Dangerous Flights

dangerous-flightsCanadian director John Driftmier has been killed in a plane accident while on a location shoot.

The 30-year-old was filming for the Discovery Canada series Dangerous Flights in Kenya when the accident occurred.

Both Driftmier and the plane’s pilot were killed.

Pixcom (the series producer) CEO Jacquelin Bouchard, expressing her shock and sadness, in a statement said Driftmier “was an incredibly talented director and cameraman, and a wonderful friend.” Continue reading »

It’s the wild west of the open skies, where any flight could be their last. Meet the renegade pilots of a little-known world called ferry-flying – an industry that gives a whole new meaning to “flying by the seat of your pants” – when DANGEROUS FLIGHTS premieres Tuesday, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

This adrenaline-charged original Canadian eight-part series straps into the jumpseat alongside the daring mavericks who risk their lives in the dangerous and highly-unregulated business of international aircraft transport.

Their job is to hustle small, used aircraft to customers around the globe, through the most exotic and extreme conditions, from the Amazon jungle, to war-torn Africa, to the unforgiving Siberian Arctic.

From high-altitude adventures, to pressure-cooker human conflicts, DANGEROUS FLIGHTS follows six pilots – including wheeler-dealer aviation broker Cory Bengtzen, and his old friend captain Randy McGehee – as they log more than 123,500 km, touching down in 39 countries, to deliver 10 planes intact and on time.

The aviation adventure continues online at dangerousflights.ca with an online game, downloadable technical sheets about each aircraft, live chats, and more.

Each episode flies directly into new and dangerous territory – aviation’s final frontier, where even the smallest mistake can exact the ultimate price. These men and women are ferrying unfamiliar planes and have only one chance to get it right, pushing the machines, and their tempers, to the limit.

From volatile weather systems and jerry-rigged fuel tanks, to non-stop fireworks amongst the crew and over-demanding customers, DANGEROUS FLIGHTS delivers a steady stream of stratospheric scrapes and escapes.

Viewers can discover what it’s like to be a member of the DANGEROUS FLIGHTS crew with an online, flight simulation game. The online game, soon to be available on iPhone and iPad as well, closely replicates the flights from the series.

Users must avoid bad weather, watch their fuel gauge, and complete their delivery before time runs out! Viewers can visit the DANGEROUS FLIGHTS show page for trailers and full episodes, behind-the-scene videos, image galleries, and detailed downloadable technical sheets about the aircrafts. Take TV social with the new Discovery Social Screen. Live chats during the 9 p.m. ET broadcast @Danger_Flights and @DiscoveryCanada complete the online experience.


Highlights from the first episodes of DANGEROUS FLIGHTS include:



Tues., May 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Former car salesman Bengtzen launches a used airplane delivery business with two inaugural trans-global “ferry flights.” Bengtzen’s cowboy pilots brave wild weather, take on dangerous airstrips and cover distances that these small planes were never meant to fly. He hires mechanics to rig the planes with extra fuel tanks, but engine problems, fuel leaks and just bad luck threaten to put his new business on a collision course with disaster.



Tues., May 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Bengtzen’s new business runs into bad weather when his pilots walk off the job and he’s forced to take the controls. But that’s just half of Bengtzen’s nightmare. He’s got two new pilots island hopping a Bonanza to Brazil with a hurricane on their tail. They’ll need a lot more than luck to tackle these odds.