Degrassi: The Next Generation

It’s been a semester of hot hook-ups and delicious drama for the students of DEGRASSI.

And as things heat up, MuchMusic’s hit show is going on lockdown.

During the school’s biggest social event, an ongoing feud escalates to a point where lives are put in danger and a lockdown threatens to change Degrassi Community School forever.

Don’t miss the action on DEGRASSI’s mid-season summer finale week airing Monday, Aug. 23 – Thursday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. ET.

From the summer telenovela format to its groundbreaking storylines, DEGRASSI has kept fans coming back day after day and week after week, making it one of MuchMusic’s most watched shows of the year.

Fans can catch DEGRASSI when it returns in October, airing once a week, exclusively on MuchMusic.

Finale Week Episodes:


DEGRASSI – “Purple Pills” (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)

Monday, August 23 and Tuesday August 24 at 9 p.m. ET

Fiona has been seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Bobby’s abuse, but overwhelmed with anxiety she turns to the next best thing – champagne. Riley is ready to make his relationship with Zane public but when a university football recruiter shows interest, Riley starts having second thoughts. When Eli cancels guy’s night with Adam to hang out with Clare, Adam makes a new friend, Fitz. But after a humiliating incident Adam is ready to take on Fitz and the bullies all by himself.


DEGRASSI – “All Falls Down” (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)

Wednesday, August 25 and Thursday August 26 at 9 p.m. ET

Holly J and Sav manage to convince Mr. Simpson to ignore the PTA ruling to cancel the Night in Vegas dance by promising to keep the event trouble free. Drew is suppose to go with his girlfriend Alli, but when Bianca steps in with a proposition he can’t refuse, his relationship with Alli is put to the test. Meanwhile, Fitz promises to end his fight with Eli on one condition – Clare must to go to the dance with him. But when Eli refuses to back down things get out of hand putting the fate of Degrassi Community School in jeopardy.

Thursday, August 13 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic

This week on DEGRASSI, Sav struggles to throw the perfect school event and Holly J steps in to save him. Turns out they’re a pretty great pair, in and out of Council. Connor’s addiction to online video games threatens the future of the Three Tenners’ band. Little do they know that Connor has an online romance with someone that truly gets him, even if she’s 42 years old. Adam wants to be one of the guys, but when news breaks that he’s transgender that becomes impossible. At home, Anya knows her mom is hiding something. All signs point to an affair. But when Anya investigates, she uncovers something even worse, her mom has cancer.

Stephen Stohn, president of Epitome Pictures Inc. and executive producer of Degrassi, credits the PS Production Services Ltd. (PS) supplied RED digital camera as a key reason his company is able to produce the largest single season episode order of a drama series in Canadian television history.

While most viewers won’t notice the change to digital, behind-the-scenes the RED digital camera has made a significant difference. With the RED’s streamlined workflow and film quality digital output, Epitome Pictures Inc. has been able to produce a new episode of Degrassi every 2 ¾ days.

“After 30 years of shooting on 16mm, the switch to the RED digital camera for this season of Degrassi is a huge milestone,” said Stohn. “Without making the switch to RED we would have had a hard time shooting so many episodes. PS was instrumental in helping us make this transition and the resulting picture quality that we are seeing is way beyond our wildest dreams!”

With a tight production schedule and 48 episodes to shoot, the RED digital camera has been a welcome addition on Degrassi’s Toronto set for director of photography Alwyn J Kumst.

“Because of the volume of footage we shoot each day – the equivalent of maybe 24 to 30 rolls of 16mm – the RED has meant less loading time and waste and not generating short ends,” said Kumst. “PS has been very helpful and knowledgeable with the RED technology we have on set. They have served me very well in the past on other productions so it was comforting to take on Degrassi with its challenging shooting schedule knowing that PS could back up all our camera needs.”

PS has been proud to support this iconic Canadian series since its inception over 30 years ago. The Degrassi brand has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Degrassi is now licensed in over 150 countries around the world and is the top-rated show on TeenNick in the United States.

“I can still remember loading the gear for The Kids of Degrassi Street into a VW van,” recalled Doug Dales, founder and chairman of PS Production Services. “To see the show evolve from where it began three decades ago has been remarkable, and to have helped them take the next step to digital has been a great honour for our company.”

