Expedition Impossible

8:00pm – Thursday, August 18 on CTV

The final six teams get banged up, wet, frustrated and emotional as they navigate across Morocco’s Lake Bin el Ouidane. Meanwhile, an old war injury may prevent Ike of No Limits from continuing in the expedition, while AJ and Ryan’s relationship hits an all-time low.

Mark Burnett’s new reality competition series EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE was Canada’s most-watched program on Thursday night, with 1.5 million Canadians watching 13 teams attempt the impossible.

Debuting at 9 p.m. ET, EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE outpaced its competition nationally and was #1 for the day in the key A18-49 demo. The premiere was also #1 in Toronto with all key adult demos. 

On Thursday, viewers were treated to the series’ first expedition as 13 incredible teams battled it out against each other, nature, and themselves in the Sahara desert in Morocco. The Twitterverse was buzzing about the premiere in the week leading up to it, logging more than one thousand unique tweets and generating upwards of three million impressions*.  With 12 teams left standing after team Latin Persuasion finished last, who will prevail next week in the toughest competition of their lives?

In this week’s all-new episode (Thursday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET), the journey across Morocco continues as the 12 remaining teams must tame unpredictable stallions and kayak down an unforgiving rivers before testing their wits at an enlightening challenge. Meanwhile, teams begin to break down as they lose their way to a hidden finish line.

Will they crumble under the pressure of having to think clearly in the wilds of the great outdoors, or will they find a way to work together to complete the expedition? After nine more legs of competition, one team will cross the finish line first to claim victory, a $150,000 cash prize and a new Ford Explorer.

EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE was created by Mark Burnett, who also serves as executive producer with Lisa Hennessy. Both the television show and format will be distributed internationally by Mark Burnett International Distribution.

He’s a zoologist, animal trainer, lion attack survivor and, above all, made-in-Canada adventurer. Now, Ontario-native Dave Salmoni takes viewers on an EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE as the host of Mark Burnett’s thrilling new extreme adventure reality series, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET beginning June 23 on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times).

Best known for hosting Animal Planet programs like INTO THE PRIDE, Salmoni won the attention of one of television’s most influential producers, Mark Burnett (THE VOICE, SURVIVOR) to land his first role in a major U.S. network television series.

Built for the job, Salmoni’s impressive credentials have equipped him to lead 13 teams of competitors on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Racing against time – and through dangerous, exotic terrain in the Kingdom of Morroco – Salmoni reveals the weakest players each week, awarding the last team standing $150,000 and a new Ford Explorer.

An encore broadcast of EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE airs Sundays on Discovery Channel beginning June 26 at 7 p.m. ET and will also be available on demand on the CTV Video Player at CTV.ca.

“Where most survivalists go to test their mental and physical limits, Dave Salmoni goes on vacation,” said Creator and Executive Producer, Mark Burnett. “When I met Dave and we started swapping stories about being out in the wild, I knew he would have no problem feeling at home in the rugged terrain of EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE.” 

A trained outdoorsman, Salmoni could often be found behind the scenes of the grueling reality series, helping competitors pitch tents and build fires at camp. His extensive animal training was also put to good use during filming, as he lent his animal expertise to the stage production that was learning to work with wildlife in the middle of the Moroccan desert. 

“EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE was an amazing adventure and exciting chapter in my career,” said host Dave Salmoni. “Though my adventure-seeking nature often drove me to want to jump right in and compete in the expeditions alongside the contestants, watching the teams achieve incredible feats, capturing their human drama for viewers at home, and becoming a part of their journey to the finish line was thoroughly rewarding.”

With the Rocky Mountains in their backyard, and mountaineering, climbing and trekking their favourite pastimes, certified mountain guides from Canada’s west coast were among the most sought-after professionals in their field hired to join Mark Burnett’s production team. Whether it’s Jim Orava, 2009 Canadian paragliding champion of Mount-Currie, BC, or Colin Zacharias who rigged for Mark Burnett’s series ECO-CHALLENGE of Vancouver, BC, Canadians helped create, troubleshoot and capture EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE for each of the 13 teams of competitors. 

Joining Canadian host Salmoni, are some of the world’s most elite production professionals working hard to make each new stage of the expedition safe, secure – and possible. From mountain safety specialist Paul McSorley, Squamish, BC, and aerial shooter Mark Hyrma, Oakville, ON, to race director Scott Flavelle, Whistler, BC, and expedition specialist Christy Long, Delta, BC, these – along with nearly 20 other Canadian industry experts in the fields of rigging, stage production and safety – set the stage for each of the 10 stunning legs of competition. 

Full of high adventure and human drama, the 10-part series from Mark Burnett features 13 teams of three who will do the extraordinary, solving problems and competing in the biggest adventure of their lives. Will they crumble under the pressure of having to think clearly in the wilds of the great outdoors, or will they find a way to work together to complete the expedition? After 10 legs of competition with drama, comedy and great characters, one team will cross the finish line first to claim victory. 

