CURIOSITY asks and answers the most fundamental questions facing the world today.

The landmark series returns to Discovery Channel on Sundays beginning October 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT with three all-new episodes featuring three all-star guides.

From the micro to the macro, each episode will tackle provocative and insightful questions. First, get out of town – literally – with Morgan Spurlock as he explores whether living as a primitive caveman improves health.

Next, MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage tests if we can really live forever. Later, DIRTY JOBS’ Mike Rowe reveals the hidden live organisms that call the human body home.

CURIOSITY harnesses Discovery Channel’s decades of expertise and storytelling to answer the world’s biggest questions about space, biology, geology, medicine, physics, technology, nature, archaeology, history and the human mind. A series of provocative, unique and distinct specials hosted by world-renowned talent and experts, CURIOSITY goes to extremes to uncover answers that will surprise even the most curious among us.


CURIOSITY: “I, Caveman?”

Sun., Oct. 9 at 8 and 9 p.m. ET/PT 

Were we better off as cavemen? In this special two-hour instalment, acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and a group of nine ordinary men and women leave civilization behind to take part in an ambitious experiment.  Using only stone-age technology and their wits, they attempt to survive in the wilderness as cavemen. A group of four experts observe the group, evaluating their performance and drawing surprising conclusions about modern people and our caveman ancestors. Will Spurlock and the group endure, or will their dependence on modern conveniences be their undoing? It’s ten days that will push them all to the limit of human physical and psychological endurance.


CURIOSITY: “Can You Live Forever?”

Sun., Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Will we one day be able to live forever? If so, when? In 2011, MYTHBUSTERS’ Adam Savage was 43. Now it is the year 2967 and he is 1,000 years old. He looks back on his long life revealing how medical science in the 21st century transformed his body, creating a supercharged cyber-human, allowing him to live forever. Along the way, we’ll learn about transhumanism, brain downloads, self-regenerating organs, and full body transplants – all in the name of becoming the world’s first 1,000 year-old man.


CURIOSITY: “Is There Life on Mike?”

Sun., Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

We shower, we bathe, we apply perfumes and deodorants. We’re cleaner and healthier than at any other point in human history. So it may surprise us to learn that there are 10 times more things living on us than cells in our body. From the flora of our gut to the fauna on our skin and hair, this film explores the wildlife park that is the human body in stunning, microscopic detail – combining the creativity of natural history filmmaking with the charisma of Discovery’s very own Mike Rowe of DIRTY JOBS.


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