Thursday, January 3

10 p.m. – ER – “Status Quo”

Canadian Gloria Reuben (1-800-Missing) reprises her role as Jeanie Boulet. When a young woman comes in with a badly hurt ankle, Sam is shocked when she finds out how much they have in common. A familiar face to the ER, Jeanie Boulet, rushes into County General after her son Carlos takes a fall during gym class. Meanwhile, Pratt finds himself wanting to quit his job when the higher-ups at the hospital don’t take him seriously.

Thursday November 29
10 p.m. – ER – “Skye’s the Limit”

Kovac’s brother comes for a visit from Croatia causing Abby to feel crowded in her own home. Gates starts to feel the pressure of fatherhood when Sarah decides to have a sleepover with her friends. Meanwhile, Pratt is upset when a new temporary ER chief is named. Canadian Kari Matchett (24) returns as a guest star.

The Top 6 programs on Canadian television last night:

1. Grey’s Anatomy (2,470,000)
2. CSI (2,389,000 – out of simulcast)
3. Survivor (2,133,000)
4. CTV Evening News (1,330,000)
5. ER (1,007,000 – out of simulcast)
6. Big Shots (909,000)

For the second night in a row, CTV won every hour in primetime last night, ranking five out of the Top 6 shows on one of television’s most competitive nights:

At 7 p.m., an out of simulcast episode of ER on CTV was up 11% versus last week with 1.007 million viewers, besting Hockey Night in Canada’s Leafs/Sens game (CBC – 641,000) by 57% in the comparable hour. Note: Wednesday’s NHL on TSN game, featuring the first game of the Leafs/Sens home-and-home series, delivered 41% more viewers than Thursday’s HNIC with an audience of 1.2 million on TSN.

Also out of simulcast at 8 p.m., CSI was watched by 2.39 million viewers on CTV to win the hour. Head-to-head against Survivor: China (CBS/Global – 2.13 million), CSI was the No. 1 show in the two key selling demos, A18-49 (1.24 million/+11%) and A25-54 (1.35 million/+10%). Survivor dropped for the third week in a row, down 13% among total viewers compared to last week.

At 9 p.m., Grey’s Anatomy on CTV won the night with 2.47 million viewers and, head-to-head, tripled the audience of The Office (NBC/Global – 805,000). Grey’s drew 1.45 million among A18-49 and 1.37 million among A25-54 and was the No. 1 program in Toronto/Hamilton.

At 10 p.m., Big Shots won the hour with 909,000 viewers on CTV. Big Shots was up 23% against Shark (CBS/Global – 740,000).

Data quoted: CTV Full and Global Full (BBM Nielsen Media Research).

CTV continues to dominate premiere week on Canadian television, taking Thursday with the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and now laying claim to three out of four nights this week. Topping Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy was the most-watched program on television Thursday, leading CTV to rank five out of the Top 6 shows:

At 9 p.m., the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on CTV delivered 2.6 million viewers, up 48% compared to last year and including 1.42 million viewers in the key A18-49 demo. Head-to-head, Grey’s almost tripled the audience for The Office (NBC/Global, 886,000) and was No. 1 in the timeslot in both Toronto/Hamilton (654,000) and Vancouver (383,000).

Grey’s won the night over Survivor, which dropped to 2.45 million viewers. Head-to-head at 8 p.m., CSI was No. 1 in Toronto/Hamilton out of simulcast on CTV (540,000), besting Survivor (427,000) in simulcast on CBS/Global by 26%. Nationally, CSI was in a statistical dead-heat with Survivor, attracting 2.4 million viewers, including 1.1 million viewers A18-49 and ending as the No. 3 show of the night.

At 10 p.m., the series debut of Big Shots on CTV attracted 1.13 million viewers, landing the show at No. 5 for the night. Big Shots was up 45% over Shark (CBS/Global, 780,000) nationally and bested Shark in both Toronto/Hamilton and Vancouver.

Out of simulcast, ER drew nearly a million viewers (907,000) at 7 p.m. on CTV.

The Top 6 programs on Canadian television last night:

1. Grey’s Anatomy (2,592,000)
2. Survivor (2,452,000)
3. CSI (2,406,000)
4. CTV Evening News (1,444,000)
5. Big Shots (1,130,000)
6. ER (907,000)

Data quoted represents total viewers (2+) for CTV Full and Global Full (BBM Nielsen Media Research).