The diverse group of EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE competitors include: brainy beauties THE CALIFORNIA GIRLS, Massachusetts officers THE COPS, southern coyboys THE COUNTRY BOYS, the athletic FAB 3, blood brothers THE FISHERMEN, former NFL all-stars THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS, outdoor specialty store owners GRANDPA’S WARRIORS, free-spirited THE GYPSIES, spicy LATIN PERSUASION, problem-solving MOM’S ARMY, comrades NY FIREMEN, supportive NO LIMITS, and cutthroat sisters TEAM KANSAS.

About Dave Salmoni:

Dave Salmoni wears many hats. He’s an adventurer, a zoologist, a renowned animal trainer and a television host. Born and raised in Sarnia, ON, he now splits his time between Toronto and South Africa, where he follows his passion for the outdoors by hosting and producing wildlife documentaries for his independent production company, Triosphere. Salmoni’s career began 10 years ago, when he embarked on a life-changing adventure to Africa to train captive-bred Bengal tigers how to hunt and survive in the wild. To achieve this, he lived in a tent in the African bush for five years as he combined his trainer and zoology techniques. This process was documented and became Discovery Channel’s LIVING WITH TIGERS. Following this experience, Salmoni’s career has blossomed, taking him to some of the most dangerous places on Earth for his Animal Planet series WORLD’S DEADLIEST TOWNS. He was accepted into a wild pride of African Lions in INTO THE LIONS DEN, then followed that feat by living in a tent in the Namibian bush in order to save a pride of problem lions in INTO THE PRIDE. The quintessential adventurer and not happy when confined to city life, Salmoni is constantly seeking his next exotic journey. 

Lindsey Haymond (27)

Houston, TX 



Kelsey Fuller (22)

Overland Park, KS



Mackenzie Fuller (18)

Overland Park, KS



These three sisters, originally hailing from Kansas, are girly and sporty. But don’t let their good looks and sparkling smiles deceive you; they’re also cutthroat competitors, brimming with self confidence and willing to give it their all to win. In fact, these sisters are so competitive that 18-year-old Mackenzie is missing her senior prom to compete on EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE.

Erik Weihenmayer (42)

Golden, CO

Motivational Speaker/Writer


Jeff Evans (41)

Boulder, CO

Motivational Speaker/Physician Assistant


Aaron “Ike” Isaacson (33)

Topeka, KS



These friends stick together in good times and bad. Erik became blind at an early age, but he didn’t let that get him down. In 2001 he summitted Mt. Everest. Jeff serves as Erik’s “eyes in the field.” He has been Erik’s primary climbing guide for over 20 years and is a published author and motivational speaker. Ike is an officer in the military, earning two Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart and an Army Commendation Medal, among others. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and will deploy again to Afghanistan after completing EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE.

Kevin Coursey (39)

Belle Harbor, NY



Rob Keiley (34)

Rockaway Park, NY



Mike Egan (34)

Rockaway Park, NY



For all the reasons you would think – the nature of their work, the risks they take, how they have to depend on each other to quite literally stay alive – Kevin, Rob and Mike consider themselves “brothers” and will always be there for each other. Competitive by nature and willing to take risks, this team will be a force to contend with.

Ellie Vanderbeck (52)

Reading, PA



Ruthie Vanderbeck (28)

Reading, PA



Abbie Vanderbeck (30)

Norwalk, CT



Eleanor is the matriarch of this family. Her daughters, Ruthie and Abbie, both served their country in the U.S. Army National Guard. Although they don’t consider themselves a physically strong team, the three women are problem solvers, which may help give them a leg up in the competition.

Dashia Imperiale (44)

New York, NY

Fitness Instructor


Raven Garcia (30)

Bronx, NY

Freelance Writer


Mai Reyes (38)

New York, NY



Excitable, determined and full of spice, these three Latinas know how to liven up any event and come fully equipped with a “win at all costs” attitude. Friends and co-workers, these ladies are a competitive force to be reckoned with.

John Post (25)

Pensacola Beach, FL 

Sustainable Farmer


Taylor Filasky (31)

San Diego, CA

Video Producer


Eric Bach (26)

San Francisco, CA 



Though they’re a bit wacky and lovably free-spirited, these friends take competition very seriously. Collectively they’ve worked, volunteered, lived in and travelled to over 40 countries. Despite their escapades, they’ve never been on an adventure like this, and are excited to show what they can do.

Dick Smith (69)

Normal, IL

Store Owner


Steven Smith (48)

Savoy, IL 

Store Owner


Samantha Smith-Gibbs (23)

Thomasboro, IL

Store Manager


This team represents three generations of Smiths – grandfather, son and granddaughter. Patriarch Richard “Dick” Smith started the outdoor specialty store Wild Country, where his son and granddaughter are employed. Both father and son were U.S. Army Officers, served in the Special Forces and are Airborne and Ranger qualified. And although Sam may be a little prissy, she definitively has a competitive spirit.