Thursday, November 13

Dr. Banfield takes a run to clear her head, and finds herself trying to rescue a three-year-old girl from drowning in a nearby lake. Meanwhile, Gates tries to pull some strings in the ER to help his homeless war hero, and Banfield is reminded of her own experience at County with Dr. Greene (ER alum Anthony Edwards guest-stars) caring for her son as she tries to save the young three-year-old girl from certain death.

Thursday, November 6

Morris takes Chaz under his wing and teaches him some risky medical procedures, much to the chagrin of Dr. Banfield. Neela gets upset when Dr. Banfield undermines her authority with her intern. Meanwhile, Gates oversteps his bounds with Sam.

7:30 p.m. – So You Think You Can Dance Canada – ALL-NEW EPISODE

It’s elimination night for the Top 16, with one man and one woman going home, leaving 14.

8 p.m. – CSI – “Art Imitates Life” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

When a series of victims are found deceased, seemingly in the middle of everyday activities, the CSIs must determine what is causing them to remain upright after death. Alex Kingston (ER), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) and Will McCormack (Dirt) guest-star.

9 p.m. – Grey’s Anatomy – “There’s No “I” In Team” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

Bailey heads up a team of surgeons performing a “domino procedure” in which each surgery hinges on the one preceding it. Derek gets sole credit for the brain tumor study he did with Meredith and Lexie goes to great lengths to have George notice her romantically. Meanwhile Sloan counsels a desperate Callie on the ways of love.

10 p.m. – ER – “Parental Guidance” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

Banfield runs out to get a cup of coffee, and ends up defending herself from a man trying to steal her wallet. Meanwhile, Dr. Dubenko is back on the surgery team thanks to Dr. Brenner’s protest and a young gymnast comes into the ER after an apparent fall. Gates is upset when he finds out Sarah got a tongue piercing without his permission.

Thursday, October 16 7:30 p.m. – So You Think You Can Dance Canada – ALL-NEW EPISODE The Top 18 dancers face the threat of elimination and “dance for their lives” as one man and one woman will be sent home, leaving 16. 8 p.m. – CSI – “The Happy Place” – ALL-NEW EPISODE A hypnotist who uses her powers of persuasion to rob banks becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Jorja Fox reprises her role as Sara Sidle. 9 p.m. – Grey’s Anatomy – “Brave New World” – ALL-NEW EPISODE Meredith freaks out when Derek discovers her mother’s old diary in the house, Callie frets as she prepares for her first official date with Erica, and Cristina stumbles into a part of the hospital that neither she nor her fellow residents have ever seen before. 10 p.m. – ER – “The Book of Abby” – ALL-NEW EPISODE Neela is disappointed when she finds out Abby’s good news second hand. When a gunshot wound victim comes into the ER, the new chief, Catherine Banfield (Angela Bassett) and Abby butt heads on how to treat the patient. Abby comes to Sam’s defense when she goes before a nurse’s disciplinary board.

Thursday, October 9

Dr. Banfield’s (Angela Bassett, Alias) arrival and tough attitude causes the whole ER staff to feel defensive. Gates and the new interns fight to save the life of a terrorist while risking their own lives, and Neela finds an unlikely advocate in her fight to get Dr. Dubenko back on the surgery staff.

Thursday, September 25
8 p.m.

The fifteenth and final season of ER begins with the destructive aftermath of the ambulance explosion. Abby treats a mother and daughter injured by the blast, but will she be able to diagnose them correctly in time? Meanwhile, Pratt’s life hangs by a thread as Morris and Neela do everything they can to save him.

Thursday, April 17

Neela has a strange daydream after she pulls an all-night shift. Meanwhile, Sarah’s grandfather (guest star Bill Bolender, Desperate Housewives) is rushed to the ER after collapsing during a game of air hockey; Gates tries to let Sam know that he is serious by sending her flowers; and Neela makes a quick decision about a patient with a torn aorta (guest star Aida Turturro, The Sopranos).

Thursday, April 24

Multiple Emmy Award-winning actor, and recent Academy Award nominee, Hal Holbrook makes a special guest appearance as Walter Perkins, a terminal cancer patient who impacts the life of Dr. Kovac.

10pm Thursday, April 10

Dr. Pratt and Dr. Brenner get off to a rocky start when Brenner (guest star David Lyons) refuses to teach the interns. Gates treats a young transplant patient with major heart trouble while Abby contemplates telling Kovac the truth about her affair as they head to Croatia. Meanwhile, Sam finds out that Gates and Julia (guest star Reiko Aylesworth, 24) have broken up.

Thursday, January 10
10 p.m. – ER – “Believe the Unseen”

Abby checks out of rehab and heads back to the ER, but finds herself being questioned by the other doctors. Harold finds new confidence after a big night with Neela’s cousin. Multiple victims of a fire come into the ER and Abby thinks that one of the little girls is suffering from LCA, a degenerative eye disorder.