Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Sunday, March 29 – 7pm ET/PT *SPECIAL TIME*

The team improves the home of a family operating an animal sanctuary in Pennsylvania; the family takes a vacation to Costa Rica while the team does its work; actor Justin Chambers stops by to welcome the family to its new home.

Sunday, March 22 – 8pm ET/PT on E!

The team works to renovate the home of an Arizona teenager with a rare blood disorder who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of donating blood; Supernanny Jo Frost pitches in at a blood drive awareness event.

Sunday, March 15 at 8pm ET/PT on E!

Ty and the crew help a family who have dedicated their lives to helping people south of the border in Mexico. Twelve years ago they stopped working on their home and ever since then it has been dangerous to live in. This is where Ty comes in as they try to restore their home to something safe to live in.


Sunday, March 8 – 8pm ET/PT

Ty takes the team to California to help Mary Ann Riojas who was born with a disability. She now lives with four children in a home that cannot cope with her needs and is falling apart.

Sunday, March 1 – 8pm ET/PT Ty takes the team to Texas where they are going to help the Augustin Family, whose home was destroyed by a flood and whose mother runs a volunteer business taking photos of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Sunday, February 8 – 8pm ET/PT

Ty and the designers rebuild the home of a woman and her surviving children after a fire claimed the family home and a drowning accident claimed her husband and oldest son.