Exploding Sun

ExplodingSunSpace has locked in the airdate for the two-part movie event Exploding Sun.

David James Elliott (JAG), Julia Ormond (MAD MEN), and Anthony Lemke (LOST GIRL) feature in the June 10 movie about the launch of the Roebling Clipper, the first “private passenger space plane which is set to make history when it flies around the moon and back in mere hours”.

Exploding Sun airs Monday, June 10 and 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

With only two days to save Earth from destruction, Dr. Craig Bakus (Lemke), the astrophysicist who oversaw the launch, and Commander Don Wincroft (Elliott), a decorated NASA astronaut and former fighter pilot, are forced to put aside their differences. Former best friends, Don is now married to Craig’s ex-wife and their old rivalries are brought to the forefront when the mission derailsand Don is put in charge. At odds, out of options, and with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, Craig and Don struggle to put their past behind them. Continue reading »