Dust Up

History Television is taking viewers on a wild ride through the world of crop dusting with the new series Dust Up.

The six-episode series loaded with excitement – and no shortage of drama – premieres Thursday, June 2 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Dust Up introduces viewers to three maverick crop dusters in Nipawin, Saskatchewan – 73 year-old Bud Jardine, his rebellious son Brennan Jardine and ambitious newbie Travis Karle – who chase their dreams at 150 mph, five-feet off the ground.

Each with their own crop-dusting operations, they are competitive daredevils, who buzz inches above the fields – dodging trees and telephone wires – to deliver their payloads, while entertaining roadside audiences with their death-defying feats.

With high-stakes drama on the ground and peril in the air, Dust Up features compelling stories about family feuds, resourcefulness and survival in the rural heartland.


Dust Up is produced by Paperny Films and Prairie Threat Entertainment in association with Shaw Media.



Thursday, June 2 at 9 pm ET/PT

Rumours of a plane crash circulate through the tight knit community of Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Brennan Jardine’s hired pilot has crashed deep in a marshy wood near the airport, cutting Brennan’s airplane fleet in half and leaving the pilot’s life on the line. While Brennan’s father Bud Jardine leads the recovery mission, ambitious upstart crop duster Travis Karle is cold-calling farmers to secure more work with the new plane he is adding to his fleet. A shaken Brennan struggles with confidence and later, fights with his father Bud over his need to use his dad’s back-up plane to help save a desperate farmer’s crops.



Thursday, June 2 at 9:30 pm ET/PT

Desperate to recover from the financial setback of a recent crash, Brennan auditions for a corporate farm spraying contract for what could be his retirement plan. One million acres of work is the prize, but to win it, Brennan must survive a flight through a treacherous storm. In a race with the same storm, Bud leads a team of locals to the crash site to recover valuable parts from his son’s mangled plane. Young gun Travis’ plane is downed when he hits a duck mid-flight, turning up the heat on his need to buy a bigger and better plane.


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