the third season, making it the most-watched pay TV series in Canadian history. Continue reading »

GameofThronesSwordOne of the armorers for Game of Thrones says the weapons used on the series are not exactly your average safe rubber swords.

“Everything you see on the show is lethal,” says Fergus McNulty. “It’s not sharpened to within an inch of its life but the safety aspect is still something that has to be taken into account.

“It’s still an object that with enough force would harm somebody, so if you have 400 or 500 weapons at a time [in a scene] and there’s a massive crowd of people, you’re constantly staying focused and aware.”

McNulty is charged with bringing to life the weapons that have been described so vividly in George R.R. Martin’s novels. Continue reading »

Game of Thrones logoApparently, Game of Thrones fans have a sweaty TV writer on an exercise bike to thank for the show being greenlit in the first place.

HBO president Michael Lombardo has revealed the real reason why they decided to go ahead with commissioning Game of Thrones and it involves an impromptu meeting in a gym.

“We had this pilot script and we were budgeting it and scratching our head whether we should go ahead and greenlight this,” Lombardo recalls. “And we were trying to figure out the production challenges. We knew it had to be able to stand next to projects in this genre being done on the big screen yet with a more limited budget.”

One day, Lombardo escaped to a Santa Monica gym where he ran into TV writer Dan Weiss. Continue reading »

GameofThrones AryaGame of Thrones has broken another piracy record, this time for its season finale.

The third season ender may have set its second-highest ratings of all-time on HBO in the US but that didn’t stop the illegal downloads.

TorrentFreak confirms that a record 170,000 simultaneous shares on BitTorrent in the hours after the episode aired.

In the 24-hour period since the finale, over 1 million people have downloaded the episode, which is more than any other TV series in the same time period.

game-of-thrones-dThe showrunners of Game of Thrones have discussed the future of the series following its third season conclusion over the weekend.

The season ended roughly two-thirds of the way through George R.R. Martin’s third novel ‘A Storm of Swords’ and with the fourth novel ‘A Feast for Crows’ considered the weakest of the lot, questions have been raised regarding content for the fourth season.

“I don’t think we want to answer specifically what we’re keeping and dropping, but we do take your point,” said writer/executive producer David Benioff when asked by Entertainment Weekly about book four′s content. Continue reading »

As viewers all over the world were reacting to the wedding massacre on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, so was Maisie Williams.

The actress – who plays Arya Stark on the show – trumped all the other reaction videos on the internet with her own.

Game over.

Coldplay drummer Will Champion has made a fleeting cameo in Game of Thrones playing a drummer of all things.

The musician is visible for a few seconds in a scene from the latest episode.