Destination Truth

Tune in as host Josh Gates and his team travel the world in search of clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal activity on season 4 of Destination Truth, premiering Thursday, March 24 at 8pm ET/PT on OLN.

Hosted by intrepid world adventurer Josh Gates and his team, each episode takes viewers on a trek across the globe to investigate stories of the unexplained. In season 4 Josh travels everywhere, from Canada to Russia and Italy, and from Morocco to Kenya, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines. The team investigates some of the world’s most dangerous creatures and paranormal activity including, a human eating feline, ghostly soldiers, a demon turtle, Siberian snowman, zombies and much more.

In the premiere episode, Josh and his team travel to Italy, where they investigate claims of ghosts in Pompeii, a Roman city which was engulfed by a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the first century AD. Then, the team heads to Kenya, where a creature called the Nandi bear, known to have an appetite for human brains is said to make its home.

Will Josh and his team locate or find evidence of these mysterious creatures and ghostly apparitions or will they remain myths and folk tales, passed on from generation to generation? Find out on the thrilling new season on OLN.

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Join OLN for the first-ever LIVE episode of the hit series, Destination Truth as host, Josh Gates attempts to solve one of the oldest mysteries in the majestic country of Ireland. The thrilling, four-hour, LIVE episode airs Thursday, March 17 at 7pm ET/PT on OLN.   

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Destination Truth style as Josh Gates takes viewers on a four-hour, LIVE adventure to the beautiful countryside of Ireland, renowned for its ancient myths and folklore. Josh will travel the amazing landscapes and brave the crumbling ruins of Duckett’s GroveCastle in CarlowCounty in search for the truth behind the famous legend of the banshee.

According to Irish myth, the banshee is a sign of impending death; a female spirit who wails around a house the night before someone inside is to meet their demise. Today, many locals claim to have witnessed hearing the banshee’s unmistakable wail and seeing glimpses of a ghostly woman stalking the grounds of the 200 year-old historic ruins of Duckett’s GroveCastle. Armed with equipment, expertise, humour, and a little luck of the Irish, Josh and his team will attempt to solve the mystery behind this age-old legend.

About Destination Truth

Led by intrepid world-adventurer Josh Gates, each episode of Destination Truth takes viewers on a trek across the globe as Josh investigates stories of the unexplained. Accompanied by his small crew, Josh dives into local cultures and searches for clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal phenomena.

In addition to this special broadcast event, Destination Truth airs Monday through Thursday at 8pm ET/PT on OLN.

Tuesday, March 31 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT

Two probes in Gambia, Africa, have the team tracking the dragon-like Ninki Nanka and the fearsome Kikiyaon.

Adventurer and truth-seeker Josh Gates returns to take viewers off the map in search of answers to some of the world’s most notorious unexplained mysteries. DESTINATION TRUTH returns for a second season, airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET beginning January 6, exclusively in Canada on SPACE.

DESTINATION TRUTH is a weekly adventure series that invites viewers to come along on one man’s search for the truth while he investigates paranormal mysteries across the globe. Every week, Gates and his small crew visit a different international destination alleged to be the home of an infamous supernatural or mysterious creature. Last season, mysteries included the Chilean Chupacabra, as well as some lesser-known phenomena, such as the dinosaur-like creatures reported in the skies over Papua New Guinea, a haunted village in Thailand, and the wolfman of Argentina. Gates talks to witnesses and experts and immerses himself in the local culture as he searches for evidence to either prove or debunk these stories.

Returning for 13 all-new episodes, the second season continues to feature more exotic locales like Tanzania, Cambodia, and Brazil; stunning finds; and fascinating eyewitness accounts as Gates brings his humour to brand new investigations. The first episode follows Gates and his team to the mountains of Nepal to uncover the truth behind the infamous stories of the Yeti. While there he makes the remarkable discovery of what could be three separate footprints left by these elusive creature.

The six-episode first season of DESTINATION TRUTH reached over one million Canadians on SPACE in Fall 2007.*

DESTINATION TRUTH is executive produced by Brad Kuhlman (1000 PLACES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE, DAISY DOES AMERICA, FM NATION). Casey Brumels also serves as executive producer.