The new “shot on RED” season of Degrassi premiered Monday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET and won its 9-9:30 p.m. timeslot for teens amongst all Canadian and US specialty networks. The series airs Monday-Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic with a two-hour marathon repeating on Fridays from 6-8 p.m. ET.


It’s official. DEGRASSI ’s new format is a hit with audiences!

During its first week of its new telenovela format, DEGRASSI won its timeslot (9 – 9:30 p.m. ET) Monday to Thursday with MuchMusic’s key demo of P12 – 34 amongst all Canadian and US Speciality Networks.

Within its first week, DEGRASSI also became the station’s second most-watched series this broadcast year to date with P12 – 34 audiences and in overall viewership. And more than one million viewers tuned in to watch the first week of DEGRASSI on its new, exclusive home, MuchMusic.

New episodes air Monday through Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET. This new daily format continues all summer long on MuchMusic. Viewers can get caught up on episodes by going to

Source: BBM Canada


MuchMusic fans love DEGRASSI! Last night’s Season 10 premiere of the series, now exclusively on MuchMusic, delivered the #1 program of the day on the channel with 218, 000 viewers.

The episode also marked the beginning of the series’ new telenovela format, airing the first of four new weekly episodes. New episodes of DEGRASSI air Monday – Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic all summer long.

DEGRASSI won its 9 – 9:30 p.m. ET timeslot for Teens amongst all Canadian and US Speciality Networks and it was the #2 choice for P12-34 and A18-34. The Season 10 premiere of DEGRASSI is also the fifth biggest single program on MuchMusic this broadcast year to date.

Viewers can get caught up on episodes by hitting up


Monday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic

New episodes airing Monday – Thursday at 9 p.m. ET all summer long
DEGRASSI returns to MuchMusic with brand new episodes! Sav and Anya have been planning for their Spring Formal for as long as they can remember. That’s until Sav’s parents announce their close family friends, whose daughter is Sav’s potential future wife, are coming to visit. It all feels like too much to handle, especially when Sav meets his possible bride-to-be and she turns out to be smart, funny, and smokin’ hot.

Friday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic

Later, high school. Hello New York City! In this exclusive world premiere movie event DEGRASSI grads and friends dive into the summer that changes their lives forever. And what’s summer without a little romance? Best friends Jane and Holly J head to the Big Apple, with big hopes and even bigger dreams. Back in Toronto, Spinner’s summer is hotter than he ever imagined. But when his hopes for the future turn to dust, he struggles to rebuild and move on. Hot hook-ups, messy melt-downs, Park Avenue jaunts, and wedding-day hijinx are all in a days work for this crew.

7:00pm – Sunday, June 13 on CTV

Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) and Declan (Landon Liboiron) are closer than ever. They’ve made it through the year, Holly J’s applied for internships all over the city and with exams almost done, all they need to worry about is Declan’s musical. When Holly J and Declan are about to “do it” for the first time, she tells him those three little words: “I love you.” But when Declan doesn’t respond the way she wants, Holly J starts to worry. Can she be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way?

7:30pm – Sunday, June 6 on CTV

Riley’s (Argiris Karras) completed anger management and has been named ‘Degrassi’s Most Eligible Bachelor’. He’s been keeping his true feelings about guys under wraps but he’s not sure he wants to anymore. Meanwhile, KC (Sam Earle) is struggling in math and with the exam upon him, he takes Clare (Aislynn Paul) up on her offer of tutoring. When KC panics before the test, Jenna (Jessica Tyler) suggests he ask his good friend Clare to help him cheat.

7:00pm – Sunday, June 6 on CTV

Post-KC, Clare’s (Aislynn Paul) social life consists of building props for Declan’s (Landon Liboiron) musical and reading every book in the Fortnight vampire series. But when Clare has a sexy vampire dream about Declan, she’s shocked by her inner fantasy life. Meanwhile, Sav (Raymond Ablack) is lost without Anya (Samantha Munro). To keep himself busy, he throws himself into mixing his band’s latest track, “House Arrest” and when it turns out better than he thought, he wants to take it further – with a music video!