Degrassi: The Next Generation

Sunday, March 1 7:30 p.m.

The Shep (Kevin Jubinville) has returned after his sensitivity training and it’s Spirit Week at Degrassi! However, spirits are anything but high at home for Jane (Paula Brancati) as she struggles to get her dropout brother Lucas (Marc Minardi) off the couch. Despite Jane’s efforts, Jane’s mom believes Lucas could benefit from some father/son time. Jane doesn’t want her father in her life. Her friends and family don’t understand why she hates him. Truthfully, neither does Jane.

Sunday, February 15 7:30 p.m.

Pushed to the edge by Holly J (Charlotte Arnold), Alli (Melinda Shankar) begins posting nasty things about her on the “anti-Grapevine” blog, the underground school on-line site. When nasty turns to threatening, Alli is expelled from school and questioned by the police. Peter (Jamie Johnston) is pressured into helping out with his half-sister and reluctantly agrees. But when she starts to interfere with Peter’s fun, he decides responsibility for someone else’s child shouldn’t fall on him.

Sunday, February 8 7:30 p.m.

Connor (AJ Saudin) gets expelled after a classroom scuffle with Allie (Melinda Shankar). But when Connor discovers his behaviour was caused by Asperger’s Syndrome, The Shep (Kevin Jubinville) refuses to reverse the expulsion. Meanwhile, Sav (Raymond Ablack) and Anya (Samantha Munro) have started hanging out again, and Sav finally invites Anya home to meet his parents. But when the meeting doesn’t go well, Sav fears Anya will end the relationship for good.

Sunday, January 25 7:30 p.m.

Riley (Argiris Karras) has become the star of Degrassi’s football team, and Shep (Kevin Jubinville) is floored at how much Riley’s improved. But Riley is repressing the fact that he’s gay, and using anabolic steroids to keep up his “real man” image. But when his social life leaves him unsatisfied, he is driven to take more steroids as an “antidote” to his gayness. With the steroids’ side effects ramping up, Riley begins to lose his temper and acts out at school. Will he be able to maintain the straight jock persona he’s created?

Sunday, January 18 7:30 p.m.

Desperate to win Jane (Paula Brancati) back, Spinner (Shane Kippel) sneaks into the Leadership Convention Jane is speaking at and proposes. When Jane turns him down, Spinner breaks up with her. But when Jane realizes she needs Spinner in her life, she worries she won’t be able to win him back. Clare (Aislinn Paul) goes to the dance with Connor (AJ Saudin) to avoid hurting his feelings. But when she dances with K.C. (Sam Earle), the person she really wanted to go with, she hurts Connor anyway.

Sunday, November 30
7:30 p.m.

Spinner and Jane have plans for next year – she’ll start pre-law and he’ll attend police college. But when he doesn’t get accepted, Spinner can’t bear to tell Jane, so he lies. Jane catches him, and starts to wonder if her future includes Spinner. Meanwhile, Clare gets invited to the dance by K.C. and Connor, and when it looks like their struggle for her attention will jeopardize Robot Wars, she decides to go with neither of them. “Lost in Love, Part Two” airs Sunday, December 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Sunday, November 23
7:30 p.m.

Mia’s T-Bombz campaign is hitting the city, and Degrassi. But Holly J has bigger and better things going on: she’s prepping the Power Squad for an out-of-town competition, and things are looking good. Meanwhile, things are close to perfect for Peter until Ms. Hatzilakos unexpectedly drops in for a visit. She’ll be staying with Peter for a bit while she’s in town, and Peter quickly discovers that his mom is cramping his style.

Sunday, November 16

Sav and Anya plan to celebrate their six-month anniversary on the school’s overnight trip. The only problem? Alli, Sav’s sister, convinces their parents to let her go on the trip on the condition that Sav spend every second with her. Forced to choose between his girlfriend and family responsibility, what’s a guy to do? Over at Smithdale, both Manny and Emma are crushing on their roommate, Kelly. The two girls know they can’t compete over the same guy; their friendship is too valuable to risk over a guy. Isn’t it?

Sunday, November 9

Peter begins a relationship with Mia and a friendship with Riley. Finding a balance between a new girlfriend and a new guy friend gets tricky, especially when Riley suddenly kisses Peter. Confused, Peter confronts him about what happened, but will the truth bring his friend closer, or drive them further away?

Meanwhile, while working on a project with Connor at the Simpson’s house, Clare and Alli find a vibrator under Mr. S’s bed. The discovery causes Claire to challenge her parents on their don’t ask/don’t tell approach to sexuality.

Sunday, November 2

Eager to make the most of her college experience, Liberty jumps at the chance to rush the most popular sorority at Smithdale. But after ditching old friends (Manny and Emma) and picking up new habits, Liberty’s new behaviour lands her on the front page of the school paper. Back at Degrassi, Holly J enters this year with an aggressive “to do list”: rule the school as student council president, take the Power Squad to the city finals and get the grades that will get her into a top university. When she assumes she’s the only virgin on the Power Squad, she adds “lose her virginity” to the list. Who will be the lucky young man?